Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just Some Random Things

Meet Henry. Henry is our vacuum that we have to use on a regular basis because of his crappy suction and lack of movement by the bristle brush. The head of the vacuum is literally a black, flat piece of plastic that is stuck on a hose. Think shop-vac with a lot less suction. I don't care how horrible Henry is...he's so cute that I don't mind cleaning the house.
Chip flavors here are a little odd and different than the regular salted, sour cream and onion, or BBQ flavors that are everywhere in the states. Here the popular flavors of chips are salted, salt and vinegar, cheese and onion and prawn cocktail. At first we were pretty nervous when we bought a variety bag of chips but decided to just go with the flow. Prawn cocktail has actually became one of my favorite chip choices. It doesn't taste like shrimp or cocktail sauce...it actually tastes like a mixture of cheddar and salt and vinegar.
I thought I would show a picture of our bathroom--focus on the shower/bath. The glass door pivots right to left and ends and goes about half the distance of the tub. Looks very effective but it's not. By the time you get in the shower and turn the water on, the water bounces off your body and ends up in a huge puddle in the floor. Jason made a comment about the amount of water in the floor after I showered until he got in the shower and realized that the glass door was basically for looks. It didn't really work at blocking much water. What ever happened to shower curtains or full glass sliding doors?


Lizzy said...

That vacuum is very cute! I wish they had some here in the states like that! Looks like you're having a fun time "across the pond"!

Laura, Ella, and a Pair of Toms said...

That vacuum is awesome :) that shower is hilarious because that is EXACTLY how our showers were on the island!! I remember the first time we looked in and were like, "what the? That doesn't make sense at all?" Needless to say, a lot of times it was easier to just take a shower sitting down with the faucet pointing VERY diagonally down so as to not leave a HUGE puddle of water on the floor. :)