Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm Such A Slacker

Sorry for the lack of blog posts these past weeks...I've been SWAMPED at work. By the time I get home, workout, walk the pups and get dinner cooked, I've plopped down on the couch and haven't done anything too exciting.
Even though life has been a bit on the boring side, here are a few updates...

--Jason started his Anesthesiology rotation this week. He's loving every second of it...he comes home and is all smiles when he describes what he was allowed to do in the operating room. Because this is an elective rotation, instead of a core rotation, the doctors allow the students to be a little more hands on. Five minutes into his shift on Monday, he was allowed to intubate his first patient ALL BY HIMSELF. No teeth were knocked out and the patient was able to breath successfully with the help of the tube so I think it's safe to say his first attempt was a success. I'll have to take a picture of him in his gear...he's such a little hottie in his 'work clothes'

--We have also gotten some hospital responses in the past weeks regarding his residency application. It's so exciting to get an email requesting an's so fun to see new, unread emails in his Inbox with the subject "Interview" .

--We finally got a date for Jason's graduation. May 28th, Jason will walk across the stage to accept his M.D. degree and we couldn't be more excited. We are trying to plan a week long trip back to the island for the graduation festivities. It's a little more difficult than we expected to get everyone (family and friends that want to witness Jason's graduation) lined up with the cheapest flights and hotel stays.

--I've been a little frazzled this week...I feel like I've been running non-stop. This week I've been out of the office more than I've been in. Collaboratives, meetings and site visits have been scattered all over my planner these past weeks. The meetings must be paying off because our building is FULL of students and tutors!

--Our organization growing so fast, it's a little scary. I'm slowly learning to plan and organize my time a little better. I'm usually a multi-tasker and I love staying busy but my brain is struggling this week with staying focused on what I need to get done. Hopefully this weekend will be just what my brain needs to get through another week.

--This week was the start of the famous Kern County Fair. I have to get a booth set up for display so I'll get enjoy some fair sights and treats tomorrow evening. Jason is coming after work so we might just have to have corn dogs and funnel cakes for dinner....yum!

--Andrew and Holly, Jason's brother and sister-in-law, are coming to visit from Missouri for a week. They will be staying with Jason's parents in Ventura and we're planning a trip to visit them this weekend. We are taking family pictures on the beach...hopefully we get some cute shots. I'll make sure to post the link or some pictures once he puts them online.

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Kelsey Claire said...

You are forgiven for not blogging! You have been one busy girl and guy! It will slow down...we can only hope!