Monday, September 13, 2010

A Family Outing On The Lake

Friday was a stressful day for the two of us but I'm not sure who was more excited to have a weekend with rest and relaxation. We didn't plan anything because we weren't sure what we would feel up to doing. Saturday was filled with NOTHING...literally! We sat in front of the TV and played Mario Brothers for hours and when we got tired, we turned on a movie and took a nap. I think we easily took three naps between 10am and 4pm. I guess I should be embarrassed by playing hours of mindless games on the Wii and multiple naps on a Saturday but it was perfect. We needed a day where we had no stress, other than saving Princess Peach, and no deadlines that needed to be met.
Sunday was just as nice. We woke up to 60 degree weather and we couldn't resist a drive out to Ming Lake. Ming Lake is a right in the middle of a nice park with grills to cook on and plenty of shade trees to sit under. We loaded up the boys and headed out for a peaceful morning! The lake and the park was ours for the exploring...we were pretty much the only ones in the park and we loved it! The lake is planted right at the base of the mountains and was covered in ducks! Jason was in was almost like being back in Missouri. He sat down and tried to perfect his duck calling to the ducks that would pay him attention and call back. We sat down under a big 'ole tree, watched the ducks swim back and forth through the water and just cuddled with each other. We tried to not talk, take in the surroundings and just relax our minds but I'm a talker and I want to talk so I think we had about 2-3 minutes of silence. Silence or was just nice to be out of the city, post exam and taking in a different scenery.The boys loved exploring the park and everything around the lake just as much as we did. We thought they would go crazy when they saw the ducks but they weren't phased by the least bit. Muzzy started to figure out that they would get in the water when he got close but Bazzle was more concerned with covering up the million piles of duck poo in the grass. I'm so thankful for weekends like these. They make the jam-packed, stressful weeks a little easier. I love spending time with my little family...naps, Wii playing, ducks, my hubby and the pups make for a great weekend!


Kelsey Claire said...

Sounds like you had a perfect weekend!

Kristin said...

LOVE relaxing days with naps! Fun pictures of the little dogs :)