Monday, October 25, 2010

Carving Time

Since we just got back from the pumpkin patch on Saturday, I couldn't hardly stand to wait too much longer without carving our pumpkins. Sunday afternoon we started the carving process. We both enjoy being festive for the holidays so we were both excited to pick out a pattern and start carving our pumpkins. Ok, ok...maybe I was slightly more excited to start carving our pumpkins. Jason picked a witch pattern and I picked a spooky scarecrow. We both start out so pumped, excited and determined to make everything perfect but then after a good amount of time passed, the enthusiasm fizzled out and we sped up the carving process so we could get done. My impatience resulted in one fat and one skinny scarecrow arm...ugh!
Jason's favorite pose of pumpkin carving....I seriously think I have one like this from every year!
Is he really about to be a doctor?? Oh, if his patients only knew of his craziness! I can't help but love that silly man!
After a few hours, our pumpkins were finally finished! Jason oiled them all up, put a candle inside them and sat them on the back porch for all to see.
I'm hoping our pumpkin masterpieces make it till's still kind of warm here in Bakersfield. Happy Halloween from the Conway gang!!


Kelsey Claire said...

Now those are masterpieces! I could never do that even with a stencil!

Lizzy said...

Awesome pumpkins! I can't ever make a cute one. I tried doing a cute spider one year, but the leg fell off of the spider.

P.S. I'd love to have Jason as a doctor if he has that personality when he works. I hate grumpy doctors!