Wednesday, October 5, 2011

20 Down, 20 To Go

Today I've been pregnant for 20 weeks or 140 days, which ever you would prefer. I can't believe that I've reached the halfway point in my pregnancy and now with each passing day I'm counting down the days till Amelia is here with us.
*Sorry for the bathroom picture at work but it's the only full length mirror where I can take the self-portrait of the bump!
When I got pregnant, I thought I'd never get to the 20 week mark but now that I'm here, I realized how fast the weeks passed. I'm sure the next 20 weeks, with the exception of the last few, will fly by too as we get everything ready for her arrival.
The first few weeks were pretty brutal...Amelia was pretty rough on me in the beginning but once I got to the 14 week mark, the sickness stopped, the energy levels rose and I really started enjoying the whole pregnancy package.
Pregnancy is such an amazing thing and I love knowing that I'm growing a beautiful, healthy baby girl inside that growing belly. Doesn't get much better than that!!

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