Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Celebrity Status

A few months back my work held a fundraiser/brunch called the "Read to Succeed"...non-profits are always having fundraisers and thinking up creative ways to raise money. We had about 200+ people attend and we were able to raise about $20,000 within just a few hours. Because we did so well, the organization and the event was featured in the Bakersfield Life magazine. The Bakersfield Life magazine is a weekly magazine that is put out to share all the good things that are happening in the community. Well....if you look closely in the top, right hand corner you will see a picture of a person that should look familiar.
Maybe a yellow arrow pointing to this famous person would help...

Yes, you are seeing things correctly. The person in the above picture is ME! I couldn't believe it when the magazine came to the office and there was a picture printed of Lisa and myself. We felt pretty special... like one of Bakersfield's celebrities. I kid, I kid...haha!

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