Monday, October 17, 2011

Home Owners

Friday night we met with the lenders, the sellers and we signed the paperwork to make it official. After we signed papers for about an hour, we were finally handed our garage door openers, our keys and we were announced as the new home owners!
We were given a gift card from our real estate agent so we could go out and celebrate!
It's been a long journey but we now have a place that is ours, a place we can bring our little girl (and future children home to) and a place we can make into a home!
We went this weekend to get the house cleaned up, got some bids from painters and slowly started moving some things. So exciting, yet so exhausting!!
We finally decided on a painter so he will start this week and he'll be finished by this weekend, which is when we are getting a U-HAUL and getting all of our stuff into the house.

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