Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bump Updates: Week 21

Here is the bump update for week 21....
*I feel like these bump pictures don't do the belly justice.
How far along? 21 weeks and 3 days (Saturday, October 15, 2011)
How big is the baby? The length of a banana
Sleep? My sleep has been about the same. When I lay down, I'm asleep in two minutes but give me a few hours and I'm up going to the bathroom. Still trying to figure out a comfortable position that I can stay in for the full 8-10 hours...have a feeling this might be more difficult as the weeks pass.
Food Cravings? Nothing that really stands out. I'm just hungry all the time.
Gender? It's a GIRL...Amelia Jean
Best moment this week? Seeing Jason's reaction when he felt his little girl move for the first time. He's already so in love with his little one and that just melts my heart. I love laying in bed together with his hand rested on my stomach feeling his little sweet!
Development? Amelia is developing REM (rapid eye movement) this week which is important in her sleeping patterns because now she can dream. Brown fat is starting to grow over her body. She is no longer the bone thin little girl she once was. She will now be able to start retaining some body heat. Amelia is swallowing amniotic fluid each day for hydration, nutrition and to practice her swallowing. She's starting to develop what flavors she likes based on what I've eaten each day. Her arms are legs are now in more Miss Bobble Head. Neurons are now connecting the brain and the muscles and cartilage throughout her body is now forming into bone.
Noteables? I went to the doctor this week and when we were listening to Amelia's heartbeat, she jumped from one side of my stomach to the other side. She had a strong heartbeat (169bpm) but she didn't want to sit still for very long for us to try to get another recording.
I also realized this week that seeing the numbers go up on the scale, regardless of how big my girl is getting, isn't an easy sight. More baby carrots and vegetables will be introduced into my diet over the next few weeks! I also had my follow-up ultrasound on my right ovary and the results came back good. There are some things present that the doctor wants to keep an eye on but what is there is within normal limits. When the tech was looking at my ovaries, she gave me a glimpse of Amelia. She was kicked back, arms by her face and looking pretty content. Even though the reason I was getting an ultrasound were a little scary, I loved seeing my beautiful girl again!

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