Saturday, November 20, 2010

Exploring California With The Besties, Part 1

Andy and Alissa, our besties from the island, came to visit the Conway's this weekend. They wanted a break from the cold Michigan weather so they booked a flight out to sunny California. Little did they know that they were bringing some of Michigan's cold weather with them. Don't worry...we didn't let the cooler weather stop us. We explored as much as we could for the few days they were here.
Once they landed into LAX, we headed to explore a few of the big things in Los Angeles. First on the list...the Hollywood sign and Hollywood Blvd. There is so much to see and so many tourist spots so, of course, we had to go exploring.
After we explored a few main spots, we headed home to Bakersfield. Jason got off work at a decent time so we decided to head to a hockey game. We love cheap entertainment!
The next morning we were out the door bright and early. We had a full day of fun planned. We have been having some beautiful and warm weather the past few weeks so we knew the Sequoias would be beautiful. Our Michigan friends brought the cooler, rainy weather with them so we were hoping we would make it to the top of the 5,000 foot mountain without any rain/snow delays.The weather was a little rainy but the sights were more beautiful than we could have imagined. I think the rain washed all the dust off the trees...the colors were beautiful! We just HAD to stop and take pictures! It was too pretty not to stop and try out a few poses!After we took a few pictures, we continued on our drive up the mountain. We were excited once we got to the "Trail of 100 Giants" turnoff because the road was still open. I was so was closed the last time we tried to get in due to snow. About 6 miles up the road we started seeing a little slush and snow on the side of the road and then BAM, a full on winter storm. We made it until the Nissan wouldn't make it anymore and then we got out and explored the area. We had to push the car out of the snow a bit to get it turned around, then we turned on the flashers and abandoned the car to get up close and personal with the snow! I may or may not have thrown a snowball right at Jason's window and then leaned in to make fun of his snowball filled window.Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the "Trail of 100 Giants" because of the snow. If we would have had better shoes on, then we would have hiked the remaining 2-3 miles to the start of the trail. It was such a crazy second we are in the middle of wet, rainy, fall weather and the next we were in 6 inches of snow! I'd say that we had a pretty successful first few days with our friends. Stay tuned for part 2 of our adventures!

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Bryan and Chelsey's Moss Moments said...

Wow! Those pictures were beautiful! I'm jealous! :)