Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sun, Sand & Graduation

Last Saturday night, our group of 8 headed to St. Louis to spend the night so we could be closer to the airport for our 6:00am departure on Sunday. It seemed like we just closed our eyes Saturday evening when the alarm clock was going off at 3:00am Sunday morning. We loaded the car with our suitcases, walked through security, sat at our gate and found out that there was a crack in our windshield and our flight was canceled. We had to go back out to US Airways ticket counter (outside of security) and stand in line to get on a new flight with the other 200 people that were on our flight. Four hours later, we were given a voucher for a hotel stay and some food..we couldn't get on another flight for St. Maarten until the next day at 6:00am. We weren't in the best mood. Staying in a hotel in St. Louis was not on our agenda for the day but we did our best to make the most of the situation.
We were excited to get up the next morning...we each had our fingers crossed that we wouldn't experience any delays or cancellations. Thank goodness our trip to St. Maarten went smoothly and we were on the island by Monday afternoon. The island views made us forget the rough day prior, especially the view from our condo. It didn't take us too long to drop off our bags, get changed and find a beach to enjoy. We spent the next days exploring different beaches around the island. We tried to visit our favorite beaches from when we lived on the island. One place we wanted to visit was David's Hole. It's a very pretty archway in the water on the French side of the island. On our way to my favorite beach, Pinel Island, we made a few pit stops. Sarafina's, a yummy French bakery, and Fort Louis had to be revisited before we took the boat ride over to Pinel Island. The view from the fort was just as pretty as I remembered. Pinel Island was a great day. The water was so calm, shallow, and crystal clear. The snorkeling was really good and the hike to the other side to view St. Barths had some awesome views. Pinel Island definitely didn't disappoint....still one of my top beaches on St. Maarten. Behind one of the restaurants on Pinel was about 20 large iguanas...they loved lettuce, french fries and pretty much anything that was thrown their way! Some were pretty aggressive so we tried not to get too close. For dinner one night we went to one of our favorite places called The Stone. It's such a cute place and idea for a restaurant. Hot granite stones are cooked all day until they are hot enough to cook your meat. So yummy! Our group enjoyed dinner (minus Ange and Brock) and the it's location right on the beach. Early Saturday morning was Jason's graduation. There were a lot of people that came back to the island for graduation so the ceremony had to be split into two sessions. Jason's session was at 9:30am so we were up bright and early to get ready for his big walk! I was beaming with pride when he was escorted into the room with the rest of his graduating class by a local, youth percussion band. The kids, ranged from 5-15, and they played their drums loud and proud. At one point they even started chanting "the graduates...here come the graduates"--it was pretty cute. Not many graduates can say they were escorted to their ceremony in true island style.
I was beaming with pride when he walked across that stage and got hooded. I even managed to get a little teary eyed when he stood up and recited the medical oath. I was/am one proud wife!After graduation, it was only noon so we headed to the beach for one last beach day before we had to fly home. The sun was out for a little bit and then the black clouds rolled in and gave us a nice, long, cold shower. I hid out under the umbrella when the rain came and snapped some pictures of everyone trying to tough out the storm.
A reception/after party was planned at Bliss, a nightclub, for later in the day so when we couldn't take anymore of the rain, we all headed back to the hotel. A few of us were planning on going out so we needed to get ready before heading to Bliss. We had a great time hanging out at Bliss--it was so good to chat to everyone and find out where residency was taking them. When we lived on the island, it wasn't like a vacation. As much as it may have looked like a big vacation, it wasn't. Jason still had to study, take tests and get through his four semesters of school. This time it DEFINITELY felt like a vacation--the air conditioning was running full time without the fear of a high electric bill, no studying was done while laying around on the beach and we enjoyed doing all the touristy things. We had such a great time with family and friends. The island was just what we needed to close the medical school door and open up the next chapter. Look out Hershey...Dr. Conway and the Mrs. are headed your way!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Lance Turns Two!

Last weekend, before we headed off to St. Maarten, we got to go to Lance's 2nd birthday. I'm so glad that we got to go...it's so nice being so close to our nieces and nephews! The party was at Andrew and Holly's house. We grilled and just enjoyed the nice weather outside...perfect weather for a party. Lance got his own special cake--he loved digging into the sweet cake! At first he was a little shy, but then he figured it out. After the cake, it was present time. With everyone watching his every move, he didn't know what to do. He was acting pretty shy in the beginning but once he saw that toys were under the paper, his shyness went right out the window. He loved everything he got, especially his golf set from Grandpa and Grandma Conway. Such a little cutie. And because I couldn't resist taking some pictures of his little sister....We love these two kiddos so much. It's going to be so hard to move away from them....they are going to grow so much in the next five years. Hopefully they will come and visit us a few times!
Happy 2nd Birthday, Lance! Uncle Jason and Aunt Ashley love you very, very much.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Buy Me Some Peanuts And Crackerjacks

We were given four free tickets to last nights Cardinals game when our brother-in-law realized that he wouldn't be able to go. We love going to the game but the tickets are just so dang expensive that we are hardly able to afford it unless someone gives us tickets. Thankfully, we were able to go to one last Cardinal game before we move. The tickets we were given had seats in the Redbird Club right along the third base line...perfect seats if you ask me!
We called everyone that we thought might be interested in going to the game and no one was interested. It was a night game on a week night but we thought some one would take us up on our free ticket offer. My mom got home from jury duty earlier than she expected and she didn't think twice when we asked her if she wanted to go. She had never been to the new stadium, so she was excited to go to the game. Once we parked at the Stadium, we kept trying to give our last ticket away. No one took us up on the free offer so we stopped harassing people and went in to our seats. Does this view ever get old?The Cardinals had a a great game! After some great hits, some diving catches, a plate of nachos, fun baseball chants and claps and the singing of "Take me out to the ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch, the Cardinals beat the Houston Astros 5-1.
We really enjoyed ourselves at the game! Thanks for the free tickets, Chris! It was really nice to see the Cardinals play again!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Busy Day

The second my eyes opened this morning, I've been in 'go' mode. Brock had his second birthday party with his school at the local Osage Center. The Osage Center set up fun jump rooms, slides and had tons of fun things around for the kids to play with. It was the perfect location for a birthday party with ten of Brock's friends because they had plenty of room to run around.
Right when all the kids got to the Center, Brock ran over to the group, hugged them all and was telling them all about the party. It was so cute!
The party was a success...all the kids loved playing with all the toys, eating pizza and enjoying the cake and ice cream. All those kids wore me out...I was definitely watching the clock towards the end of the party. 11:00am (the end of the party) couldn't come fast enough!
After the party ended, we headed to Ana's school for their end of the year award ceremony. She didn't know she was getting any awards but I think when she saw us walk through the door, she knew something was up. Ana won Student of the Year in her class! She looked like such a grown-up walking to the front of the group to accept her award. My sweet baby girl is no longer a little girl...sigh. I'm so proud of her and all her accomplishments this year. She puts so much effort into her education, as well as her sports, and her hard work definitely paid off this year.
I wouldn't have traded my busy day for anything...I love those dang kiddos!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

We Have A Moving Date

After our crazy move from California in March, we decided to take a different approach with our move to Pennsylvania. We checked into different moving trucks but because of the current gas prices, we went with another option. We decided to go with a moving POD, which is an empty trailer that is dropped off at one location and once we get it loaded up, the company will come and pick up the trailer and take it to our new home.

The POD was reserved today for June 8th and then it should be at our apartment in Pennsylvania by June 14th. Just hearing the booking agent with the company confirm the June 8th delivery really made me realize that our days are numbered in Missouri. We've been keeping ourselves so busy that the weeks have literally flown by.

We've been trying to get all our things organized and back in boxes because we don't have very many more weeks and we'll be loading another trailer and driving to Pennsylvania. We leave for Jason's graduation this weekend and we'll be gone for a week so our days really are numbered in Missouri.

Happy 5th Birthday, Brock!

Last week, Brock had his 5th birthday party. It's so crazy to see how much he has grown since was've been gone. I still have a baby pictured in my head, not a 5 year old. Right now he is into any kind of super hero so most of his presents revolved around the super hero theme. We had some great weather on his birthday so we got to enjoy the pool...I'm so ready for summer.
He was so excited to blow out the candles on his cake and to open all his presents. I couldn't snap pictures of him fast enough...he was a machine when it came time to opening his presents. Tomorrow is his birthday party with his school at a play center in town. I can't wait to go and watch him interact with all his classmates. I'm so glad that we are here to be able to spend another birthday with him...I'm not sure how our move to Pennsylvania will interfere with the following birthdays so I want to soak in as much of the kids as we can. Uncle Jason and Aunt Ashley are definitely going to miss our nieces and nephews when we move!

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Last Month

The last birth control pill was taken today and the prenatal vitamins were started. Ready or not..

Monday, May 9, 2011

Country At Heart

After living in California for two years, we realized how much we miss the country. Jason loves being able to escape in the woods and just get away from everything and clear his head. This past Sunday we headed to the Davault's, our home away from home, to help celebrate Mother's Day.The Davault's live on a farm equipped with cows, dirt and all the other things that make up a farm. We love spending time on the farm! We spent most of Sunday being active outside. We played washers, bad mitten, volleyball, pickle, fished in the pond and spent a lot of time on the porch swing.
We both love being active outside and we've been taking full advantage since we've been home!
Jason went and mowed at his brother's house this past week and I got sent this picture...Lance loves riding the lawn mower with Uncle Jason...so precious!
I think it's safe to say that being back in Missouri the past week has brought back our love of the country. The country will always hold a special place in our hearts!