Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bald Turned Into Beautiful

If you look closely, you can see the nice surprise on Amelia's head from school.
A little boy from school made Amelia's bald head beautiful by coloring on her head with a yellow marker. He said, "Look Ms. B, Amelia's pretty!"  Maybe he was trying to draw in some hair..HA!

I love that the kids from school love her so much...she sure did miss them after being on vacation last week!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Grandpa And Grandma Visit Pennsylvania

Jason's dad, step-mom and younger brother came to visit us last week from California. After living in California for two years during clinicals, we got used to seeing them a lot more and it was so nice!  We missed them so it was great to see them! 
As soon as they got in, we made the drive to Grandpa's house so we could all spend time with the Conway family.
Of course we went to the Pro Football Hall of Fame...Amelia even got to hold the football. I know I already posted pictures, but we had some super cute ones on another camera.

After a few days at Grandpa's house, we drove back to Hershey and explored more of what our area had to offer. The chocolate factory was a must...of course!!
One evening we went downtown for a walk, some pitches at the batting cages and a baseball game. Amelia loved her first baseball game between the Harrisburg Senators and the New Britain Rock Cats.

In our downtime, we spent a lot of time reading books, playing games, watching golf and taking walks. We spent a lot of family time together, which was so nice! 

We are already missing them!  I wish there wasn't 8 states separating California from Pennsylvania because we would love to have more nights playing Monopoly Deal, eating guacamole and hanging out!
Amelia already missing her Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Tim!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Daddy And His Sweet Pea

Melt. My. Heart.
I love these two so much! 
Nothing sweeter in this world that seeing Daddy, Daughter time.
Amelia is totally smitten with her daddy and Jason can't seem to get enough of his little sweet pea.

I can't help but fall in love with Jason a little more when I see him with Amelia. He's the best daddy for her, the best husband for me and the best leader for our family!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monthly Milestones--Month 5

This month you experienced a lot of firsts and you responded so well. You're are the most content little girl, going with the flow is something that you seem to do pretty well.
Your personality and curiosity are growing with each passing day and it is so fun to watch! 

You still love to eat but now you express your love for food. As soon as we walked towards your highchair, you get so excited. Once the bib gets snapped on you and the bowl is set down, your excitment can hardly be contained. Right now you are eating Stage 1 Healthy Stages by Gerber. You have had squash, mashed potatos, sweet potatoes, green beans, bananas, carrots, apples, peas, pears and peaches. Your favorite is bananas and green beans and the sweet potatoes don't really settle too well with your belly. After each bite, you make a mmmm sound.
Ms. B bought a baby food blender and we are going to start you on a few homemade foods. We are pretty excited to start the process and hopefully make the switch from the processed food to the homemade.

You are still wearing Huggies size 2 diapers. Your legs have finally filled out the diaper a little bit better so they fit you pretty perfectly right now. You do pretty good during diaper changes but you've realized that you can arch your back and roll to your side to try and escape the horrible process. You just started pulling wipes out of the container and cramming them in your mouth during diaper changes. You are so aware of your surroundings!

Summer clothes are so sweet. I love dressing you in little outfits with spaghetti straps and sweet little ruffle bloomers. You are still wearing 3 month clothes but with only a few months left in summer, mommy has started putting a few 3-6 month outfits on you. Big or not...you're adorable in them. You are so long that the 3 month pajamas as too short. Mommy and Daddy have been putting you in 6-9 month sleepers so your feet can have some room to relax at night.

Speaking of sleep, you are sleeping like a big girl. Our routine is the same: bedtime routine starting around 7:00pm and you are in bed by 7:30pm. You sleep all night and you are awake for the day around 5:30am. You are an early morning riser, which I love! Weekend mornings we wish you would sleep in a little bit later but we love our early morning cuddles with you!! 

Here are a few more things that you are doing this month:
*Rolling over from back to belly (first time: 07/07/2012)
*First road trip (4 hours) in the car
*Squeaking/laughing on purpose to get attention
*Rolling consecutively across the living room floor
*Grabbing everything in your reach
*Wanting to eat everytime you see Mommy and Daddy eating
*Sucking on your washcloth in the bath tub
*Sucking your toes
*Trying to blow raspberries with her tongue, your tongue is constantly out.
*Playing with Daddy's cell phone
*Throwing your arm over your eyes when you are eating/nursing
*Propping your feet up on anything you can when you are laying down

Happy 5 Month Birthday!  We love you so much...so, so much!

Mommy and Daddy

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Driving Across Pennsylvania

This past weekend, some very special visitors from California arrived. Jason's dad, step-mom and younger brother came for a visit during Jason's vacation week. Since the rest of the Conway family lives in Pennsylvania, we decided to drive west to spend a few days there.
We were a little nervous how Amelia would do in the car. Up till now, the longest ride she has been on has been about 2 hours and we were looking at a 4 hour drive to Grandpa's house.
I went and bought a few new toys and a little mirror/entertainment center for the car...whatever works, right?!  She could have cared less about the cool mirror/entertainment center because most of the trip she played with her toys and slept. We couldn't have asked for a better child on the drive! 

We packed as much as we could but a car can only hold so much. I didn't realize how many things we needed to take for Amelia...bath stuff, diapers, bottles, food, clothes, strollers, blankets and the list goes on and on.  
We tried to take morning and afternoon walks around the neighborhood, just like we do at home.  The jogger stroller wouldn't fit in the car with all the other things that we packed so we thought we would try out the umbrella stroller. She loved sitting up and looking forward...her head control was pretty good without much support.

We spent a lot of our time outside and enjoying our family's company. Amelia loves being outside so most of our evenings were spent on the porch swing.

On Monday, we headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The guys were pretty excited to go and see what the Hall of Fame had to offer for football fans and the girls enjoyed chatting throughout the tour.

There were a few interesting stories about some past football players!  Some individuals have such dedication and love for the sport and it was pretty neat to read up about it. The Super Bowl rings and the trophy were pretty awesome to see! 

The Hall of Fame was right up Amelia's alley. She loved looking around at all the exhibits and the people...plenty to see. Jason loved showing off his little lady at the Hall of Fame. He was either holding her, pushing her in the stroller or within an arms reach all day....he was so proud of his little lady. She has stolen her daddy's heart!

We headed back towards Hershey after lunch on Tuesday. We must have worn Amelia the days prior because she slept most of the way.
Amelia's first big road trip was a success. We loved being with the family and introducing Amelia to her cousins. They are pretty close in age so they will grow up to be the best of friends. More pictures are coming soon...I have to get them off of the other cameras.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Military Tactics

 I've never been in the military and it's been years since I've gone to any sort of boot camp workout but last night I did some major military moves!
Around 2:00am, Amelia started hysterically crying. Usually she doesn't wake up in the middle of the night so this was something new to experience since going through the sleep training week last month.
I decided to give her some time...I don't want her to think that mama is going to come running in her room everytime she wakes up and fusses. I didn't want to go in at all but after a good amount of crying time, I decided to go in and check on her. She was really pulling her legs into her chest  so I thought she might have had an upset/gassy belly, which could have resulted in a dirty diaper.
Amelia is great at having major blowout diapers first thing in the morning so it wouldn't have surprised me if it just came a few hours early.

This is where the military moves come in to the story...
I opened the door quiety, held my breath, belly crawled over to the crib, sniffed her diaper and then made a swift exit ,all without her seeing me. I'm pretty sure I would have worn a carpet colored gihillie suit if we would have had one in the spare closet! The room was pitch black so technically I didn't have to be sly entering and exiting the room but at 2:00am with a fussy baby, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Unfortunately, Amelia smelled dirty. I grabbed a diaper and some wipes and did the fastest diaper change ever with the littlest amount of light possible. I gave her some gas drops, followed by a few minutes of nursing and put her back to bed. She immediately turned her head, closed her eyes and went to sleep.

I was almost tempted to salute the bedroom door as I went back to bed...my military tactics were put to good use on a sweet little girl!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What You're Up To

I feel like the monthly updates aren't enough for this stage in the game....Amelia is doing new things everyday! I don't want to forget any of these moments so I'm trying to do my best at capturing them and then documenting them in her baby albums and on the blog.

Amelia Jean, you are....

* loving the new toys that we introduced to you this week. The OBALL is a baby friendly ball that is perfect for you to grab and hold on to. Ms. B had one at school and because you love it so much, we had to go and find you one for the house!!
*learning and loving different textures. Auntie E made you a texture quilt and I love to see your little hands explore over the different squares. You search out the yarn ties between all the squares...those are your favorite!
*staying awake and alert during our morning drive to school. You had the most serious face the other morning as I walked around to get in the driver's seat and I couldn't help but take a picture. You look so tiny, yet so big sitting in the car!
*rolling over pretty much everytime you are on the floor. You roll almost instantly from your belly to your back but this past weekend you started rolling over from your back to your belly. Once you figured out what to do with that silly arm that kept getting in the way, you were a champ for the evening. Once you would roll over, we would cheer and you got the biggest grin on your face.
You were so proud of your self...such a big girl!

*learning how to make new noises. Your most current noise is similar to a hum...lips pressed, with the occassional bubble that pops out.
*teething, drooling, gnawing CONSTANTLY!  We've pretty much had to keep a bib on you all day. At daycare, you drooled through four bibs!  Where does all that spit come from?! I'm on the search for Sophie, the teething giraffe, to help with your teething.

*you are pretty obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Evenings can be a little rough, especially when you are ready for bed before bedtime, so we entertain you. I've read so many things against babies watching TV but those write-ups have to come from people that don't have fussy children right before bedtime. Goofy is your favorite character right now but if you even hear the music, you get so excited! (Notice the bib, which is pretty much an addition to any outfit)

*eating so many foods...peas, green beans, squash, bananas, carrots and sweet potatoes. Last night you had a gassy belly so we are watching the sweet potatoes to make sure that they aren't the culprit. Ms. B and Mommy have been making frequent visits to the Farmer's Market so we can practice making you homemade food. Might be a little too adventurous but I think I'm going to give it a try.

Monday, July 9, 2012

5 Month Photo Shoot

Ms. Amelia Jean...you are such a beautiful little girl and I think that these pictures do a great job of showing that!!  

I think I've looked through these pictures about 20 times since getting them early this afternoon. I'm in awe of my precious little girl!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Time Needs To Slow Down!

The past few days I've really noticed how fast Amelia has been growing. It literally seems like yesterday we were coming home from the hospital and now we are trying new veggies, teething and trying to sit up. Time definitely needs to slow down!

Last night we sat Amelia up in her boppy and she tried to maintain balance with a little less support than the Bumbo give her. Eventually she learned she could scoot out her booty and be a little more relaxed.

As if sitting on her boppy like a big girl wasn't enough for me to take in, we decided to put Amelia in her stroller last night without the extra support from the carseat.
I didn't know how Amelia would respond to the new seating arrangement in the stroller but I think I was secretly hoping she wouldn't like it and beg/fuss to be placed back in the comfort of her carseat. As soon as I put her down and strapped her in, I got the biggest grin from my big girl. She LOVED being able to look forward!  
I loved peeking in on her through the air vent/flap in the top of the canopy. Her little head was constantly moving from side to side...she was taking in all the houses and different sights along the walk.
I think when I saw her sitting up in the stroller, I realized that Amelia is growing fast, too fast!

I couldn't stop tearing up on our walk...my baby is no longer a baby. She is developing into her own person, which is awesome and heartbreaking at the same time.
Time, can you please slow down?!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nothing Sweeter Than....

*Using Daddy's sweatshirt to cover up on a morning walk and then noticing a sweet little foot sticking out when we get back home

*Getting out of the shower and hearing Jason singing "I'm A Little Teapot" to Amelia

*Bazzle laying on Amelia's blanket...especially when he knows he's going to get in trouble! He loves his sissy and all of her things.

*Morning, afternoon and evening chats with my mom

*Sunday afternoon naps in Mommy's arms

*Countdowns! 11 days till Grandpa and Grandma Conway are here and 22 days until the girls fly home to Missouri

*Bedtime snuggles with daddy

*Watching Muzzy spend his afternoons relaxing in the sun.

*Watching Amelia try carrots for the first time and begging for a second bite.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Getting Real

 Today I took a snapshot of our house before I left for work....thought it would be nice to get real!

Notice--Amelia sleeping in her carseat after a morning walk, a burp rag on the chair, a makeshift changing table on the couch, books on the TV stand, toys in the floor, Amelia's swing, Bazzle sleeping on Amelia's soft blanket (no matter how many times he gets in trouble, he still finds a way to snuggle up with it), baby Bjorn under the swing, Muzzy laying in the window and a paused episode of the Kardashians on the TV.

Sometimes I have to stop cleaning and picking up and just look around...life is so good!