Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkins, Parties And Princess Peach

Yesterday was jammed packed with fun fall festivities. We headed out to Murray Family Farms, a local farm that grows a lot of fresh fruits, veggies and of couse, PUMPKINS!
Right when we got to the farm, the pig races were beginning. We ran over to the racing pen and put our "free" bet on our favorite color. Once the two races were over, Jason and Laura's pigs(yellow and red) were the winners. They won a blue ribbon, self-adhesive ribbon that said, "My pig won"...haha!
Along with the pig races, we decided to try our sense of direction in the corn maze. We took the 'scenic' route a few times but we eventually found our way to the exit. Along the maze, they had tons of spooky spiders and helped really set the mood for Halloween.
After we explored the farm and stocked up on some fresh fruit, we loaded up and headed out to the pumpkin patch.
A small pumpkin was included in the admission price. It was so much fun searching through all the pumpkins trying to find the best ones. We got two small pumpkins for the boys...they need a pumpkin of their own too! The larger pumpkins were back at the barn so we were able to get our carving pumpkins once we got back from the pumpkin patch. We had such a fun time at the pumpkin made it feel more like fall!

Last night after the pumpkin patch was the Halloween party. A group of medical students/spouses from the island are now living in Bakersfield for their clinical rotations. It was nice to see everyone's been awhile since we've seen a few of the couples. We had a costume was so much fun seeing everyone and their creative outfits. We decided to be Princess Peach and Mario. Here are a few pictures of us and our family of four before we headed out to the party.

Each couple brought a snack for everyone to enjoy. The party was filled with tons of yummy are a few of the 'spooky' dessertsThe costumes were so creative...each couple posed for a picture!!

We had such a fun night with everyone...Princess Peach was swept off her feet by Mario. Pretty successful night if I must say so myself!!


Kelsey Claire said...

Love all the pics. I need to try out this whole corn maze thing that I keep reading about. Love the costumes. You were a very pretty princess!

Kristin said...

Love the pics!! Great costumes too!