Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Planning A Trip Back To The Island

Jason's school has finally given out the 2011 graduation date for all the medical students that are eligible to graduate and we are in that group!! We will fly back to the island that I never wanted to see again for a fun-filled week in May. I'm so excited to see my hubby walk across that stage and get his degree...he's worked so hard for it!! Not only am I excited to see him graduate but I'm secretly excited to get back to the island. When we lived there all we could think about was getting back to the states but now that we are in the states, all we can think about is getting back and enjoying the island. The crystal blue ocean, the beautiful sand beaches and the warm weather everyday were all things that we took for granted on a daily basis. We got to the point where we didn't think twice about the awesome views...it was just part of the scenary after awhile. I can't help but to look back at some of the pictures and drool. We had it so nice! Everyone kept telling us to enjoy the moment and all we could think about was when we could leave the island for good.
We are currently trying to organize our trip with our family and friends...we have so much that we can't wait to see and do! Let the list making begin!!

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Hannah said...

Congrats to your hubby :)