Friday, October 7, 2011

Feelings From The Outside

Last night as I flipped and flopped in bed trying to get comfortable, Amelia was doing the same in my belly. I decided to lay still, rest my hands on my belly and see if I could feel her move from the outside. I'm not really sure what week they say you can start to feel outside movement but I wanted to see if 20 weeks was our magic number.
It didn't take long and my hand jumped...not only could I feel her moving inside of me, but now I could feel her moving on the outside. Jason was sound asleep or I would have grabbed his hand to feel but instead I just enjoyed the 'mommy-daughter' moment.
I whispered sweet words to my little girl and encouraged her to keep up tumbling but after a few more flips she decided she was comfortable and was going to bed.

I think I went to bed with the biggest smile on my face last night...the power our little girl has over me is already pretty ridiculous! Once Jason is able to feel her, I have a feeling she will have him under her spell too!

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