Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lessons In English

  • jacket potato=baked potato
  • wee=pee
  • poo=poop
  • nappy=diaper
  • chips=fries
  • crisps=chips
  • naughty=bad (everyone says this and I can't help but smile)
  • bum=butt
  • rubbish=trash
  • knockered=tired
  • When driving a car here, a stop at the stoplight looks so differently than in the states. Good thing we aren't driving here because I would be in SO much trouble. In the states, when you stop at a stoplight, the light is red. When you can go it turns green and right before it turns red again, you'll see the yellow light, meaning to slow down. Well here, lights go from green to yellow, then to red, meaning to slow down but the yellow light has another purpose. It is also used to let stopped drivers know that the light is about to turn green. The light will be red and yellow, meaning the green light is coming, in which most cars slowly start inching your way across the stopping point.
  • ALWAYS ask the cashier before buying anything (if you are planning on using your credit card to pay) if they take 'sliding' cards. Credit cards here have chips in them. They look similar to our credit cards just a little bit thicker. Some places don't accept 'sliding' cards...so cash must always be on hand. We've had to use cash a few times when we weren't planning on it because we forgot to ask.

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David and Elizabeth said...

Hi I am new to your blog and am just stopping by to let you know how jealous I am of your trip to England! Looks like it was an amazing time!