Friday, June 17, 2011

Week Recap

*During the move on Monday, I somehow lost my phone. I just kept thinking, "I'll find it once we get some things put away" and so I just brushed it off. Well as of Tuesday morning, I still didn't have my phone. I literally had no clue where it was and when we tried to call it, we heard nothing. I just accepted the fact that I lost in carrying in all our stuff--tough pill to swallow when I'm never too far from my phone. Well...Tuesday afternoon Jason was heading to the hospital to get some training materials and guess what? My phone was in his car! Woo hoo! Where has my mind gone??
*We've finally gotten most of our things sorted through, organized and put in their place. Pictures still need to be hung on the walls but for the most part, we're all moved in! Because it has been so hectic and crazy, the blog has suffered. Every evening when I sit down to relax, my eyes close before I even have time to grab my computer and blog. I pinky promise that I'll be better! On Wednesday we decided to take a break from unpacking so we drove through downtown Hershey. Maybe it's the Hershey kiss lamp posts, the chocolatey street names or the amzing smell but I have a feeling I'm going to really enjoy this place!
*Yesterday I needed a few hangers so I could finish organizing our closet. I ran into town to grab some and was excited with what I saw. When I saw that the colored hangers were the same price as the black hangers, I thought our closet could use some color. I opted for some pink, green and blue hangers. Right now our closet has black and white hangers and it was getting a little boring. I wonder if Jason will notice?
*When I was unpacking our kitchen stuff this week, I found an ice cube tray that I bought last year from Target's $1 section. Unfortunatly, we moved right after I bought it and I never got to try it out. I filled the tray up with water and put it in the freezer the second I pulled it out of a box...heart ice cube trays make everything taste better.
*For my birthday, the family all went in on an Amazon Kindle. I'm a huge reader and it was the perfect present. I thought I would remain loyal to the book a little longer....bookmarks and physically holding the books add a little extra something for me when I read. Well, I'm the first to admit that I'm in LOVE. I'm addicted and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

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Hannah said...

I need to add a bit of color to our new closet as well... where did you get those hangers? Target? Happy to hear you're all moved in. Sounds like everything went smoothly... We move in two weeks :/