Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adventures In England--Day 39 & 40

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
***Happy 3rd Anniversary to us!! Another year with the man I love!
We were up and out the door fairly early because we had a few places we wanted to see in London and with it being the week of the royal wedding, we knew it would be crazy. We kept saying we didn't care to go inside Westminster Abbey but we changed our mind at the last second and decided to walk through. It's crazy to think that the last 37 kings and queens have been crowned in the coronation throne at Westminster Abbey. I was excited to walk through because that's where the wedding will be in just a few days. The Abbey was different than I expected. The aisles are so narrow with very little walking space because of all the tombs that are around the main naive. Still beautiful just very different than I was expecting. They were already setting up lights and cameras for the wedding. It was pretty crazy to see all the news stations setting up their equipment in the towers and side rooms.
After we went to Westminster Abbey, we headed to St. Paul's Cathedral. St. Paul's Cathedral is where Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married. Oh my goodness....St. Paul's was amazing. It was so spacious and filled with so many different types of religious art. The ceilings in the main dome were so detailed. The ceilings were covered with mosaics that depicted different scenes from the Bible. We could climb the three layers of the dome--the whispering gallery, the stone gallery and the golden gallery. In total it was 528 steps to the top and the top is 365 feet above the city of London. The whispering gallery is pretty neat because it was designed for one person across the dome to whisper in the wall and for it to be heard on the other side of the dome. We actually tested this out...it works! The next few hundred steps were brutal--the narrow, winding staircase was an intense leg workout. Once we got to the top though, we could see to the edges of London.
After we finished at St. Paul's, we said goodbye to Ange and Ana. They were heading to explore more of England and France and we wanted to do more exploring in London. Jason wanted to go and explore Greenwich, pronounced Grinich, to see the Royal Naval College, the Painted Hall, the National Maritime museum and the Royal Observatory. I'm so glad that we made the ten minute train ride to the far east side of London to see Greenwich because it was awesome. The painted hall was painted by James Thornhill, the same man who painted St. Paul's Cathedral. The painted hall inside the Royal Naval College was once used for a dining hall for the naval students. Pretty amazing place to eat if you ask me...so pretty! We left the college and headed up the hill to the Royal Observatory. Along the way, we stopped for a quick walk through in the National Maritime Museum. The walk up the hill to the Royal Observatory was another good leg workout. The Royal Observatory is known for being the home of the Prime Meridian, the official starting point of each new day and year. It's also known for having zero degrees longitude, which is very odd since every place besides the Royal Observatory has a longitude and a latitude degree. Once we finished at Greenwich, we headed back to Epsom. We were pretty tired from the few days before and we wanted to get home at a decent time so we could get some good rest.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Today was very low-key. My focus for the day was laundry and the blog. Jason went into work for a little bit because he had a guilty conscience for missing work during our five day trip. Once he got home from work we ran into town to get a few groceries for our last two days in England. A nap, a cup of hot tea, a game of cards and some music on iTunes is how the rest of our day looked. We are both so antsy to go home that the days seem to be dragging It's kind of crazy to think that our time here is almost over...we've had such a great time here! Not only is our time here almost over but the medical school journey is almost over. In two days, I will be back in the states AND married to a doctor!


Hannah said...

I bet it is hustlin' and bustlin' over there because of the royal wedding! Very cool to be there and experience all the excitement :)Safe travels back to the states and congrats to your hubby... excuse me, Dr. Hubby!

Lizzy said...

You make me want to leave for England right now! All the pictures you have taken are so beautiful and I can't wait until I can visit over there some day!