Monday, January 31, 2011

Choose Joy--January Complete

I started off the year with focus on my see the post click here
January was a struggle to start with my health because during Christmas and New Years, I was a little out of control with the lack of exercise and self-control. Well, I'm pleased to announce that during the month of January, I was pretty successful in a few areas.
  • Each weekend, I sat down and planned out a weekly menu. Not only did it help with the additional snacking that takes place in between me getting home, figuring out what we'll eat for dinner and then cooking it but it also helped save some money at the grocery store. I went to the store for items that we needed for the menu, not additional items for our cravings. I LOVE this...this habit will continue on!
  • Food labels were looked at before we cooked something or munched on our favorite yummy treats. Some things completely shocked us....who knew there is SO much salt in everything! Something that helped really helped open our eyes to the calories in some of our favorite foods was a new bill that was passed in California. EVERY restaurant that sells food to the public throughout the state has to list the calories of the item on the actual menu (not just in a separate nutritional guide).

Now for the few areas where I struggled with the past month and would like to improve on these areas.

  • EXERCISE! I am still struggling with getting in a heart pounding, 30 minute workout, 4 times a week. On average, I probably worked out twice a week for the month and I hated every second of it. I love how good I feel afterwards but just making myself get out in the cold, after I've gotten home, is a struggle for me.
  • Staying positive after a few steps in the wrong direction. I can stay so strict on a healthy diet for a week or two but then when something comes up (Sunday football games, birthday parties, baby showers) I lose all control. Once I splurge, then my mind starts thinking, "you better enjoy all you can, while you can, because tomorrow you start over again" and I become out of control. I beat myself up...not good for someone that is a stress eater.

I would say that by focusing on one area that I would like to improve on during this month made my goals more reachable and realistic. I had fun documenting my journey this month...I'm going to try and keep working on January's goals when I start working on February's goals.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The List

We've been marking things off our to-do-list the past week and it feels so good!
1. Make residency rank list
Now that all of Jason's residency interview are over, he has to rank the hospitals from his favorite to his least favorite. The deadline to submit and/or make any changes to the list is February 23rd. He made his list and we agreed that he wouldn't look at it for a week. He could literally spend the next three weeks changing the order of his list...too many things to think about!
2. Start collecting boxes for moving day
Back in Missouri, I would have just asked local supermarkets for their empty boxes but not in California. They recycle and give their boxes extra special treatment so I struck out with the supermarkets. Where I scored though was with all the leftover Christmas totes. I bought multiple storage totes for cheap after the holidays...who cares if they are red and green, it just adds more excitement to my storage closets.
3. Eat the food in our cabinets before going out to buy other items
This one should "technically" be a partial cross out. I'm not going to lie...we've always struggled with this. I buy food that I think we will eat, or better yet, hope we will eat and we never do. With only 5 weeks left in California, we've been trying to make more of an effort to eat what is in our cabinets before running to the store.
4. Find a replacement for my position at work
I've found a perfect coordinator that can do a great job with the students and tutors. The Executive Board has to vote on her filling the position at the next board meeting. Once she is voted in, then I can start training her. Fun times!
5. Schedule a walk through on move out day with a member of the apartment office staff
March 4th at 3:30pm will be when we walk through our empty apartment and make sure that everything in the apartment is the way we found it when we moved in a year and a half ago. Once we do our walk through, we are hopping in the moving truck and making the 28+ hour drive back to Missouri.
6. Find a place to live in England
We have finally found a place to live in Epsom, Surrey for our six week stay in England. We kept going back and forth with accomodations at the hospital and a nearby hotel. Finally, we were able to reach an agreement with the hospital and we will be staying there. We saved quite a bit of money AND there is no commute for Jason. It will be more of dorm style living but it's only for six weeks. I can do just about anything to live in England for six weeks and be so close with so many amazing sites.
7. Notify the electric, gas and cable company of our last day so we can make sure to pay our bill and have our utilities shut off on our last day. I called this week to do this and they said that I had to wait 30 days before we want to cancel our services to notify them.
8. Eat at all a few of the yummy restaurants/ice cream parlors in town before saying adios.

We're making a pretty good dent in our to-do-list...still adding to the list on a daily basis but it's nice to see that we are actually making progress.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TV Stands On The Brain

Anyone that knows my husband knows how much he loves his TV, especially his new flat screen TV that we bought when we moved to California. He found his love for the dang 'ole thing when he was young. He needed it to help him sleep and still to this day, Jason has to have the TV on when we lay down. Thank goodness for self-timers that turn the TV off after so many minutes!! His TV is his baby...he cleans it all the time and makes sure that it's in the best possible shape to watch all his favorite shows on. Well, I'm not as obsessed with the TV as much as he is but what I'm more interested in is the TV stands. I'm all about keeping my house organized and clutter free and DVDs can be my worst nightmare. The perfect TV stand can make all the difference for an organized and clean look for a living room.
During my downtime, I started doing some research and found a great website that has some super adorable TV stands for flat screens. Go to to see some of their deals. Here are a few of my favorite looks...I literally could have spent hours searching this website...I feel like I could redesign our bedroom and/or our living room with one of these beautiful TV stands. What do you think??
If you have some free time, you should definitely go and check out their website!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Black And Gold

We had some special visitors come and visit us this weekend...we had a game to watch and a birthday to celebrate. Chip, Sue and Timothy left the warm weather down south and made the drive to the cold to spend the weekend with us! Jason has a ton of family from Pennsylvania, more specifically the Pittsburgh area, so black and gold definitely run through their veins. The playoffs were this weekend and the Steelers were playing for a spot in the Superbowl. Jason had such a fun time cheering on his team with the boys. We wore our Steelers jerseys and shirts with pride as we watched our team beat the NY Jets for a spot to battle the Green Bay Packers in the Superbowl.
After a very intense game, we celebrated Timothy's 16th birthday with a birthday song and some Coldstone cupcakes. I can't believe that he's already 16...he was 8 when we first started dating! We had a great time hanging out this weekend. I can't believe that we only have a few more weekends in California...we're going to miss weekends like these. It's been so nice to spend so much time with Jason's family!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Can See Clearly Foggy Now

The tule fog is back and it's thicker than ever. I know how fog is made and why it comes but I'm not sure why things are so different in Bakersfield, compared to Missouri. The fog is so dense that I have to use my wipers on medium speed the whole drive to work and the fog hangs around until lunchtime.
It's been a challenge to drive to's so difficult to see stoplights, other cars, or just anything! Tule fog is definitely intersting....kind of mindblowing how thick it can be!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One By One

There once was a wise man who used to go to the ocean to do his writing. He had a habit of walking on the beach before he began his work. One day he was walking along the shore and as he looked down the beach, he saw a human figure moving like a dancer.
He smiled to himself to think of someone who would dance to the day. So he began to walk faster to catch up. As he got closer, he saw that it was a young man and the young man wasn't dancing, but instead was reaching down to the shore, picking up something and very gently throwing it into the ocean. As he got closer he called out, "Good morning! What are you doing?" The young man paused, looked up and replied, "Throwing starfish in the ocean." "I guess I should have asked, why are you throwing starfish in the ocean?" "The sun is up and the tide is going out. If I don't throw them in then they'll die." "But young man, don't you realize that there are miles and miles of beach and starfish all along it. You can't possibly make a difference!" The young man listened politely then bent down and picked up another starfish and threw it into the sea past the breaking waves and said, "It made a difference for that one."

I received a newsletter from one of our community partners today and this poem was on the inside front cover. I needed this today. Something just clicked...
I only have a few weeks left at the office, working with some of the greatest people and the ability to reach out and lend a helping hand to people that need it the most. I've decided that in the few weeks that I have left at work, I'll be able to reach out, one by one, and give a helping hand.
Not only can I give help and support when it comes to literacy and education but I can also give help and support when it comes to love of Christ. I work in the perfect setting to witness and show God's love so for the next few weeks and I'm going to make more of a conscious effort to reach out. When people walk through our front door for help, most of them are at their all time low. They have finally admitted to themselves that they cannot read and they need help. Just them walking through the door is a huge challenge so they need uplifted and loved in the worst way.
For the next 6 weeks, I'm going to make sure that I bend down, pick up and rescue as many "starfish" as I can. I know that I won't be able to rescue them all, but I will make a difference for the ones that I can.

Monday, January 17, 2011

3 Day Weekend

Our office was closed today for Martin Luther King Jr. Day so that meant that I had a three day weekend. It was nice to have an extra day at home to snuggle with the boys but having an extra day out of our routine made us miss Jason even more. I've planned out the menu for the week, cleaned the house, finished all the laundry and cuddled with these boys over the span of three days. I have a feeling that they got a bit more spoiled, if that's even possible, than they already were.I love Bazzle's little fat rolls around his neck...such a handsome little furball!! Actually the rolls are just extra skin big boy has lost a bit of weight after a stricker diet and longer walks.Muzzy was my cuddle buddy all weekend...the closer to his mama, the better! He had three seizures this week, which is not normal, and he needs extra attention when he's sick. He usually has one seizure every three/four weeks so a a trip to the veterinary's office isn't too far away, maybe even this week.
The boys knew their mama needed extra love and attention this weekend with daddy being gone...mission accomplished boys!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Hubby Is In Hershey

I just heard from Jason and he safely made it to his hotel for his two day interview in Hershey, Pennsylvania. He was able to spend Saturday and the most of today with his Pennsylvania family before he had to drive to his hotel. He was excited with the town from what he could see on his drive into the chocolate filled town.I love how he considers our future family when considering a residency program. Hershey, PA definitely got his approval in the dark and at midnight...I wonder what he'll think when he gets to see more of the city tomorrow. Please pray for Jason on this will be a stressful two days as he trys to prove that he is ready to be an anesthesiologist.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Explore, Dream & Discover

Happy Friday!
I feel like I haven't been blogging much lately. Here lately, life hasn't been that exciting and I didn't want to bore you with our everyday routine. Here is a little bit of an update of what we've been up to....

This week I told my director that the first week of March would be my last week in California and my last week at the office. I love what I do, I love the students and I love the tutors so I wanted to make sure that someone gets hired and properly trained so I don't have a panic/freak out moment when it comes time to leave. She was bummed out with the news but she actually handled the situation better than I thought she would. She was very thankful that I gave more than a "2 week" notice and has already started the search for the next coordinator.

Jason left yesterday for his last set of interviews and I'm already missing him like crazy. He's flying right into the winter storm in the Northeast so we were a little nervous that there would be numerous delays and cancellations but he made his first stop to Tennessee with no issues. He flys out of TN tonight and heads to PA for the weekend. I've been watching the weather channel and it looks like he'll hit some snow but it doesn't look like it should cause too many problems.

With so much going on right now, it can be a little overwhelming. Searching for a home, a new job and living in a new environment can be a little scary. Since the beginning of the new year, I've been trying to make more of an effort to take all the challenges and changes and make them into adventures and memories. I found this quote and I've plastered it all over the apartment, it was found at the perfect time! I love it...

"Twenty years from now you'll be disappointed in the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw away the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the tradewinds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." --Mark Twain

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

01/11/2011 @1:11pm

I've been at work all day and it didn't register that today was 1-11-11 until just now as I was signing some paperwork. To top the date even's 1:11pm on 1-11-11!!

Random fact about me: I am always adding license plates or the time on the clock to try and find weird combinations. How about when the clock says 9:13--add the 1+3 and you get 4. Add the 4 to the 9 and you get 13. The minutes added together and added to the hour gives you the minutes again. Ok, I'm sure I've freaked most of you out so I'll stop with all my randomness but numbers interest me!

Today is awesome, well at least since I figured out that it's the day full of ones. Never again (at least in my life) will there ever be a 1/11/11 at 1:11. Pretty neat if you ask me!

Monday, January 10, 2011

8 Weeks And Counting...

I can't believe that the time has come for us to start thinking about where we will be moving after our time here in California comes to an end. We have less than 8 weeks here in California. Jason has a 4 week Urology rotation, which he is in now, and a 4 week Cardiology rotation and then we are heading back to the Midwest. Unfortunately, once we pack up our apartment, drive across the country and arrive in Missouri our clinical experience isn't over. Jason still has to do a 6 week rotation in Pediatrics before he's completely done with clinicals. The good news about having one more rotation left is where he will be doing his rotation...
Here's a few hints about our future short-term (6 week) home....
That's right...we are moving to England so Jason can get his pediatrics rotation completed before residency. I'm so excited to see how many memories we can make during our short visit there. I've already started planning our weekends with trips throughout the country and nearby countries. Look out England...the Conways are heading your way.

Weekend Walks

The weather has been so cold--we've been staying inside more than we've been going out and this weekend we couldn't handle being indoors anymore. This weekend we bundled up and took the boys on an adventure through a nearby park and college campus. They are on their leashes on morning walks by our apartment complex but since we were the only crazy fools walking around outside this weekend, they got to roam leash free. They loved sniffing every blade of grass and marking it. By the end they weren't even able to leave their scent...they emptied themselves so good that they went dry.Both of us would take turns running with the boys across the can their short little legs run faster than our long legs? About an hour passed and we didn't even realize (other than our noses turning bright red)...we were having such a fun time. We decided to head back to the house and the boys didn't seem to mind. They were so tired that they didn't venture too far away from us. Just the short amount of time outside on Saturday did us some good. The fresh air, even though chilly, is just what we needed to help us get through another cold weekend.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sunny California

With all the snowstorms and crazy weather the different states are getting, I know how easy it is to wish you were in sunny California. Well, California isn't having the sunniest weather right now. Mr. Sun has been hiding a lot more and when he does come out he's not very bright. Maybe California should be called snowy California right now?! These pictures were taken when we were going up and over the mountains towards Los Angeles, which is about 30 minutes from our house. We were amazed at how much snow the mountains had gotten in just a few days of cold weather and rain. The clouds were so thick and dense that we couldn't see the top of the snow covered mountains!
With all the snow the mountains are getting, Bakersfield is getting a lot of rain and wind. The other morning there was a school delay because there was an 8 foot wall of tumbleweeds blocking the road. I thought that sounded crazy, but today when we went on a walk with the dogs we saw this......

There was a big pile of tumbleweeds that had gathered in a concrete drainage area. I couldn't get the width of all the tumbleweeds because I was trying to take a picture through the chain fence but there were a lot of those huge, dead weeds.

Already this year, the weather throughout the country has been crazy. I'm hoping that California gets sunny and fast!!


**Funny story for anyone that has been on a diet**

We are only 8 days into the New Year, which means 8 days into our New Years resolution. We didn't sit down and write a list of things we wanted to start doing at the first of the year but we both knew we wanted to put more focus on our health--vitamins, low-calorie diet (Weight Watchers), exercise and anything else that might help make us just a tad healthier . Keep in mind that we will be in swimsuits on the beach in 5 months, taking pictures in our swimsuits on the beach in 5 months...we've kicked everything into HIGH gear.
This week, I planned out a menu for each day that was tasteful, yet healthy and low-calorie. Every night was pretty yummy, except for last night. Tilapia, rice, cucumber/onion salad and mini cheesecakes for dessert. We both had high expectations...we aren't fish lovers but like I said before--5 months before the beach. Well after everything was cooked, we sat down to eat and both of us could smell the fish on the plate. Jason even said to me, "it's healthy and good for us, we have to at least try" so we both took the first bite. tasted just as fishy as it smelled and I couldn't handle it. I decided to just eat my rice and cucumber/onion salad because we were invited for games and snacks at a friend's house and I knew I would want to have a few calories left over for some snacks. I was okay with just eating the small (1/2 cup of rice) and the few (8 slices) of cucumbers for dinner, Jason on the other hand was not so okay with that. Cue immediate bad mood. I thought my mini cheesecakes would cheer him up but they didn't turn out so good either. I replaced the sugar with splenda and the eggs with egg beaters and I must have added too much of the egg beaters because the cheesecakes were more of a yellow color than a white color. I ended up having to throw them all away...that didn't help Jason's bad mood. Fast forward about 20 minutes, Jason is still pouting around the house (I've found it's easier to let him have his space) and he finally comes in the bedroom and says he's sorry and he was just looking forward to a good dinner. He then proceeds to say, "Ash, I can't help myself. I'm JUNK FOOD DEPRIVED!" Haha...this just cracked me up! Gotta love his honesty.
I have a feeling that the next 5 months is going to be a challenge to say the least....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

An Update On The Future Doctor

Where have the last few months gone? My future doctor has been so busy. Between his rotations and all his interviews, it's been a whirlwind. Jason completed his 6 week Psychiatry rotation the first week of December and tomorrow will be his last day in his 4 week Neurology rotation. I'm sure you're thinking, "didn't he already do a psychiatry rotation?"...well, even if you aren't thinking that I'll explain why he had to do yet another psychiatry rotation. His rotation that he did back in 2009 didn't count for all the different states' residency programs because it wasn't considered "green book". To be "green book" a specific rotation has to have an active residency program at the hospital that the rotation is being done at. Unfortunately, Norwalk didn't have a residency program associated with the psychiatry rotation so Jason decided to keep all his options open and make sure all his rotations are "green book". He didn't mind doing the extra few weeks of psychiatry...Bakersfield has a lot of interesting people.
Since December, Jason has been doing a Neurology rotation. Neurology deals with the brain, spinal cord and all the nerves that make up the body. A lot of his patients have been in a severe accident or had a stroke that has left them with serious nerve damage. He's really enjoying this school, Neurology was his favorite subject so I knew that he would love getting to do more hands on in the rotation.
Next Monday he will start a 4 week rotation in Urology, which deals with the bladder and everything that allows someone to go to the bathroom. This rotation will have more time in the operating room so he's pretty excited. I think I would just about pass out in the operating room but he absolutely loves it. It takes a special type of person that's for sure!
Next week is also the last of his scheduled interviews. He will be in East Tennessee and Pennsylvania for three interviews...pray that the snow allows him to make it there safely, score high points in his interview and make it back home as quickly as possible.
The rotations are going good but right now the biggest thing weighing on our minds is interviews, ranking the hospitals he interviewed at and preparing for what is to come after California. Jason has to turn in his rank list by February 23rd, then March 14th he'll find out if he matched (literally a yes or no) and then March 17th he'll find out where he will be working for the next 4 years and what type of doctor he'll become.

Right now, the stress level is pretty high in our house. I'm a planner and just the unknown of where we will be moving is stressful. I'm trying to 'go with the flow' but it's easier said than done. I need to keep in mind that we are MAKING MEMORIES and all of this chaos/stress will be something that we'll love to look back on and remember.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Five Days With My Mama

When our trip to Missouri was canceled, my mom (with a little persuasion) decided to fly out to Bakersfield for a few days. Before you get your hopes up for a whole bunch of fun and exciting pictures, I'll be the bearer of bad news. Besides the rose parade, I didn't take a single picture of my mom's visit. I kept saying "I should take a picture for the blog" but I wasn't very successful. I'll just have to recap the trip with all text and a few pictures borrowed from the internet.
December 29: Picked mom up from the airport. Her flight got in around lunchtime and I was so excited to pick her up. As soon as I got to the airport and parked, I stood in front of the rotating glass doors looking down the long hallway for her. Once I finally saw her turn the corner, I had a flood of emotions. I immediately started crying like a big baby and trying to wave my hand for her to see me....I'm sure I looked like a total fool. I didn't think I missed her that much, but boy was I wrong. Once we drove back up to Bakersfield, we had a relaxing evening.
December 30: Jason was off work and we knew we wanted to go and see an early movie. We decided on TRON: 3D and it definitely didn't disappoint. I haven't seen the original but this one was very good! Once again our evening was spent with a cup of hot tea on the couch.
December 31: We spent the day getting ready for our trip to Pasadena for the Rose Parade. We headed down to Ventura in the afternoon because the weather wasn't the greatest and we were nervous that the mountains would get snow and we'd be trapped in Bakersfield. We stayed up to watch the ball drop in New York and then we headed to bed. I know, I know...sounds pretty lame. In our defense, we had to get up around 3:00am to head to the parade and I'm a girl that needs my sleep!
January 1: We made it to Pasadena, grabbed some breakfast and hung out in our car in the parking lot until the parade was just about to start. The parade was awesome and I did take pictures, maybe a few too many! Once the parade(100+ floats, bands, and equestrian groups) was over, we ran to our cars to beat the crowd, got detoured getting to the interstate by all the crowds and closed roads and then finally made it to an open 4 lane interstate. We made it home around 2:30 and we crashed. We were so exhausted! The parade was something that we'll never forget.
January 2: We took mom to our church's contemporary service. Our church has multiple services on Sunday and we prefer the "younger, upbeat" definitely enjoyed it! After church we headed to the movies to take advantage of their Sunday Family Day. The tickets and refreshments are 1/2 off so we couldn't resist.We watched The Fighter with Mark Wahlberg. The movie was good but I was a little disappointed because it wasn't as good as other movies that he's been in. Don't worry, the popcorn and the mini Butterfinger bars made up for it.
January 3: Moms last day in California and the weather took a turn for the worse. We had quite a bit of rain in the valley and that usually means that it is snowing in the mountains. The main road that takes us into LA was closed in the mountains due to snow and the only other option is to take the 101 up the coast. The only bad thing is that the alternative route takes about 3X as long...6 hours versus 2 hours. We kept watching the news hoping for the road to open back up but we decided if it didn't open by noon that we would head out and make the long drive to Ventura to stay the night at Jason's family's house. For lunch we went out with Donna and Lisa from the office to the cutest, yummiest little restaurant. The Guild House is a restaurant that is ran by all volunteers and all the money that is raised is given to the Henrietta Weill, which is a house that helps with abused or neglected children. It's such a great organization so any chance we can help and eat their delicious food, we're there!
They have the best hot rolls EVER!
After lunch, the road through the mountains opened and we made a mad dash for the coast. We wanted to make sure mom could get on her flight. We went to dinner with Chip and Sue and spent the night at their house (thank goodness they didn't care).
January 4: Mom boarded a plane at 6:00am and we had to make the long drive back to Bakersfield so we could go to work.

**The whole trip was a little chaotic. The weather wasn't helping the situation at all but it was nice to stay cuddled up inside drinking hot tea and chatting the days away. Even though mom's time here wasn't jammed packed of fun sightseeing things, we still had a great time.

Building Dreams, Friendships & Memories

On January 1, New Years day, we spent the day sitting 10 rows away from one of the greatest parades in the country, the Rose Parade. The theme for this year's parade was "Building Dreams, Friendships and Memories". We woke up super early (3:00 am) so we could get parked and get in our seats on time. I was so excited to get to Pasadena that I made sure we were up WAY too early...better to be 3 hours early than late. Gotta love my OCD personality. We had to pose for a few pictures before the parade started. We needed to make sure we had enough pictures to document our first Rose Parade.
The number of people that were camped out on the sidewalks was unbelieveable. Some people had fire pits, heat lamps, tents, air mattresses and other things that made the overnight slumber party on the sidwalk a little more bearable. The weather was still pretty chilly early on...we had so many layers on our jackets almost didn't zip! I felt like the marshmallow puff man.The parade started with the stealth bomber flying overhead. It was pretty neat to see such a huge combat plane flying so low. The grand marshall was Paula Deen and once she passed the 100+ entries came by. There were so many beautiful floats, upbeat bands, and awesome horses that the time seemed to fly by. I stood up the whole time because I didn't want to miss a single second of the parade. Here are a few of the 300+ pictures that I took....Colorado Blvd was the place to be on January 1st so we had to get a picture on the popular street. We had such a great time! I'm so glad that I got to experience my first rose parade with Jason and my mom. We loved recapping the whole parade on the ride home...our favorites were the PacMan float, the Hawaiian float and the float with the surfing dogs.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Does That Make Me A Hoochie Mama?!

I'm dying to find some sort of exercise, that will tone me beyond belief, that I will get excited about. Well, this morning I got an email that kind of got me excited. There is a fitness class called "Polga Fitness" that combines yoga breathing, stretching, flexibility and strength all using a pole. I know how crazy that must sound...I'm not sassy or confident on any type of pole AT ALL but I've read some reviews and they all say how great of a workout "polga" can be.
I've yet to ask Jason what he thinks but for some reason I don't think he'll mind....
What do you think? I'm excited for the new year, a new body and a newly found confidence and I think "polga" might be just the thing!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Choose Joy--January

My blog friend, Kelsey, over at Lavender, Leopard and Lace has started the "Choose Joy Project". At the beginning of each month I'll focus on an aspect of my life that I want to improve for the new year and then at the end of each month I'll give a recap to see how everything went.
For January my area of improvement will be my Health. I know, I know...seems kind of obvious with a new year starting today but it's something that I really need to focus on. I need to make myself a priority and by focusing on getting healthier for myself, my husband and my family is a great way to do that!
Here is my list for January:
  • Be active (ie. run, walk, bike, hike) at least four times a week for at least 30 minute sessions
  • Be more aware of the labels on the food that I'm cooking...sodium, sugar, fat content
  • Prepare a menu for the whole week on the weekend before. Shop, prepare and organize lunches and dinners for success.
  • Stay positive! Lifestyle changes take time!

I feel like by participating in this awesome project that I'm allowing each of my readers to hold me accountable for my progress. I'm so excited for this's going to be great!