Sunday, April 17, 2011

I've Been Tagged

Well, it looks like Elizabeth has tagged me. When someone tags you in a post, the tag usually asks you a serious of personal questions.
This tag was for me to....
State 10 Things You Love:
1. I love that I am a child of a gracious and loving God
2. I love that I have found a man who looks at me with stars in his eyes
3. I love walking in the door to two of the cutest pups barking with excitement.
4. I love that I can call my mom 5 times a day, just because
5. I love being Aunt Ashley
6. I love bright polish on my toenails
7. I love fresh, clean sheets
8. I love sitting by a campfire
9. I love being outside
10. I love being surprised

Now, I need to pass the tag along to other bloggers. So this is me saying, "Tag, you're it!" to anyone that would like to play! Make sure if you play, that you let me know. I'd love to read :)

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