Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adventures In England--Day 13 & 14

Thursday, March 31, 2011
Today was Jason's first well-child check that he got to do all by himself, which would have happened on a lot sooner if he were in the states. I told you that procedures here are different from the states and I've even given you a few "Lessons in English" but that still didn't help out Jason. Here was our conversation at dinner:
J--"I got to do a well-child check today"
A--"Aww...that's great! How old was the baby"
J--"2 day old little girl"
A--"How sweet. What was her name?"
J--"Don't remember. Couldn't tell you anyway. Protecting patient confidentiality"
(**Sidenote-I'm always listening to the names of people here. You never know, we might hear one that we like and decide to name our future child that)
A--"Ok, so how did it go"
J--"Well, I thought it was going good. I walked in and measured the baby, checked all the important areas, asked the parents about bowel movements, diaper changes and all the important things. They just stared at me...almost like they had no idea what I was saying. I went out to grab the doctor and told her what happened and she told me that I didn't use the right 'words' when asking about the child"
A--"What were the right words?"
J--"I was suppose to ask "How many times does she wee? poo?" "How many nappies do you change daily?"
A--"Wee? Poo? Nappy?
J--"Yeah! Pee. Poo. Diaper"
Haha...our conversation continued on about using cloth nappies instead of processed nappies and how the baby should wee about 4 times a day and gradually increase as the baby gets older. I love hearing all about his days in the hospital. We finished out the night by sitting on a bench in the park, feeding the birds, watching the ducks and sharing a box of skittles.

Friday, April 1, 2011
Happy April Fools Day! I can't believe that we've already been here for two weeks! It's so crazy to think that we are one-third of the way finished with Jason's last set of rotations. Only 4 more weeks (28 days) left in medical school...woo hoo!! Today was another chilly day. I have a feeling that this is more 'normal' England weather and we're just going to have to get used to it. Nothing exciting really today. Jason got off at noon so we had the whole day to spend together. Of course a nap was the first thing on his list. The time change has been a little more difficult to get used to than we thought. After a nap, we headed into town. I had a few cute shops that I wanted to show him and he wanted to grab some dinner at Wetherspoon's, Jason's favorite pub. While we were looking through the center mall, we found a HUGE grocery store. We've been doing most of our shopping in small convenient store-sized places. Unfortunately, we couldn't get anything cold because we still had to eat dinner but at least we knew where to go next time we needed to do some shopping. On the way home, with dessert in hand, we stopped at the park. We made ourselves comfortable under one of the willow trees with the best view of the swimming ducks in the pond. About five minutes later, Jason acted like a bird pooped on him. I just started laughing until I sat up and realized that a bird actually pooped on his hand and on his pants. Good thing I brought the hand sanitizer! Needless to say, our trip to the park ended early and we headed back home.

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