Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fancy Pants

My work sponsored an event and last night was the fancy, schmancy event. The dress code was 'cocktail', which totally threw me for a loop. I tried on everything in my closet but zipper failure after zipper failure decided that I needed to go, bite the bullet and get a cocktail dress from the maternity store. I surprised how painless the shopping process was and found an adorable dress for the event.
Here I am at work getting ready to head out to the event...sorry for the ugly background but I wanted to show off the cute dress that I got before we headed out.
I didn't take too many pictures at the event because everyone was gawking and even a little appalled when I would pull out my cellphone and start taking pictures. Ryan, my boss, was one of the opening speakers at the event so we had to make sure to snap a few pictures and cheer him on!
The event was a lot of fun...a lot(450 people) of well-known, influential people in the community attended. I'm glad that I was included in the event, even though it made for an extremely long day for this mama!
I might need to get all dolled up a little more was kinda fun, especially when the clothes fit!

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