Saturday, September 4, 2010

Update On The Soon-To-Be-Doctor

--September 1st we finally submitted his residency application. We've been working on getting all the necessary forms and letters of recommendation submitted these past fews months and our hard work has paid off. We sat down, choose the programs he wanted to apply to, reviewed the final application, and held our breath as we clicked the submit button. When we first started the medical school journey three years ago, residency seemed so far away. It's within a few months now and we couldn't be anymore excited. Interviews should hopefully happen this winter (November, December and January) and then we will find out where he matched in March. We definitely have some suspenseful months ahead of us...please say a prayer for us during these next trying months.
--Friday, September 10th, Jason takes his STEP 2 Clinical Knowledge exam. This exam will go over all the core rotations (peds, ob/gyn, medicine, surgery, psych) and will be about 8 hours long. He's starting to get stressed about his exam but we're both excited to get this exam over with. It will be a huge sigh of relief when he doesn't have to study like a crazy man anymore after work...what a difference our evenings will be like!!
--Monday, September 20th, he will start the much anticipated anesthesiology rotation. He's had the past few weeks off to study for his boards but he's really looking forward to throwing the scrubs back on and being as hands on as possible during his next rotation. I guess if I'm honest...I'm a little excited for him to get started back up again too! I love all the stories he shares!

Overall, we are doing really good! Last week was a little stressful as we were tying up the finishing touches for his application, but now that we've submitted it, things are going much better. I'm looking forward to what the future will be so much fun to set up interviews and have our future home narrowed down to the interview spots!! Exciting times for sure!!


Hannah said...

Good luck!!! The interviews are always a fun process to go through...a little stressful but it's exciting to see where the future might take you. Brian just finished his fellowship interviews, match, etc,.... We're headed to Connecticut next summer. Never in a million years did I ever imagine living in CT but I am so glad the Lord has guided Brian to an outstanding program and I know many doors will be open to him because of it. I always say that I'm just along for the ride! Haha :) Have fun enjoying the process and enjoy the last little bit of med school left!!

Jackson's said...

Good luck with the test!!! I remember being in you all;s shoes last year. WHOA! I am glad that part of it is over, but it was a good time. Stressful but good. Let us know if you need anything...