Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rolling Back The Clocks

Daylight Savings Time finally came around this fall. We were so excited and ready to roll our clocks back last night before we went to bed. Who's going to complain about getting an extra hour of sleep!?
Well, having an extra hour of sleep was WONDERFUL but adjusting to the change wasn't so fun. I was still up at the same time (5:30am, instead of 6:30am), the pups were still starving and dying to be walked at their same time and my stomach obviously didn't get the memo for the time change because I was hungry at all the wrong times. Change doesn't seem to go over so smoothly but we will adjust in the next few days.
After we went to church and ran a few errands, we were homeward bound. We stayed in all day, besides a trip to the park with the pups, and took advantage of our Sunday with an extra hour.
I love my family and the extra hour of family time today was GREAT!

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Kristin said...

The extra hour was nice but dogs never seem to get the memo! Mine was up at 530 thinking it was 630 and oh boy i begged him to sleep but that didnt happen. Here is to darkness at 530!!