Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love Letter

Miss Amelia Jean,

I'm not really even sure where to begin with this letter, but I know writing a letter to you has been something I've wanted to do since I've known you were growing in my belly.

Being a mother is something I have dreamed about since I was a little girl, maybe even as young as 9-10 years old. Most girls dreamed of their wedding day and I skipped over the wedding and dreamed of my nursery and the baby that would occupy it.

Once I met your daddy, I knew it was love at first sight. There were a lot of date nights that we talked about the future: wedding, house, cars and starting a family but I always seemed a little more 'ready' to get started on these future goals than your daddy. He wanted the same future as I did but he wanted to have everything in order when the time was right. He wanted to make sure that he could support the goals that we mapped out for our lives.

A few years later we got married, moved to an island and found ourselves a little more busy with life but the thoughts of you never seemed to go away. There were many days where I would ache and long for you but knowing that the timing wasn't right, I pushed those feelings to the side and prayed for patience.

After your daddy completed medical school, we prayed and decided that the timing was a little more right. We were nervous but we knew that you were the missing puzzle piece for our family.
When we found out we were expecting a new member in the family, we were ecstatic! You had my heart and my love from the second I saw those two lines appear on that sweet baby was no longer a dream! I wanted to make sure that everything was perfect for you, from the very beginning, so I had my nose in every pregnancy book, blog and/or website. You were loved so much from day one...God blessed our family and we were ready to take on the role of mommy and daddy.

The first time we went to the doctor, we were mesmerized at how beautiful you were. You were only the size of a blueberry but your cute little shape and your beating heart caused us to reach for the Kleenex box. Your daddy said he had allergies or something when he wiped his eyes but we both knew that you had already stolen your daddy's heart.

For the appointments that followed the first one, I made sure to record your heartbeat so I could share your sweet life with all the people that couldn't be around for the appointment. Your grandparents, other family members and friends would send sweet, love-filled messages to you after they would hear your precious little heart. I think you stole their hearts too!

Amelia Jean, you have been such an answered prayer and we are already so in love with you! Only a few more months and we'll get to hold you in our arms, kiss your sweet little nose and give you our unconditional love.


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