Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lessons In English

  • wanker=jerk or anyother bad name you'd like to call someone
  • biscuit=cracker
  • holiday=vacation
  • trousers=pants
  • ale=beer
  • zebra crossing=pedestrian crossing
  • cider=a type of flavored beer **Funny story about cider. On one of our first mornings here in England we walked into Starbucks. First, I should tell you that we aren't coffee drinkers. We usually order a caramel apple cider or a chi tea when we visit Starbucks, which is very rare. We were asked what we wanted to order and Jason replied "apple cider". At the time we had no idea why the cashier gave us a funny look and said "we don't serve that here" but after dinner a few nights at the pub, we figured it out. I bet he thought we were total American alcoholics for trying for order cider at Starbucks at 8 in the morning.
  • tyres=tires
  • pudding=cake
I can't believe that we are on the downhill slope to leaving England, heading home and being finished with medical school. We have 16 more days left here and 17 more days until Jason is no longer a medical student, but rather a DOCTOR. Exciting times!!

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