Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alphabet Me

I saw "Alphabet Me" on another blog and thought it looked fun. I always love reading tidbits about other bloggers and thought my readers might enjoy!
Here we go...Ashley from A to Z

Ambition: To show love and kindness to the people I come in contact with on a daily basis
Bad Habit: Twisting my hair
City: Hershey, Pennsylvania
Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper
Education: Master's degree
Food: Sushi
Guilty Pleasure: Staying in my pajamas all day, curled up on the couch and reading a good book
Hometown: Potosi, Missouri
Ice Cream: Strawberry
Jonesing For: A house to call my own
Kryptonite: Purses...every size, shape and color
Look-A-Like: Hmm...not sure I have one
Movie: Dirty Dancing, Elf
Nickname: Ash, Ms. Aster
Obsession: Scentsy Scents
Perfume: DKNY Delicious
Quirk: I do the dirty dishes and put away leftovers before eating dinner
Regret: No regrets...everything has led me to where I am today
Starbucks: No thanks...not a coffee drinker
Thrift Find of the Year: I haven't had much time to go out thrifty shopping
University: SEMO Redhawks
Vacation: Fiji
Wish: A little more time with my husband before the work schedules get too crazy
X: Can't think of anything for this one
Years: 26
Zen: Being with the people I love

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Allison said...

Aww yea, I loved your list! Clearly, we need to get together and drink diet dr. pepper :) Have a great weekend!