Thursday, June 30, 2011

Residency Begins

This week was the start of Jason's residency, well technically he doesn't start 'work' until Friday, July 1st but he had orientation all week. He had to sit through HIPPA, health insurance and charting system lectures, blood work/tests and tours through the hospital to get accquainted with his future home away from home. He has tossed out the short lab coat (for students) and has upgraded to a long lab coat (for doctors) handsome in his new, long lab coat!He came home on Wednesday and told me that he had his first Pay Day from the hospital. Expecting money, I ran into the kitchen and was surprised when he showed me his first 'Pay Day'...gotta love living in candy bar land.His first week of orientations wasn't the traditional residency hours--he was at the hospital for 8-10 hours a day doing all the basic things that needed to be done before he starts. Once residency starts, he'll be working 12-14 hours so this week was nice because it allowed him to get adjusted to working again after being off for a few months. My poor kitchen table has so many forms and papers on it...that's on the agenda for today. The papers need to be gone through, organized and put in our files. Besides all the papers on the table, I've been busy sending out resumes and going to interviews. I'm hoping to hear something back by the end of the week. I went to the volunteer orientation for The Ronald McDonald House and will have another orientation next week to get everything finalized. As busy as the past few days have been, we've had a lot of down time. I'm starting to go stir crazy and I'm praying for a job opening to call me and have me start as soon as possible. I love being able to rest and spend time getting things done at the apartment but I'm ready to get in a routine, get a job and stay busy.
Enough about about our sweet boys! The boys spend most of their mornings sunbathing on the porch...they love being outside!Our first week has gone by pretty good and it's nice to finally have one week of residency under our belts. Jason's schedule for his first month is pretty intense. He will be starting in trauma surgery and he'll have one week of day shifts (7a-7p) and then two weeks of night shifts (7p-7a). Days off are few and far between but it's only for a month and then life should get a little bit better.

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Lizzy said...

I read an article that there is a 10% more chance that people will die if they go into a hospital during July because that's when people start their residency! I have faith in Jason that he will do well!

P.S. I saw you had a couple of posts that disappeared, I was excited to read them too!