Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fun Friday

My boss is obsessed with Halloween, like seriously obsessed, so this year we had a Halloween party. I googled 'Halloween costumes for pregnant women' and came up short. Nothing caught my eye...until I saw the cutest shirt from As soon as I saw it, I knew I had my outfit for the Halloween party. It's hard to see the bump from straight now, so I took another picture so the bump could be seen a little bit better. Here are a few of my co-workers showing their festive spirit...Ralphie from 'A Christmas Story' and Michael Myers from 'Halloween' Not only did we get to dress up but each of us brought in yummy treats for our lunchtime meal. I made mummy dogs (aka-pigs in a blanket) to keep the Halloween theme. I haven't had pigs in a blanket since daycare...I forgot how good they are!Here is a picture of our spread...needless to say, mommy and Amelia were extremely happy!
Gotta love fun Fridays, especially when they are completed with costumes and yummy food!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

October Surprises

This morning we woke up to some unusual weather for October...SNOW! A cold front moved in faster than we anticipated and we got to experience our first snow in Pennsylvania and in our new house. The snow started around 9:00am and it came down so hard that by 10:30 we had an inch of snow!
Jason got to try out his snow shovel earlier than we thought...he was pretty excited! These were pictures from the first time he shoveled the driveway. I think the driveway was shoveled about 5 times today...and each time had more snow! Towards the end of the day, our neighbor about 4 doors down got out the snow blower. We couldn't help but stare at his ease of cleaning off his driveway. No snow blower for us, just a yellow snow shovel! By 4:00pm, the snow was still coming down. I took a comparison picture of our back deck. The snow tapered off once we got around 5-6 inches. We took advantage of the snow and enjoyed a day full of movies and hot chocolate...such a perfect day for lounging around! Towards the end of the day, I started feeling antsy and wanted to clean/organize/put together the nursery but Jason talked me out of it and decided that we should build a snowman. How could I say no to a snowman?! We bundled up and made the cutest snowman in our subdivision. I wonder what the rest of winter has in store for Pennsylvania when it begins snowing in October...crazy! I know one thing--we're definitely going to need A LOT more hot chocolate!!

Bump Updates: Week 23

Here is the bump update for week 23....
How far along? 23 weeks and 3 days (Saturday, October 29, 2011)
How big is the baby? The size of a papaya
Sleep? I've actually been sleeping really good this week. I'm not sure if it's the new house or what but I'm able to fall asleep and stay asleep so much easier than I was doing in the previous weeks.
Food Cravings? Since our neighborhood had trick-or-treating this week, I consumed a lot more candy than I have in the past. The more candy I ate, the more candy I wanted!
Gender? It's a GIRL...Amelia Jean
Best moment this week? Getting all settled in the new house and starting to get the nursery organized and ready for our sweet girl! I could go through all her things everyday and never get tired of seeing her things!
Development? Amelia's skin is still loose this week but her fat is growing with each passing week and it slowly starting to fill in the loose skin. She is over a pound this week and she will double in weight in the next few weeks. Her blood veins and arteries are developing constantly to make her skin more like skin and less like a see-through material. Right now, she is used to familiar sounds and she will respond to them. About 80% of the time that she spends sleeping, she is in REM sleep, which is where the eyes move and her brain is very active.
Noteables? This week I could see Amelia's movements through my tighter clothes. It is so amazing to see random kicks and tumbles strong enough to come through my clothes. Also, I'm pretty sure Amelia had the hiccups a few times this week. This is the first time I've noticed it...such a weird feeling.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Trick-or-treating is done a little differently here than it is done back in Missouri. Different towns take different nights leading up to Halloween and designate them as 'trick-or-treat' nights. I guess this prevents total chaos on Halloween night. This year Halloween snuck up on us a little bit with the be honest, we've lost track of time with all that we had going on. I'm a little sad that we've still yet to get a pumpkin carved but technically the big day isn't until Monday so we'll see what the weekend brings.
Earlier this week, I made a quick trip to the store for some candy(Hershey only products) and some adorable costumes for the boys. We can't have the boys helping pass out candy without looking their best for the trick-or-treaters. Here are some of the pictures that we took during our first trick-or-treating experience at the house!We had such a good time seeing all the kids in their costumes, passing out candy and talking about next year when we are those parents that have a baby to bundle up and walk through the neighborhood.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Fun

Thought this picture was too creative not to post....Happy Halloween!
Not really sure what emotion I'm suppose to feel when I look at this but the HUGE pumpkin seed tears and the look of pain on the mama's face have me a little concerned.

Monday, October 24, 2011

All Settled In

As of Saturday, we are moved out of our apartment and into our new home. Thanks to the help of some awesome family members and friends that decided to spend their weekend loading up boxes and furniture instead of relaxing on the couch, we were able to successfully get moved in.
Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the movers in action because we were all unloading, organizing and cleaning like crazy people. We couldn't have made as much progress as we did without all the willing help...such a God send!
We started around 7:30am on Saturday morning and by 4:00pm Saturday afternoon, we were finished and we were saying our goodbyes to our family and friends.
Jason, myself and the boys all settled in on the couch and just took in the sight, smells and comfort of our new home. Even though we were exhausted, we still loved having a place of our own. After a few hours of resting, we decided to put together the nursery furniture. BAD IDEA.
We were too tired to think and read the directions...good thing we bought the insurance because some damage was done by using too long of a screw when hooking the legs into the dresser top. Unfortunately, we had to load up the dresser and return it back to Babies R Us and order a new one. Dropping the dresser off just a few hours after we picked up was a little awkward. We got back to the house after a depressing drive to the store and decided to just call it a night. Our bed NEVER felt so good! Haha...
Sunday morning, we got up and moving a little slower than normal. Around lunchtime we were feeling a little antsy and since the weather was pretty, we decided to put together the mower. Jason wanted to mow and I wanted to trim up some of the bushes. Seeing my husband mowing his grass with his new mower made the house feel so real.
We love having our own space, we love waking up in our new home and we love the fact that God has been so kind and gracious to our family!!
After moving 4 times in the past 4 years, it feels so good to say that we're now settled in and not going anywhere for 4 years!! Such an awesome feeling!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bump Updates: Week 22

Here is the bump update for week 22....
How far along? 22 weeks and 3 days (Saturday, October 22, 2011)
How big is the baby? The size of a spaghetti squash
Sleep? I'm finally sleeping better, maybe I'm finally getting used to laying around my belly? This week I've noticed myself waking up earlier than usual (4:00am) with my mind spinning. So much going on this week with the house that I'm not able to pause my thoughts!
Food Cravings? Lucky Charms have been my 'go to' food this week!
Gender? It's a GIRL...Amelia Jean
Best moment this week? I know I say this all the time but I LOVE feeling her move and I LOVE when Jason can feel her move. She's getting so active and big that it's easier to find her when she is tumbling around.
Development?Amelia's eyes are moving behind her eyelids and her tear ducts are developing. She is always getting familiar with touch...she may even grab onto the umbilical cord and practice her strong grip. She is now responsive to sound and light, which I use both when I try to get my little girl to move.
Noteables? I heard back from my follow-up ultrasound that was done on my right ovary and the vessels that are present on my ovary are within normal limits. No further follow-up is required until after Amelia is born. We moved into our house this weekend and we were able to go and pick up the nursery furniture. We're still a little overwhelmed with all the other 'house' things but I'm looking forward to breaking the seal on the box and putting the furniture together.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hersheypark In The Dark

This past weekend we were able to meet up with Paul and Kelsey, some island/California friends, that were in Pennsylvania for a few weeks doing a rotation at Penn State. We are hoping that he gets a residency at the hospital so we can see them more often...we missed them! We were so excited to have some time off together so we could go and explore Hersheypark.
Hersheypark is an amusement park in Hershey, which is a lot of fun for families. Right now the park has a Halloween theme and the hours are extended into the night a little more than their normal hours. They even renamed the rides with a more spooky name!
Even though I couldn't ride any of the rides, I still enjoyed walking through the park, taking in all the sights and watching Jason act like a kid again on all the rides. It was a different experience being at the park after dark, especially with all the Halloween decorations.
We couldn't walk through the park and not play some games. Our favorite was trying to bounce a frog from the launch pad onto the lily pad using a rubber mallet and some sort of launching gear...too much fun! We closed down the park, ate too much food and barely stopped talking long enough to breath. We had such a good time hanging with our friends! They will be getting married this summer so we're hoping to make a trip to see them on their big day!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fancy Pants

My work sponsored an event and last night was the fancy, schmancy event. The dress code was 'cocktail', which totally threw me for a loop. I tried on everything in my closet but zipper failure after zipper failure decided that I needed to go, bite the bullet and get a cocktail dress from the maternity store. I surprised how painless the shopping process was and found an adorable dress for the event.
Here I am at work getting ready to head out to the event...sorry for the ugly background but I wanted to show off the cute dress that I got before we headed out.
I didn't take too many pictures at the event because everyone was gawking and even a little appalled when I would pull out my cellphone and start taking pictures. Ryan, my boss, was one of the opening speakers at the event so we had to make sure to snap a few pictures and cheer him on!
The event was a lot of fun...a lot(450 people) of well-known, influential people in the community attended. I'm glad that I was included in the event, even though it made for an extremely long day for this mama!
I might need to get all dolled up a little more was kinda fun, especially when the clothes fit!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Home Owners

Friday night we met with the lenders, the sellers and we signed the paperwork to make it official. After we signed papers for about an hour, we were finally handed our garage door openers, our keys and we were announced as the new home owners!
We were given a gift card from our real estate agent so we could go out and celebrate!
It's been a long journey but we now have a place that is ours, a place we can bring our little girl (and future children home to) and a place we can make into a home!
We went this weekend to get the house cleaned up, got some bids from painters and slowly started moving some things. So exciting, yet so exhausting!!
We finally decided on a painter so he will start this week and he'll be finished by this weekend, which is when we are getting a U-HAUL and getting all of our stuff into the house.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bump Updates: Week 21

Here is the bump update for week 21....
*I feel like these bump pictures don't do the belly justice.
How far along? 21 weeks and 3 days (Saturday, October 15, 2011)
How big is the baby? The length of a banana
Sleep? My sleep has been about the same. When I lay down, I'm asleep in two minutes but give me a few hours and I'm up going to the bathroom. Still trying to figure out a comfortable position that I can stay in for the full 8-10 hours...have a feeling this might be more difficult as the weeks pass.
Food Cravings? Nothing that really stands out. I'm just hungry all the time.
Gender? It's a GIRL...Amelia Jean
Best moment this week? Seeing Jason's reaction when he felt his little girl move for the first time. He's already so in love with his little one and that just melts my heart. I love laying in bed together with his hand rested on my stomach feeling his little sweet!
Development? Amelia is developing REM (rapid eye movement) this week which is important in her sleeping patterns because now she can dream. Brown fat is starting to grow over her body. She is no longer the bone thin little girl she once was. She will now be able to start retaining some body heat. Amelia is swallowing amniotic fluid each day for hydration, nutrition and to practice her swallowing. She's starting to develop what flavors she likes based on what I've eaten each day. Her arms are legs are now in more Miss Bobble Head. Neurons are now connecting the brain and the muscles and cartilage throughout her body is now forming into bone.
Noteables? I went to the doctor this week and when we were listening to Amelia's heartbeat, she jumped from one side of my stomach to the other side. She had a strong heartbeat (169bpm) but she didn't want to sit still for very long for us to try to get another recording.
I also realized this week that seeing the numbers go up on the scale, regardless of how big my girl is getting, isn't an easy sight. More baby carrots and vegetables will be introduced into my diet over the next few weeks! I also had my follow-up ultrasound on my right ovary and the results came back good. There are some things present that the doctor wants to keep an eye on but what is there is within normal limits. When the tech was looking at my ovaries, she gave me a glimpse of Amelia. She was kicked back, arms by her face and looking pretty content. Even though the reason I was getting an ultrasound were a little scary, I loved seeing my beautiful girl again!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love Letter

Miss Amelia Jean,

I'm not really even sure where to begin with this letter, but I know writing a letter to you has been something I've wanted to do since I've known you were growing in my belly.

Being a mother is something I have dreamed about since I was a little girl, maybe even as young as 9-10 years old. Most girls dreamed of their wedding day and I skipped over the wedding and dreamed of my nursery and the baby that would occupy it.

Once I met your daddy, I knew it was love at first sight. There were a lot of date nights that we talked about the future: wedding, house, cars and starting a family but I always seemed a little more 'ready' to get started on these future goals than your daddy. He wanted the same future as I did but he wanted to have everything in order when the time was right. He wanted to make sure that he could support the goals that we mapped out for our lives.

A few years later we got married, moved to an island and found ourselves a little more busy with life but the thoughts of you never seemed to go away. There were many days where I would ache and long for you but knowing that the timing wasn't right, I pushed those feelings to the side and prayed for patience.

After your daddy completed medical school, we prayed and decided that the timing was a little more right. We were nervous but we knew that you were the missing puzzle piece for our family.
When we found out we were expecting a new member in the family, we were ecstatic! You had my heart and my love from the second I saw those two lines appear on that sweet baby was no longer a dream! I wanted to make sure that everything was perfect for you, from the very beginning, so I had my nose in every pregnancy book, blog and/or website. You were loved so much from day one...God blessed our family and we were ready to take on the role of mommy and daddy.

The first time we went to the doctor, we were mesmerized at how beautiful you were. You were only the size of a blueberry but your cute little shape and your beating heart caused us to reach for the Kleenex box. Your daddy said he had allergies or something when he wiped his eyes but we both knew that you had already stolen your daddy's heart.

For the appointments that followed the first one, I made sure to record your heartbeat so I could share your sweet life with all the people that couldn't be around for the appointment. Your grandparents, other family members and friends would send sweet, love-filled messages to you after they would hear your precious little heart. I think you stole their hearts too!

Amelia Jean, you have been such an answered prayer and we are already so in love with you! Only a few more months and we'll get to hold you in our arms, kiss your sweet little nose and give you our unconditional love.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stressed Out!

Yesterday, after a few stressful weeks and some serious paper chasing, we were finally told that we were approved for the loan. Looks like this Friday we will be home owners!!! YAY!
I'm sure you are wondering "if you got the loan, then what is there to be stressed out about?"
Well the whole process leading up to the acceptance letter were a little tense but today my phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from our lender. Apparently there were 3 larger sized deposits that were deposited in our account, aside from our work checks, and each of them need written verification from the person that issued the check.
Well after a few phone calls, 2 hours and about 15 emails back and forth, I think the issue was resolved.
I don't understand what the big deal is about a few extra hundred dollars in our account when our incomes meet the requirements for the house payment...ugh!
Nothing like waiting till the last second to get the paperwork completed for the closing on Friday.
This mama is about to go crazy with all this last minute, stressful, unneeded crap!
Hurry up, Friday!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Information Overload

  • The weather this weekend was picture perfect. The boys loved soaking up the sun on the porch!
  • We went to the orchard this weekend and grabbed some fresh apples. We were hoping we could pick our own from the trees but unfortunately, it's no longer apple season. We bought the yummiest and most perfect apples for a pie.
  • Jason was able to feel Amelia moving around this weekend. I loved his reaction when he felt her because he looked at me and said, " Was that my girl?" He was pretty excited to feel her. We have been sitting within an arms reach on the couch the past few nights...he wants to be close in case she starts moving.
  • We are scheduled to close on our house Friday and I'm getting so excited. Technically we won't move in until the following weekend because we want to paint and get the floors cleaned but just knowing that we are so close to being home owners is a great feeling! I got an email today from the lender and he said we should hear something by the end of today. EEKK...I'm so excited to just hear something back after waiting around for a response.
  • My office mate and myself decorated our office at work for Halloween and just walking in each morning with all our Halloween spirit makes me giddy. I love holidays, especially when there are decorations everywhere!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bump Updates: Week 20

Here is the bump update for week 20....
How far along? 20 weeks and 3 days (Saturday, October 8, 2011)
How big is the baby? The size of a small cantaloupe
Sleep? Sleep has been about the same. I'm able to stay asleep once I can get in a comfortable's finding the position that is the rough part. I've also started limiting my fluid intake after 7:00pm and I find that it is really helping with the multiple trips to the bathroom at night.
Food Cravings? Nothing that really stands out. I'm just hungry all the time.
Gender? It's a GIRL...Amelia Jean
Best moment this week? Being at the halfway point in the pregnancy. Now the countdown begins to the delivery date. It's so crazy to think I'm already this far along!! Amelia is getting so strong that we can feel her move from the outside of my stomach.
Development? Amelia's uterus is already fully formed and her ovaries are holding about 7 million eggs. She is growing so fast and this week she could weigh as much as 1 pound. This week the meconium, the sticky, black substance that will fill her first diaper, is starting to form in her bowels. She is getting so big and so strong this week. Her kicks, flips and movements are getting stronger with everyday.
Noteables? I'm noticing that all my growing parts are starting to itch during the day. I've been lathering on the stretch mark lotion after I get out of the shower each morning so I'm hoping that I can keep those pesky marks to a minimum as my body starts growing bigger. I've also noticed this week that when Amelia is in certain positions, I can't take in a full breath. My diaphram isn't able to expand as far down as it once was because of all the growing which has been taking place inside my stomach.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Feelings From The Outside

Last night as I flipped and flopped in bed trying to get comfortable, Amelia was doing the same in my belly. I decided to lay still, rest my hands on my belly and see if I could feel her move from the outside. I'm not really sure what week they say you can start to feel outside movement but I wanted to see if 20 weeks was our magic number.
It didn't take long and my hand jumped...not only could I feel her moving inside of me, but now I could feel her moving on the outside. Jason was sound asleep or I would have grabbed his hand to feel but instead I just enjoyed the 'mommy-daughter' moment.
I whispered sweet words to my little girl and encouraged her to keep up tumbling but after a few more flips she decided she was comfortable and was going to bed.

I think I went to bed with the biggest smile on my face last night...the power our little girl has over me is already pretty ridiculous! Once Jason is able to feel her, I have a feeling she will have him under her spell too!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

20 Down, 20 To Go

Today I've been pregnant for 20 weeks or 140 days, which ever you would prefer. I can't believe that I've reached the halfway point in my pregnancy and now with each passing day I'm counting down the days till Amelia is here with us.
*Sorry for the bathroom picture at work but it's the only full length mirror where I can take the self-portrait of the bump!
When I got pregnant, I thought I'd never get to the 20 week mark but now that I'm here, I realized how fast the weeks passed. I'm sure the next 20 weeks, with the exception of the last few, will fly by too as we get everything ready for her arrival.
The first few weeks were pretty brutal...Amelia was pretty rough on me in the beginning but once I got to the 14 week mark, the sickness stopped, the energy levels rose and I really started enjoying the whole pregnancy package.
Pregnancy is such an amazing thing and I love knowing that I'm growing a beautiful, healthy baby girl inside that growing belly. Doesn't get much better than that!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Holy Moly!

Yesterday when I got home from work it was like Christmas on our front door step. 2 boxes from Amazon (baby fingernail clippers, bottle drying rack and an 8 second thermometer), 1 box from Veggie Tales (movie for Amelia), 2 boxes from my mom (maternity clothes and some super cute clothes for Amelia) and 1 box from Pea in a Pod (maternity accessories).
We knew we had some boxes coming but we had no idea that they would all show up on the same day, especially when they were shipped on separate days.
I didn't hesitate to get the scissors and start opening our much fun!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Countdown Days

141 Days until Amelia's delivery date
82 Days until Christmas
51 Days until Thanksgiving
44 Days until Mom is in PA for a visit
40 Days until Jason's 28th Birthday
27 Days until Halloween
10 Days until we close on our first house
9 Days until Amelia and Mommy's next doctor's appointment

We have so many exciting things coming up....and the countdowns shrink with each passing day!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The National Apple Harvest Festival

This weekend was the National Apple Harvest Festival outside of Gettysburg, PA and after hearing so many good things about it, I knew we had to go and see what all it had to offer. We parked our cars in an open field and we were bussed to the festival in school buses...we knew it would be an experience from the very beginning! There was so much to see down each apple-themed road--Apple Butter Way, Candy Apple Circle and Adams Apple Ave were a few of our favorites. Homemade apple butter being made over a fire, corn being shucked off the cob, an antique apple press making homemade cider, yummy apple dumplings, pumpkin funnel cakes and SOOO much more! We found ourselves stopping to look at all the craft stands, food vendors and anything else that the festival had to offer.
We completed our morning at the festival with a self-portrait in front of the huge apple and buying some homemade apple butter! A cold front moved in this weekend so it definitely felt like fall as we walked through the festival. Yes, the green coat from England is back. Right now it's the only coat that will zip all the way up, but I'm not sure for how much longer.
Because we were so close to all the history in downtown Gettysburg, we decided to explore the museums and battlegrounds.We had such a good weekend! The cool weather, the warm apple cider, seeing Jason get super excited with each battlefield we passed and just being able to spend some good, quality time together was awesome. I can't believe it's already October...this year is flying by way too fast!