Friday, October 15, 2010

A Lot To Look Forward To

We have some fun and exciting things coming up in the next few months. Having things to look forward to make working, paying bills, and organizing interviews/medical school crap a little easier. We have started marking the days off the calendar...

--We are having a Halloween/costume party with a group of our friends on Halloween weekend. We've been debating what we should go as and we've finally decided on the perfect costumes! I'm not going to ruin the surprise but trust me, it's going to be great!

--Our besties, Andy and Alissa, are making a trip from Michigan to California to visit us. When she sent us their itinerary for 5 WHOLE DAYS in California we were estatic. We are so excited to reconnect with our friends. I got to see them in March (I snuck away to see them) but Jason hasn't seen them for over a year...a definite fun time is in store!!
--Thanksgiving with 'California' family. We won't be living in California for too many more months so spending the holidays with the family out here is something we are both really looking forward to. It's so easy to take the convenience of having them close for granted so we are ready to spend another holiday with them!!

--Jason scheduled a few interviews close to home so we will get to enjoy 10 WHOLE DAYS in Missouri. We will be back in Missouri for Christmas and New Years...woo hoo!! I've been fortunate enough to have gotten to visit since we moved to California but Jason hasn't been so fortunate. He's looking forward to a good time, after his interviews, of course!

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