Saturday, June 11, 2011

MIA For Too Long

The past weeks have flown by...the time has already come for us to head Pennsylvania. The past week was filled with boxing up all our things and getting everything organized to load up our POD. Actually, when our POD was delivered on Wednesday it wasn't exactly what we thought it would be. We were expecting a small, 10 foot, shed-type looking POD. What was dropped off at our house was a 26 foot trailer with dividers in the inside marking where our space began and ended. We managed , with the help of some family, to get all of our things in the 10 foot space---everything fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Thursday morning the trailer was picked up and it began the trip to Pennsylvania. I'm hoping that unloading the trailer goes as smoothly as the loading went. We start our drive tomorrow at 3:00am...Hershey here we come!

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