Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bump In The Road...Big Bump

We are still hearing back from residency programs but it has slowed down quite a bit these last few weeks. The Deans letter, the letter that shares class rank, GPA, test scores and evaluations from different staff that Jason has worked with came out on November 1st. Every day since Monday we've woken up excited to see if we are going to get any new anesthesiology interviews. Well, it hasn't been as promising as we would have hoped so last night we sent out an email to each of the programs asking for the status of the application. *We have quite a few interviews but only two in anesthesiology and that's what Jason is really wanting to do for his career.
So, this morning when we wake up the inbox is full of replies. The first few were declining him for an interview, which is okay because we were at the point where we just wanted to here something.
Well, a few things that also caught our eye when we started opening emails were questions about the Deans letter that is posted under Jason's profile...Jason's profile that every program he applied to has viewed. Apparently, the letter that was posted was from another student. Another student that doesn't have the greatest grades, evaluations or class rank. Cue MAJOR FREAK OUT! Did a few of the programs decline him because of the Deans letter? How influential could the Deans letter have been in the past few days? How many Deans letters were printed and put with his file without really checking to make sure the names are the same?
We made a million phone calls, sent a million emails to programs and fixed the problem as of 4:00pm today. I'm hoping that the school's lack of attention to detail didn't hurt Jason's chances of getting an interview into a program.
I prayed and cried on the drive to work...all this residency crap is so stressful! God has a reason for everything that he has us enduring right now but it's difficult to accept sometimes.
Right now is one of those difficult times to accept the cards that we've been dealt. Jason has worked so hard and I just want him to feel that all his hard work has paid off.
Please pray for Jason, as well as myself, during these next trying months.


Bryan and Chelsey's Moss Moments said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe that someone made such a huge mistake! I'd definitely be throwing a huge fit about now! We'll definitely be praying for ya'lL! Don't worry, everything will work out according to HIS perfect plan! :)

Sarah said...

Oh my! I just read this post and my heart sank for you guys! How frustrating! I will be praying for you guys during this interview process.
I just received your comment on my blog and can't believe what a small world it really is! Thanks for visiting and maybe you all will be placed back in Missouri!

Sarah said...

Ok...I couldn't figure out why your husband looked familiar. I told my Jason about your comment and he said, oh yeah...Jason Conway. Didn't he go to New Salem? I don't know if that's right, but how funny!

KathRSmith said...

Leave it to AUC! Oh my goodness Ashley. How stressful!

Jackson's said...

OH! Sorry about all of that. I tell ya, they don't make any of this medical school/match/residency easy do they. Keep your head up and keep smiling.