Saturday, October 29, 2011

October Surprises

This morning we woke up to some unusual weather for October...SNOW! A cold front moved in faster than we anticipated and we got to experience our first snow in Pennsylvania and in our new house. The snow started around 9:00am and it came down so hard that by 10:30 we had an inch of snow!
Jason got to try out his snow shovel earlier than we thought...he was pretty excited! These were pictures from the first time he shoveled the driveway. I think the driveway was shoveled about 5 times today...and each time had more snow! Towards the end of the day, our neighbor about 4 doors down got out the snow blower. We couldn't help but stare at his ease of cleaning off his driveway. No snow blower for us, just a yellow snow shovel! By 4:00pm, the snow was still coming down. I took a comparison picture of our back deck. The snow tapered off once we got around 5-6 inches. We took advantage of the snow and enjoyed a day full of movies and hot chocolate...such a perfect day for lounging around! Towards the end of the day, I started feeling antsy and wanted to clean/organize/put together the nursery but Jason talked me out of it and decided that we should build a snowman. How could I say no to a snowman?! We bundled up and made the cutest snowman in our subdivision. I wonder what the rest of winter has in store for Pennsylvania when it begins snowing in October...crazy! I know one thing--we're definitely going to need A LOT more hot chocolate!!

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