Thursday, June 28, 2012

4 Month Doctor Visit

I've been dreading today since we scheduled it at her 2 month check-up back in April. I made sure to love on my sweet girl extra this morning, I knew what was in store for my sweet little girl. We went for a walk around the block with the pups before we had to get dressed and going for the day. Amelia loves going on walks, especially in the morning when it's nice and cool.
She was so excited to get dressed and ready to go. She sang almost the whole way to the office. She has recently started signing or humming herself to sleep...some of the sweetest sounds when we are driving down the road. Our pediatricians office has bright colored paintings on the ceiling and on the walls, she was loving all the visual stimulation. I fall in love with that gummy smile of hers every time!!
Once we got called back to the room, we had to get undressed so the nurse could get Amelia's stats. She looked so big laying on the table and she knew she was a big girl too!
Her stats are the following:
Weight-13.8 pounds (48%)
Length- 25.3 inches (76%)

The doctor came in and Amelia was so excited. She was interacting so much with Amelia and the response was right back at her...big smiles and chattering like a big girl to her doctor.
After her check-up, we learned Amelia is growing right on track. She's a perfect, healthy little girl. We discussed eating, sleeping, safety and any other topic that the doctor thought we should know between now and our next appointment. I hated to say goodbye to her after our appointment because I knew what was next...shots!  The nurse came in and got straight to it. I had to hold Amelia's arms down and the nurse held down her legs. Three shots later, we were both crying messes. I nursed her immediately after as she held my hand and we both sobbed. Such a rough morning for the Conway girls! Do these appointments ever get easier?! 

Three bandaids and a full belly later, we were finally able to make ourselves presentable again. We checked out and scheduled our 6 month appointment for September...I'm already dreading it!
I'm so glad Amelia is growing right on track and she's a healthy baby but I definitely don't enjoy these appointments.

A Cousin Filled Weekend

This past weekend, Jason's brother, Andrew, and family came to visit. We wanted to show them all that the area had to offer so we made sure that we tried to do as many things that we thought the kids would enjoy.
Unfortunately, we didn't have any time off from work during the weekdays but we made sure to make the most out of the weekends. The first stop was Chocolate World! I'm not sure we will ever get tired of the tour and the chocolate filled atmosphere.
Amelia loves to people watch so she's in heaven as long as she is being held where she can watch everything around her.
Jason was so proud to carry Amelia...and I think Amelia loved being carried by her daddy. Right before the tour are boards with some history on Milton Hershey and how the town has developed into what it is today.
The free tour in the little cars was so fun with Amelia. The last time we came she was awake for the beginning but didn't make it to the end without falling asleep. This time she stayed awake throughout the whole tour...she loved watching everything!
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!  After the tour we had so many choices for some yummy Hershey's chocolate!!

Holly bought Lexie and Amelia matching outfits!  We were able to get a pretty good picture of all the kids looking at the camera. Aren't they adorable?!
Early Sunday morning, we hung out at the house before taking a walk down to the creek to do some fishing and rock skipping. Lance loved Uncle Jason and I had to take a picture of them watching TV together.
Amelia loved interacting with Lance and Lexie. You could tell she was wanting to be right in the middle of all the fun.
Early Sunday morning, we gathered our fishing poles and the kids and headed down to the creek behind our house. We love being outside and in the fresh air.

We parked the stroller in the shade and we acted like kids again. We were skipping and throwing rocks across the creek, of course we were making a competition out of them both. We hung out by the creek for awhile...such a great, peaceful Sunday morning with the family!!
Later on Sunday afternoon, after some much needed naps, we headed to downtown Harrisburg. A walk across the bridge, putt putt golf on City Island and dinner on the river was on the agenda.

Daddy loved golfing with Amelia!  Can you believe he got 3, yes THREE, hole-in-ones througout the 18 hole course!  Amelia was an angel the whole time. She loved playing golf and being in her daddy's arms.

This was Lance's first time playing putt putt and he loved it. He was so excited to hit his orange ball across the grass to the fun!!  We really had a great evening!  We needed a calm and relaxing evening before the work week started again.

I might be slightly biased, but I think we have the most perfect, sweetest little family. It doesn't hurt that Amelia is so dang cute...she makes our family pictures so much sweeter!

We had a great visit with Andrew, Holly, Lance and Lexie! Amelia had a weekend filled with chocolate, outdoors and cousins!  Sounds like a nice combination to me.
We've already said that we'll have to take Grandpa and Grandma to Water Golf when them come and visit in July!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Green Beans...YUM!

Amelia has been eating rice cereal like a champion for a week now so last night when she squealed for another bite and the cereal bowl was empty, I grabbed some baby food. I opened the pack of green beans unsure of how she would respond. She immediately got excited when she saw the spoon coming towards her open mouth...

She swallowed after the first bite unsure of what she was eating but it didn't take her long to realize it was yummy.

She finished her tablespoon of green beans and was so begging for more. After every bite she would stuff her hands in her mouth (mommy thought it was because she was licking all the green beans off her fingers.)

Amelia definitely LOVES being a big girl because that means she gets to eat green beans!! 
Mommy isn't so sure about the green beans after a yucky diaper change!!


Pumping In Steel Toed Shoes

Yesterday, I had meetings all day at the Harley Davidson factory in York. The factory was so awesome to walk through and see all the machines and employees building bikes. Safety goggles and 'steel toed tips' were given to us to wear as we made our way through the factory and to the meeting room. Since I didn't want to break out the pump in front of everyone, I decided to go and try and find a more quiet area. Well....quiet areas are really hard to find in a factory so I got a little desperate.
The only plug I could find in a semi-private location was in the bathroom.  I decided to make myself at home. 

 How many people can say they pumped in steel toed tips while sitting in the bathroom floor at Harley Davidson?! Desperate times call for desperate measures!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monthly Milestones--Month 4

The four months that you have been in our lives has been the best four months of our lives. You are such a joy and we love all the great qualities you bring to our family.

You are still such a good eater. This month you actually started eating a little bit're needing a little bit more to feel more content. You are eating 5 ounce bottles now--still having to supplement with formula because mommy's milk isn't able to keep up with your appetite. You eat about 5 bottles a day, which equals out to about every 3-4 hours. Just last week we started feeding you rice cereal. You've been sitting at the table with us for awhile now and you've really been acting interested. We started it out for breakfast (at daycare) and dinner (at home) and you're getting really good. We are still trying to teach you patience between each bite!!

We've graduated you to Huggies size 2 this month. Once we finished out the last of the size 1 diapers, we decided to go ahead and buy you the size 2. They are still loose in your legs but we are trying our best to make them as tight as we can. I've decided that Huggies is the best for you right more trying off brands to save a little money. We did that and learned the hard way!

I am loving that it is summer and you are wearing cute little bloomers and dresses to school everyday. You can still wear a few outfits that are 0-3 months but you're mostly in 3 months. We've had to buy footed pajamas for you since you are no longer in the swaddle. The 3 month pajamas do NOT are such a long girl. Right now, you are in 3-6 month pajamas so your little toes can be relaxed while you sleep.

We went through with the sleep training the last week of May and it was the hardest, yet best, thing we have done with you. You go to bed around 7:30pm and you get up around 6:00am. We put you down awake, you get comfy and then you go right to sleep. You are such an active sleeper. You always find ways to move around in the crib. Your favorite position is sideways at the foot of the bed.

Here are a few more updates from this month...
*Bath net is removed--officially in a big girl bath
*Holding and shaking your toys
*Leaning forward and grabbing your bottle at meal time
*Pulling on your feet anytime you are laying down
*Playing shy when someone talks to you
*Playing with mommy and daddy's face when you eat
*Smiling and laughing when playing "peek-a-boo"

At your last visit, you weighed 13.2 pounds and you were 24.2 inches. You are 50% percentile for both your height and your weight. Your doctors appointment, with more shots, is on Thursday (BOO) so I'll get your exact stats then.

Little lady, you are getting so big!  You are already one-third of a year're such an amazing, sweet and happy little girl.
Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

4 Month Photo Shoot

Amelia's personality is definitely starting to come alive during our monthly photo shoots.
She is the best little thing that has happened to us and we can't wait to watch her bloom into an adorable lady!  

Once again, Danielle did not disappoint. We love our pictures...and the little lady in them!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rice Cereal

Last night we decided that we would see how Amelia responded to rice cereal. Feeding solids to a baby is another issue that comes with so many different opinions. She has been sitting at the dinner table with us for some time now and here lately she's extremely interested in what we are eating. She gets her excited arms and legs and will occassionally lean forward.
After some much consideration, with a few chats with my mom and Ms. B, we decided that we would give rice cereal a try. Yes, I realize she's only 4 months old but her head control is phenomenal, she opens her mouth when a spoon is brought towards her and she seems interested.
Ohmygoodness...she loved the rice cereal. In the beginning, she didn't quite know what to think but after a few spoonfuls, she was a pro.
I couldn't get the food on the spoon and in her mouth fast enough. She would let out a squeal after each bite when she realized mommy had to reload the spoon after each bite.
Rice cereal is a hit in the Conway house!!  Yay for Amelia!

Monday, June 18, 2012


Sweet little toes that go in all different directions

A sleeping baby girl with the sweetest facial features

 Hands that search and find comfort resting on Mommy's hands

 Daddy/Daughter moments...especially when it involves independent bottle holding

Daddy watching Amelia...with his eyes closed

 Little eyes that watch Mommy's every move in the morning

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Jason had off Father's Day weekend and it couldn't have been more perfect. He's been putting in so many hours at the hospital so it was great to have him home but it was especially great to have him home on Father's Day! We wanted to spoil him on his first Father's Day.
Amelia wanted Sunday to be all about daddy so she made sure to help me out in the kitchen. Bacon, egg and cheese bagel, some fresh fruit and daddy's favorite juice was what we decided to make him.

Amelia loves being a big helper in the kitchen. The clanging pots and pans combined with mommy's crazy dance moves make her the happiest little chef.
After breakfast, tummy time turned into a love on daddy session. I can't hardly keep Amelia on her belly...she loves rolling over and being on her back. Jason was talking to her and kissing her little hand, she, of course, was loving all the attention.
She even read Daddy and Me book about a little girl that helps her daddy build their pup a doghouse. Such a cute book with flaps that we could open as we read along.

After some morning cuddle time, we all went out for a hike on a nature trail by the house. Amelia could live outside...she has recently become extremely fascinated with trees and tall grass. When the wind blows, it almost startles her so she gets all excited and moves her hands and legs like crazy.

Our afternoon was filled with naps and outdoor play time. Overall, we couldn't have asked for a better day/weekend. I love that we were all together!!
Happy Fathers Day, Jason!  Amelia is so blessed to have such a great daddy and I'm so blessed to have such a gret husband!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Barnyard Dance!

It doesn't get much better than mornings with a good book and my little lady!!
Her favorite book right now is Barnyard Dance!  With a NEIGH and a MOO and a COCKADOODLEDOO everybody promenade two by two.

I'm pretty certain that we have a book lover on our hands. She loves looking at the pictures and hearing mommy and daddy read the words. Goodnessallmighty, I love our Amelia Jean so much!