Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Hope...

Just a few of my hopes for mind is constantly wandering to her and what the future will hold.

I hope you learn to take chances and to follow your heart.
I hope you aren't afraid to stand up for what you believe in.
I hope you love with all your heart...unconditionally.
I hope you get to experience things that others only dream of.
I hope you laugh when you want to cry. Laughter is the best medicine.
I hope you never forget how much your dad and mom love're so special!
I hope you ignore all the negativity that comes with life.
I hope you become sweeter and more patient with each passing day.
I hope you respect yourself, your parents and your elders.
I hope you grow up to be a Godly woman that has a deep love for the Father.

Part of me can't help but to have hopes for Jason and myself during this stage of our lives. Amelia has really made us stop and think of our many blessings and hopes for the family.

I hope we learn to cherish every day and be thankful for what we're given.
I hope we're not afraid to live each day as if it were our last.
I hope we love each other more and more with each passing day.
I hope we get serious about setting aside 'family time' with our busy schedules.
I hope we laugh at our mistakes.
I hope we never forget to say "I love you"
I hope we ignore snippy comments that get made when we are sleep deprived.
I hope we become a unified team for our children to rely on.
I hope we respect our children, no matter what.
I hope we grow our family closer to God.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

6 Months Down...42 Months To Go!

Jason will be starting his 6th month of residency on December 1st. Doesn't that seem crazy?! I'm the type of person that has a calendar on my desk with X's on each of the days that have passed because I love countdowns and I love seeing how far we've come. 153 days of residency...gone!
His first year is half-way finished...only 3 and a half more years till he is done with basic residency.

December starts a rough rotation...he's in the emergency room. Even though he has two days off a week (Mondays and Wednesdays), the rest of the time he works the night shift. UGH.

I'm so proud of Jason and his dedication towards his job. I know there are days where the hospital is the last place he wants to be but still he gets up, puts his scrubs on and tries to make the best of it. The hours aren't glamorous and the pay is DEFINITELY not glamorous but he's doing what he loves and he's making the most of it.
Goodness, Gracious....I love my man!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Mom's Visit to Pennsylvania!

My mom arrived in Harrisburg late Thursday night of last week....we've been counting down the days till her visit for awhile now so it was so nice to see her walk off that plane!
We had so much planned...I had a lot of things that I wanted to get done while she was here to help and give her opinion.
Friday evening, after a day at the doctor's office, we went to the hospital so Grandma could see her little Amelia. (excuse the crazy eyes) Amelia had her legs crossed like a little lady. It was so sweet to catch another glimpse of our little girl. My mom really liked seeing her and we really liked showing her off!
Jason had off Saturday and Sunday so we decided to show mom a little bit of the area. There is a National Christmas Museum about 40 minutes away and we were told that we definitely needed to go and visit. The museum had rooms that were set up to display Christmas around the world, Christmas through the years and Christmas as we know it now. So much history were in those walls. Some rooms were jammed packed with nick knacks, which made my hubby a little claustrophobic.
We really made an effort to relax and enjoy our weekend all together because Jason had to work all week and wouldn't be able to spend much time with mom. I was able to get a few days off so we had a lot of time to hang out! Once Monday rolled around, we got focused, made a list and we ran more errands than most people do in a week.
Amelia's nursery got organized, curtains got ironed/hung in the living room and kitchen, carpets got shampooed, couches got shampooed and pretty much anything that needed organized got organized.
Jason's attending gave him Wednesday AND Thursday off because he was on call Friday AND Saturday so we decided to put the tree up Tuesday evening so Jason could be a part of the fun and festivities. After we were finished with the tree, we loaded up the car for the drive 5 hours away to Jason's grandpa's house. We got there late on Tuesday but it was perfect because we could spend all day Wednesday and part of the day Thursday with family.
Friday morning the girls did a little shopping for Jason--the hardware stores were not busy at all-- and then we enjoyed a super yummy breakfast! We made sure to enjoy Friday and the little bit of Saturday that we had before she had to fly home.
Our time together was sooooo nice! I missed my mom so much and I've already started counting down the days till she will be visiting again when Amelia makes her debut.
Even though I'm a few states away...I'm still a HUGE mama's girl!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bump Updates: Week 27

Here is the bump update for week 27....
How far along? 27 weeks and 3 days (Saturday, November 26, 2011)
How big is the baby? The size of a head of cauliflowerSleep? I've been noticing my energy levels are starting to go back down. Any chance I get to lay down and take a nap, I'm in!
Food Cravings? Anything and everything!! I'm reaching for food about every two hours...Amelia is one growing little girl.
Gender? It's a GIRL...Amelia Jean
Best moment this week? My mom came to visit and she helped me get Amelia's nursery in working order. I loved organizing all her clothes and going through all the nursery goodies. It makes February, her due date, seem so close!
Development? Amelia is starting to smile this week, especially when she is dreaming. Also, when she Amelia hears familiar voices, her heart rate may decrease, which means that our voices calm our little one! Amelia is also being measured differently...she is now being measured from head to toe. Her taste buds are very developed now and she will be able to taste the difference in amniotic fluid depending on what I eat.
Noteables? We spent Thanksgiving at Jason's grandpa's house. It was so good to see all the family...Amelia even got some goodies from her cousins. Amelia's first Thanksgiving with the family was really Thanksgiving will be even nicer!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bump Updates: Week 26

Here is the bump update for week 26....
How far along? 26 weeks and 3 days (Saturday, November 19, 2011)
How big is the baby? The size of a rutabagaSleep? This week I've been sleeping pretty good. I am starting to find myself tossing and turning more to get comfortable but it doesn't seem to interrupt my sleep too much.
Food Cravings? This week I found myself craving veggie sub sandwiches from Subway. This is an odd craving for me because I'm not a huge veggie eater but right now I can't get enough!
Gender? It's a GIRL...Amelia Jean
Best moment this week? Having grandma around to show Amelia some attention. We went to the doctor for a regular check-up and met Jason at the hospital for another scan of our little girl. Grandma loved seeing her little one and I loved showing my little one off to Grandma.
Development? My uterus is slightly bigger than a soccer ball...I knew something felt a little bigger in there. Amelia's skin has started taking on color because of the melanin that is now being produced. Her lungs are still producing surfactact, the substance that helps inflate her little lungs. With each passing day/week, her lungs are getting stronger and stronger. Amelia's retina, the part that allows her to focus images, is developing and she is now able to open and close her eyes. Unfortunately, the view inside isn't all that great but she is still able to open and close her eyes. Her pigmentation in her eye color will be developing over the next few months, right now there is little to no pigment in her eyes. She is growing so fast--right now she could be as much as 2 pounds!
Noteables? Grandma came to visit and she brought so many goodies. We also got a special package from Aunt Ange! My sister sent the cutest little clothes from Gymboree. She is going to be one well-dressed little lady!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Another Doctor's Visit

This morning was my 26 week doctor's appointment. It has been 6 weeks since my last visit because I asked to push back my appointment until my mom was here...I really wanted her to go to an appointment with me. Since I haven't had any issues so far, my doctor was okay with it.
I wasn't as nervous about the appointment and all the testing that I had to go through as I was the initial weigh in. I've really been trying to be good but with each passing day, regardless of what I eat, I feel bigger and bigger. Well, it was good news when I stepped on that scale.
Once in the room, the doctor gave me an orange drink that I needed to drink for the 1 hour glucose test. The drink wasn't as bad as I've heard from other pregnant moms but once I finished the drink, I was a burping machine. Something in that drink made this mama gassy.
Amelia's heartbeat was found (140 beats per minute) and my uterus was measured (26.5 cm)--everything looked good. I love hearing that she is healthy and I'm progressing in the right direction.
Once my appointment was over, I had to meet with the nurse to go over all the delivery details. It was so crazy going over labor, delivery and all the birthing class options. With 14 weeks left, I realized there are a lot of things to think about and consider before Amelia makes her arrival. The nurse was very helpful and insightful...I have a lot to talk through with Jason!!

Once we left the appointment, I later got a phone call with the results of my blood work from my glucose test. I PASSED so I do not have gestational diabetes! This is such an answered prayer...I was so nervous. My mom developed gestational diabetes with her last pregnancy so I was unsure of my results would be. My blood work also showed that I have low iron so I was given some ways to get iron into my bloodstream, for Amelia and myself.
My next appointment is in 3 doctor said everything looks so good that I can have a little more time in between my appointments right now.
God has been so good...I am so thankful for this pregnancy, my healthy baby girl and the fact that I only have 14 weeks until I have her in my arms.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pregnancy--Double Digits

I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I pulled up a countdown clock online this morning and realized that I only have 96 more days until Amelia's due date.
I've officially made it to the double digit crazy, so exciting and so much left to do!
I feel so happy and blessed to have made it this far and I can't wait to see what the next 3 months have in store for me. Amelia is getting so active and big that I'm really enjoying this pregnancy!

Tomorrow is the big, bad glucose test, some blood work, a meeting with the nurse to discuss birthing classes/hospital registration/etc and additional tests that the office needs to run. My mom will be with me so hopefully spending 3 hours at the doctor won't be as painful as it sounds!

The holiday season is going to go by so fast and then it will be time to welcome our sweet little girl. I have a feeling that I'll be making a calendar to mark off the's getting so exciting!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jason!

28 years...where does the time go? It's crazy to think that we've been together since he was 18 and I'm so thankful that I've gotten to spend 10 years making this man feel special on his birthday.
This year his birthday fell on a weekend, which he actually had off, so I really got to spoil Jason. Breakfast, presents, cake were just a few of the 'extras' that he had for his special day. I didn't go too crazy this year for his birthday because of all the extra expenses that we've acquired over the last few months but each of his kids got him a present.
Since moving to Pennsylvania, he's been dying to update his wardrobe with some Penn State gear. This area bleeds blue and his presents were ALL blue and white. I love making my husband feel so important and special...sometimes I forget to make him feel special during my everyday routine. What's better than a nice relaxing weekend with my birthday boy (plus some really yummy birthday cake)?!
This time next year, he'll be another year older but we'll have a sweet little girl that will forever change our lives.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Love At First Sight

Last night on my drive home from work, I got a call from Jason wanting to see if I would come to the hospital. Usually he is so busy that I don't go visit him at the hospital but last night he already had all of his patients taken care of and he had a great idea. He wanted to see his baby girl, literally see his baby girl.
He reserved an ultrasound room so he could finally see his baby. The last time he saw her was at 9 weeks and she was nothing more than the size of a blueberry with a heartbeat.
Wanna know what love at first sight looks like....Well here ya go! He loved inspecting every inch of her body...he even counted her fingers and toes. Amelia wasn't too cooperative for her daddy. She was kicking around and moving so much that it was hard to get her in focus.
Daddy loves his baby girl...and that makes me smile!!

Bump Updates: Week 25

Here is the bump update for week 25....
How far along? 25 weeks and 3 days (Saturday, November 12, 2011)
How big is the baby? The size of an eggplant
Sleep? I'm sleeping pretty good...daylight savings time has really thrown off my routine but I can't complain about the quality of sleep that I'm getting.
Food Cravings? No real cravings...just reaching for anything and everything that is edible.
Gender? It's a GIRL...Amelia Jean
Best moment this week? I loved wrapping Jason's birthday presents and making sure the label read- To: Daddy From: Amelia.
Development? This week begins rapid growth of Amelia, especially when it comes to her nervous system. Capillaries are forming under the skin, which will give Amelia her color when she makes her arrival. Her lungs are beginning to develop surfactant, which helps her lungs send oxygen into her bloodstream. Her vocal cords are functioning now, which will lead to more hiccuping episodes.
Noteables? This week I got a lot of friendly smiles from strangers at the store or events I was attending for work. As big as I feel, I'm so glad that people can finally see that I'm growing a baby and not just getting fat! Also, the last 4 week doctors appointment is next week! I made it for when my mom will be here so she can go with me...gotta get bloodwork done, the glucose test, meet with the staff regarding birthing classes/registration/etc.
Aunt Elizabeth sent Amelia an awesome package this week...monthly 'Parents as Teachers' activities for Amelia from birth to 12 months. I'm so excited for her to get her so we can start working with her. It's a perfect gift for her!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Single Digits

I can hardly contain my mama will be in Pennsylvania in 9 days!!
I think we've both been counting down the days since the trip was booked in August and now after many, many days being marked off my calendar I can officially say that she will be here NEXT WEEK!
This girl needs her mama...ASAP!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Truth

I saw this and just knew I had to post it...haha! SO TRUE

Light The Night

Saturday night was the annual Light the Night walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. A group of us decided to walk in support of a three-year old little boy that has leukemia. Our team met up, grabbed some dinner and then got ready for the 2 mile walk. Everyone that participated and raised money for the cause, was given a t-shirt and illuminated balloons. Personally, the balloons were the best part of the walk. Different colored balloons had different meanings (gold-in memory; white-survivor; red-supporter) and seeing them fly high in the sky was pretty neat.Even though the night air was a little chilly, we had a great time walking for such a great cause.
Hopefully for next year we can get a bigger group back to the community is so important!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bump Updates: Week 24

Here is the bump update for week 24....
How far along? 24 weeks and 3 days (Saturday, November 5, 2011)
How big is the baby? The size of a ear of corn
Sleep? I'm sleeping about the same. The boys still haven't found their puppy pee pad in the basement so I'm waking up pretty early with them to take them outside. They start getting antsy around 4:00am and I don't want any accidents so I get up. Once I get up, I'm up for the rest of the day. Dang dogs!
Food Cravings? There wasn't anything in particular this week. I definitely can see an increase in my appetite. As soon as I finish a meal, I'm already thinking about a snack. It seems like the harder I try to be good, the worse I am.
Gender? It's a GIRL...Amelia Jean
Best moment this week? Getting two HUGE boxes of clothes in the mail from my mom. She has found some of the cutest clothes...Amelia is going to be dressed like a princess!
Development? Amelia's lungs are fully formed but they aren't quite ready to function out of the womb. She is gaining about 6 ounces each week and it is helping build her fat storage, as well as her muscle mass. Right now, Amelia's hair is snow white since there is no pigment in her hair just yet...but it's coming!
Noteables? She is moving around so much now that I can see her move through my clothes all the time. She gets very active when I'm in the bath...I love seeing the ripples in the water when she moves!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Such A Sweet Little Girl

Our friends, Stuart and Camille, welcomed a sweet little girl this morning.
Jeanne Kathryn decided to make her appearance at 2:02am on November 4, 2011. I can still remember our daily exercise walks on the island that were spent dreaming/talking about our future children and now those talks/dreams have become a reality. It has been so awesome to talk her through her pregnancy and now I'm looking forward to talking with her through my pregnancy. Amelia and Jeanne Kathryn are going to be little friends....and I can't wait!
Jeanne Kathryn is such a lucky girl...she's got two of the best parents a girl could ask for!!
Jeanne Kathryn, I can't wait to shower you with kisses!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Usually I'm pretty even tempered...
Usually I'm okay with working all day and coming home to make dinner....
Usually I'm organized and on top of EVERYTHING....
Usually I take into consideration other people's feelings over my own....
Usually I don't mind walking to the mailbox to get the mail...
Usually I have my Halloween decorations already boxed up...
Usually I don't freak out when the lights have been left on ALL NIGHT....
Usually I have patience....
Usually I look forward to cleaning and getting the house in order....
Usually I wouldn't admit to all these weaknesses, especially on the blog....

The past few days have been a little more trying than normal. I know that a lot of it is from the hormonal changes involved in pregnancy but goodness I hate how I have acted/reacted to a few recent situations.