Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Recap

I'm so glad we stayed in Bakersfield this weekend with nothing, or close to nothing, to do. I didn't realize how exhausted our weekends were making us, especially when we were packing our weekends as full as we could with things. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE sight seeing and exploring different cities near by but it feels like it's a rough start for Monday morning when we haven't gotten to stop and catch our breath during the weekend. Our next few weekends are jam packed with things so this weekend was needed to prepare for the weekends ahead!!
Friday night we went over to one of the main anesthesiologists that Jason has been working with these past few weeks. We ordered pizza and watched a movie in his new theatre room. I'm not sure Jason stopped drooling throughout the movie...the surround sound, the comfy chairs and the TV the size of the wall were obviously too much for my hubby to handle. I have an odd feeling that he'll be requesting something very similar when we decide to get a house of our own. We had a great time meeting new couples and families that have gone through the stages that we are going through right's very encouraging to hear their success!
Saturday was filled with a lot of studying (Jason takes a pediatrics exam on Friday) for Jason and a lot of cleaning for me. Everything was going pretty smooth until 2:00pm when the electric decided to go out. The weather was calling for thunderstorms so I didn't think anything about the electric. A lot of times the electric with surge in and out when there is a heat advisory or a rainstorm. I called the electric company and made them aware at 2:15pm and the customer service agent assured me that someone would be looking at the situation before 3:15pm. The electricity still wasn't on at 7:00pm so we resorted to taking a LONG trip to Target, filling our apartment with tealights and playing Monopoly until we thought we could fall asleep without a fan blocking out all the noice. I'll leave out all the frustrating details and multiple calls to the dang electric company but our electric didn't come back on until 1:30am. On a positive note...we haven't talked, laughed or made that many shadow puppets in a 12 hour period in a long time. We didn't realize how much time we spend doing other things.
OOO, I almost forgot to show the preview of our family pictures that we did last weekend on the beach. We took so many pictures but these were our favorites....

Sunday we actually slept in a little bit since we had a rough time falling asleep and boy, oh boy, did if feel wonderful. Both of us are early risers so sleeping in till 7:30am made us feel so well rested. We walked the boys and decided to head out for a bike ride before it got to hot. I'm not sure about other parts of the country, but we are still HOT! Last week we had an all-time record high for this time of year 113 DEGREES! It's not feeling like fall yet...maybe a few pumpkins on the back porch will help?!

I'm looking forward to what the week has in store for the Conway family. Interviews are still coming in and we are LOVING every second of it! We will be organizing flights and Jason will be interviewing in the next month or two! Such an exciting time for us right now....

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