Monday, October 10, 2011

Information Overload

  • The weather this weekend was picture perfect. The boys loved soaking up the sun on the porch!
  • We went to the orchard this weekend and grabbed some fresh apples. We were hoping we could pick our own from the trees but unfortunately, it's no longer apple season. We bought the yummiest and most perfect apples for a pie.
  • Jason was able to feel Amelia moving around this weekend. I loved his reaction when he felt her because he looked at me and said, " Was that my girl?" He was pretty excited to feel her. We have been sitting within an arms reach on the couch the past few nights...he wants to be close in case she starts moving.
  • We are scheduled to close on our house Friday and I'm getting so excited. Technically we won't move in until the following weekend because we want to paint and get the floors cleaned but just knowing that we are so close to being home owners is a great feeling! I got an email today from the lender and he said we should hear something by the end of today. EEKK...I'm so excited to just hear something back after waiting around for a response.
  • My office mate and myself decorated our office at work for Halloween and just walking in each morning with all our Halloween spirit makes me giddy. I love holidays, especially when there are decorations everywhere!!

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