Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm Head Over Heels

Oh my goodness....where to even begin! Yesterday, Lisa brought in some Christmas themed candy for her candy bowl for the office to enjoy. I guess I don't pay much attention to the holiday themed candy because yesterday was the first day that I saw candy cane Hershey kisses. Super cute and very festive!Well, I stayed away from the bowl for most of the morning but when I finally gave in I was unstoppable. One kiss turned into two, which somehow turned into ten. I was addicted from first sight...who can resist the cute "kiss" shape, the silver foil paper with the perfectly placed red swirls and the right amount of paper sticking out of the top. Myself, along with the majority of the office, helped themselves to Lisa's candy bowl throughout the day and when we locked up for the evening, there were only a handful of kisses left. I couldn't let the bowl be empty for the rest of the week, especially since I was partly responsible, so I had to go and buy one two bags of the yummy kisses.
Have you tried the Candy Cane Hershey kisses? No? Then what are you doing still on the computer reading my blog?? Go, go as fast as you can to the closest store and grab a bag or two! Trust me...you won't be disappointed!


Kelsey Claire said...

That sounds so yummy. I am going to have to go and buy some

Monique said...

Wow! Those sounds so delicious. How I wish I could get my hands on a bag....or two!