Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Whirlwind Of A Week

This week has been a crazy whirlwind and it's only me! I'm not even sure when I should begin or how I should organize all my thoughts!
  • Jason had his trip booked for his interviews(2 in St. Louis)this week when he got another interview for an anesthesia interview in Chicago. We were so excited for another interview in anesthesia that all the details didn't really matter in that split second of pure joy. After the excitement wore off...panic set in! Another flight, another rental car reservation and another hotel...EEK! Instead of having him fly out AGAIN, we just decided to book his Chicago interview on the tail end of his St. Louis trip. Did I mention that we had to change the flight, book a hotel and reserve a rental car for Chicago 5 hours before he was suppose to leave for Los Angeles?? Talk about a chaotic Monday!
  • Jason's birthday is November 13th, which just so happens to fall on this Saturday. Knowing that he won't be in California for his birthday, I rushed home Monday after work and we went out for a birthday celebration before he had to head out. I think he secretly planned to be gone so he could get his birthday presents early ;). This Saturday he'll be celebrating with our friends and family in Missouri. I'm so excited for him that he'll be back home for his birthday but a little bummed that I won't get to help him celebrate his birthday.
  • Tuesday morning after the morning walk with the pups I noticed Muzzy acting a little weird. He has numerous different health issues so I tend to pay attention when he starts acting weird. Laying around with no desire to move isn't how he normally acts so I knew something was up. On Monday we came home to a few piles of vomit (sorry to be gross) but we didn't know which dog was responsible for the upset tummy. Well Tuesday morning after the walk, Muzzy got sick and I knew he was the one that got sick on Monday. Two days of throwing up isn't normal so I immediately take him in to the vet. She came to the conclusion that he had something blocking his stomach OR he was in the beginning stages of liver failure. Well, last night he got sick again and this time he threw up the few big pieces of bone that were blocking his stomach. He's feeling much better today...he's gotten to eat and he hasn't gotten sick!
  • Yesterday, we got another anesthesia interview (that's 5 total anesthesia; 12 total interviews) so we are trying to find the cheapest and best time to travel for the new interviews. Right now he is interviewing/or has interviewed at: Wyoming, Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Utah, Missouri, Kansas. It's going to be a busy next few months...busy, but good!
  • Today after work I rushed over to the hospital to visit one of my favorite students. Ms. Ruth is someone that I've talked about before on the blog...she's such an inspiration and she holds a special place in my heart. She got admitted today to the hospital for pneumonia and I refused to let her spend her evening alone. I hope she gets feeling better soon!

I'm off work tomorrow for Veteran's Day so I'll be able to get caught up on everything that still needs to be handled. I'm still a little dizzy from the whirlwind I've been in this week but I'm hoping things calm down the next few days.

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