Saturday, June 18, 2011

Apartment Pictures

Now that I've gotten most everything put away, I figured it was okay to post some pictures of the apartment. Now, please remember we just moved in five days ago and things aren't exactly how I would like them. There aren't pictures on the walls, no cute bedding on the spare bed and some things are going to have to be moved around until I find the perfect spot for it. Without stalling anymore....our home! The Living Room: Please ignore the hubby studying on the couch, the extra things on the coffee table that have no home and the unfolded blankets on the chair
The Dining Room: I love all the windows throughout our apartment!!The 2nd Bathroom: This is in the hallway--right across from the 2nd bedroom.The 2nd Bedroom: No bedding yet...the bed was thrown in the moving trailer at the last second. The Master Bedroom: Still need to hang up pictures and get some spare pillows for our decorative pillow cases. Master Bathroom: Smaller than we would have liked for a master bathroom but it serves its purpose.
We're adjusting to the apartment a little better now that things are organized. In the beginning, I was freaking out just a bit when I realized that everything I thought we had (covered parking, the only apartment on the middle floor, ceiling lights in each of the rooms) we didn't.
The boys love it here! The street we live on is in a great neighborhood so they go on a lot of walks...they are searching for some lady loves!

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