Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thank Goodness....I'm Not Going Crazy!

When we first moved to our apartment, I saw something out by the dumpsters that looked like a fox, but it was the size of a cat. Foxes back in Missouri are a little larger and they are red so seeing a grey, tiny thing that looked like a fox totally threw me off. I immediately ran inside and told Jason that I saw a tiny fox out by the dumpster and he brushed off my comment like a fly buzzing around his head. He's exact words were, "Ash, it's probably just a feral cat!" I didn't push the issue anymore...maybe it was just a weird looking cat?! Every time we went outside to find the fox, it was sleeping or in a different dumpster. He/she was in hiding for a few months. I really started thinking that I had imagined the little furball.
A few months later (January or so) some friends came over and they said they saw a tiny fox outside. I was estatic...someone other than myself saw the fox. I'm not crazy!! Of course when we went out to find the "fox" all we could find was stray cats hanging out around the parking lot.
WELL...I finally have proof of the fox that lives in our apartment complex. We were coming back from dinner this past weekend and we saw something sitting in the grass. We slowed down and I immediately knew it was the fox. I grabbed my camera and started trying to get some physical evidence of the furry creature. The picture isn't the greatest but I lightened it as much as I could and added a yellow arrow so the little fox outline could been seen. The little fellow really had us confused...we had no idea that there was a breed of fox that little and that lived in the middle of a busy city. We started googling and discovered our little friend is a kit fox and he weighs no more than 5 pounds. They are the sweetest little things...
To add to the story even more, it's a protected animal in Bakersfield and different companies in our area have protected areas in their landscaping and grass where kit fox families have dens. These little creatures are all over Bakersfield...I guess the desert surrounding the city is the perfect habitat.
I'm so glad that I'm not going crazy....tiny foxes DO exist in our apartment complex! Now if we just could catch a glimpse of Big Foot and Santa!

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Meant to be a mom said...

Oh wow, I think that would have scared me. I always imagine fox's as these sort of mean wildlife type animals. Like you can't trust them. Sort of bear like but on a way smaller scale :). Its good to know that you've researched and they aren't scary animals :)
Its actually kind of cute.