Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sweetest Place On Earth

So much has happened in the past few days...

  • We left Missouri at 3:00am on Sunday and we arrived at Grandpa Conway's house in the afternoon. He arranged a family BBQ with all the aunts, uncles and cousins. It was so good to see everyone!
  • We went to bed, anxious for the next day.
  • I called the trailer company at midnight (had to wait until the day of delivery to call)to schedule a drop off at our apartment and was told that the trailer was put on hold until we could drop off cash or a cashier's check at the terminal office. I tried explaining what the man told me when I booked the trailer and she told me nothing could be done until 8:00am.
  • We were planning on being on the road by 6:00am but because I had to call back and speak to the billing department at 8:00am, we decided to sleep in a little.
  • Called the billing department at 8:01am but wasn't able to talk to anyone until 8:40am...I guess the billing department decided not to show up to work on time.
  • Once I got ahold of someone in the billing department, she was confused as to why I was told I had to come by the terminal office with cash or a cashier's check. After ten minutes on the phone, the issue was resolved, the trailer drop off was scheduled and we were on our way.
  • We enjoyed breakfast with some of the family and when our bellies were full, we (Uncle Dave, Carissa, Jason and myself) headed East to Hershey.
  • 4 hours later we arrived at our apartment complex. We signed the lease and were handed the keys to our new home.
  • We unloaded the stuff in the cars and waited patiently for the trailer.
  • Once the trailer came, we were surprised to see that a lot of things fell, boxes were broken/crushed and the contents of them were scattered across the trailer floor.
  • We tried not to get discouraged seeing all our things damaged and broke.
  • We unloaded the whole trailer in two hours....we were all so exhausted afterwards!
  • It was about 7:00pm and we realized we hadn't eaten since breakfast. We ordered some pizza, hotwings, breadsticks and salad. We were starving!
  • We assembled a few of our things, enjoyed a yummy dinner and pretty much collapsed after a shower.
  • We went to bed with boxes, furniture and moving blankets everywhere. Very little carpet could be seen

Fast forward to today...

  • The kitchen is completed!
  • The spare bedroom is completed!
  • The living room and dining room is completed!
  • The master bedroom and the closets haven't even been started.
  • A few boxes of miscellaneous things are still laying around...not sure where they need to go
  • Our refrigerator is home to 6 waters and our freezer has 3 ice trays in it. Grocery shopping is a must today!
  • We got internet and cable installed yesterday. That really helped us relax a little. Pathetic, I know but true.

We're slowly settling into our new home. Hershey is known as the "sweetest place on Earth" and I'm hoping that it's a sweet place for us during the next few years.

Oh, I almost forgot to add. The smell of chocolate is in the air. It smells like a baking brownie all the time. I wonder if our noses will get used to the chocolate smell or if we'll learn to block it out. Right now, the smell just makes me want to bake some brownies.


Lizzy said...

I'll have to make a road trip out there for 2 reasons, to meet you and to also get some chocolate. I would LOVE to live in a place that smelled like chocolate all the time!

camillestuartbeau said...

Glad you got htere. I want pictures!!! Can you call and tell them stuff was broken?? Maybe they'll give you a credit or something for the damages?? Good luck finishing getting settled!

Meant to be a mom said...

How exciting. Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately. I wanted to leave a little message telling you I'm still here and that I'm so glad you all are doing so good. Hershey sounds like a great place to live. You'll have to post pics of your new home town.

The house sounds great. Pics? :)