Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mind Ramblings

---Since last week, my mind seems to be running full speed, all day and all night, with no signs of slowing down. England is so much fun--we are taking full advantage of the opportunity to come here by exploring all that we can possibly squeeze in! Here lately I've been freaking out about life after England. I'm not working right now and Jason doesn't start working until July 1, which means the money that we have in our account is all we have until this summer. This makes me nervous, especially with two more full weeks in England and a trip back to St. Maarten for Jason's graduation. We aren't going to starve or run out of money...I'm not looking for sympathy or handouts of any sort, I'm just being honest. In this economy, it's difficult to find work and I hope and pray that I am able to find something that I have a passion for and something that will help support my family.
---Jason is wanting to buy a house in Hershey because we will be there for 5 years and with the renting rates right now, buying just makes sense. Well, we agreed that we would rent for 6 months to 1 year so I could find work and we could save up money for all the extra things that come with owning a home. Well, last night Jason brought up the option of buying right away instead of renting. about freak me out! We talked about and I shared my concerns so we've agreed to rent until I find work and we have two incomes that are contributing to all the bills. We've never owned a home before, never even came close to owning a home, so I don't think we realize all the small things (taxes, insurance, inspections, etc.) that will need to be taken care of on top of the mortage payment.
---I'm missing my boys TERRIBLY! Some days when I walk in the door, my eyes still go to the floor looking for my two fur babies. I know Grandma is taking care of them and they are loving their nightly trips to Bean's (my sister's dog) house. I just hope they are missing us as much as we are missing them.
---Is it normal to beg and plead with your husband for a baby and then when the time gets closer, you freak out and think you should wait a couple more years?! Please tell me that I'm not the only one!
---When we get back home, I need to make an appointment for us to visit the dentist for a cleaning. It's been about two years since we've gone and we really need to get it done with our regular dentist so we don't have to go searching for a dentist right after we move.

**Sorry for all the randomness, but my mind is full! I figured it would be best to just get it all out there in one, long, boring post.


David and Elizabeth said...

Sometimes it just feels good to vent. You are being honest with yourself and that can be an eye- opener!
Oh, I'm sure your boys miss you!

Alissa Doherty said...

Ok so it feels like I wrote this! Lol! Except I don't have dogs...but I really really want one! Haha! You aren't the only going through all this - we feel the same way! Don't worry though - God has a plan for you guys and it will all work out :)
Miss you tons and enjoy your last bit of time in England!

Lizzy said...

I got pregnant when I least expected it. My little man wasn't really an accident, but it was also not one of those did I really just get pregnant after going off birth control a month earlier?! He will be 2 tomorrow on April 15th, and the joy and light of my life. I love him soo much and don't know what I would do without him! I know that you will be a great Mom one day and Jason will be an awesome Dad!

Good luck with the house hunt too! My sister bought her first house and they've had to fix a lot of things up in it!

Laura and Steve said...

Ashley! I have the same things going through my head right now too! I literally just went to the dentist yesterday and we are trying to find a place to rent/worrying whether or not we should buy. The only thing NOT on our minds right now is a baby. Hehe. ;) Enjoy the UK and we will see you St. Maarten. Yay!!!