Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tree, Lights and Ornaments....OH MY!

This weekend we took down all of our fall decorations and we put up all our Christmas decorations. We have made it our little tradition to start the Christmas festivities the day after Thanksgiving. We made some hot cocoa, blared the Christmas music and became Christmas obsessed for a good part of the morning on Friday. We got a package from my mom on Friday and she sent the boys (including Jason) the cutest ornaments! I got a few ornaments too but they go along with the theme of the tree. I have a feeling next year we will have more than one's time to separate their ornaments from the main tree.

Our apartment is ready for the Christmas season...all the Christmas decorations make the house so warm and inviting. There is nothing better than plugging in the tree and enjoying an evening with my little family. I'm so excited for the next few weeks...I love this time of year! This year will be extra special because we will be flying back to Missouri for some interviews and we'll be able to spend Christmas with my side of the family. Something about the holidays in Missouri, my family, snow, baking filled days and a fire in the fireplace makes me get REALLY, REALLY excited!

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