Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Time For Fall

Today when we woke up, it was so gloomy and chilly outside. We are under a thunderstorm watch today...30% chance. Even though the percentage isn't that great, the weather is cooperating with the weatherman's forecast. The clouds are dark and the wind is blowing all the fallen, dried leaves all around. For the first time this year, today feels like fall.
I've had my fall decorations up for about a week but it's hard to get into the fall mood when it's still so dang hot outside. This week's high is only 79 degrees so hopefully with the cooler temperatures we'll be able to officially put summer behind us.
Once I got to work this morning, I lit my spiced pumpkin candle and blared the Halloween station with Halloween's Greatest Hits on Pandora.The Addams Family, Monster Mash, Love Potion #9, The Purple People Eater, Munster's Theme and all the other songs that Pandora felt had spooky, Halloween lyrics could be heard coming from my office.I'm so excited to go buy pumpkins, set our carved pumpkins out on our porch, shop for TONS of Halloween candy to pass out to the neighborhood kids and find the perfect costumes for a Halloween party.
It's crazy to think that it's already October...not too much longer and we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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The Akers said...

I've got my pumpkin Yankee candle burning too!! Except mine is Pumpkin Pie, not Spice! It is one of those rainy days in St. Maarten that you pretend is cooler like home even thought it is still 80 degrees out. :)