Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Interview Season Has Arrived

The interview step in the matching process for residency will be in full swing mode this weekend. On September 1st, we submitted a completed application to an online service and then chose the programs throughout the country that Jason considered to be great teaching facilities. Since September we've received emails that have invited him back for an interview or emails that have declined to invite him back for an interview. The interview 'season' is late October through January so we have a busy/stresssful next couple of months.
We are expecting to hear positive feedback from a few more places but here are the places that Jason will be visiting in the next few months.
--Kansas City

It's so nice to know that we have our future home narrowed down to a handful of states. Even though the next few months will be stressful, it's nice to know that we are coming to the end of this chapter. The next chapter will be full of exciting and new adventures! If you happen to think of the Conway family as you are saying your prayers, we would be extremely grateful!!


Anonymous said...

Where at in Illinois. Jamie

Kelsey Claire said...

Sounds like you have some good places to be going! I wish I saw Texas on that list!

Meant to be a mom said...

Wow how nerve wracking and exciting all at the same time. Fingers crossed for a great home and job for you and your hubs :)