Thursday, August 30, 2012

Surprises For Grandma

Our car, well technically the car that Jason drives, is on its last leg. It started stuttering when we lived in California (two years ago) and we just thought it was bad gas. Well now the stuttering is getting so bad that the car will die at a stoplight unless we put the car in neutral and step on the accelerator. The head gasket is blown and it will cost twice as much as the car is worth to get it fixed....eeekk!
Well, we've finally given up that our 2002 Nissan with 190,000 miles will get better. We don't want to put more money into such an old, high mileage car. We've been searching for the perfect car for our family...SUV or Car? New or Used? Price range? Monthly payments? Insurance? So many decisions and things to consider.

Jason has lived on the iPad for the last couple of months. He's made list after list of cars that might work for our family and we finally went last weekend to look at a few of the choices that we narrowed the list down to. This is where the Surprise for Grandma comes in. We told her that we didn't find a car that we liked and we would need her help when she arrives. Three heads are better than two...that's what we told her.

Truth be told--we found our family car on Saturday.
We window shopped until we found a possible winner.
We put Amelia's carseat in the backseat.
We went for a test drive on back roads and on the highway.
We fell in love.
We did a little talking.
We left, not happy with the results.
We went to another dealership in a nearby town.
We got exactly what we wanted.
We talked about it.
We prayed about it.
We called back and started the paperwork.
We get to pick up the car TODAY!

Mom arrives at the airport tonight and I'm going to pick her up in our new car. I can't believe I've been able to keep this secret from her all week. She's going to flip out. I'm smiling as I type this's going to be great!

Thankful Thursday

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One More Sleep!

I told Amelia that Grandma was coming to visit and Amelia could barely contain her excitement! 
Excited Amelia=Blurry Picture

One more sleep, baby girl! 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Brain Dump

*I love getting daily updates from Ms. B on Amelia's busy day at school. Yesterday Amelia got to experience a colorful, sparkly show when they mixed together baking soda, food coloring, glitter and vinegar.
*Last night I went to my first PIM (Partners in Medicine) book club outing. I've been anxiously waiting for an event where Jason is home to watch Amelia so I can go spend some girl time with a few of the other wives/spouses and last night it finally arrived. Lacey, a friend from the island, picked me up and we went together. Much to my disappointment, it wasn't quite what I was expecting. I got to meet about 6-7 other wives and we enjoyed some yummy snacks and some good conversation but I didn't feel like it was something that I want for my monthly "moms night out". Ladies night is in two weeks so that is bound to be a good time. I'll keep you posted.

*Jason put Amelia down last night before I left for book club and I came out of the bathroom to see the sweetest thing on the monitor. He was rubbing her back and giving her some extra love before saying Goodnight to his little girl.
*Grandma (my mom) will be here on Thursday evening. Counting down the days, hours and minutes till we can hug her neck!
*Amelia has become addicted to the big, comfy chair and the remote. I snapped this picture of her the other night. She just so happened to look up when I took the picture so it looks like she is watching TV. 

*I might have gone a little crazy at Babies 'R Us this past week. I ran in to buy a comfy insert for the grocery cart/highchair and walked out with a comfy insert and 6 Halloween costumes. Yes, I might have gone a little crazy. I couldn't decide which one was the cutest so I thought we could have a fashion show when my mom comes. Two heads are better than one when it comes to things as serious as a Halloween costume!

*Amelia has been sleeping so great at night!  She loves sleeping on her belly...just like her daddy. She sleeps about 10 hours each night, which is great, but here lately she's been so sleepy after we eat, take a walk and get dressed for school. She usually lays back down to take a little nap before school. Here she is on one of her 'tired' mornings. Such a sweet little girl!
 Happy Friday!  Can't wait to spend the weekend with the family..Daddy, Mommy and Amelia!

Taking A Trip

Down memory lane...
I put together this collage of a few of Amelia's monthly photo shoot pictures and could hardly look at the picture without choking up. Even now, as I type this, I feel a big lump in my throat. Amelia has grown so much!  Where did my 8lb. 3oz. baby girl go?
Today she is 6 months and 1 day...closer to being a year old than she is to being a newborn! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Monthly Milestones--Month 6

Amelia Bedelia,
You are half a year old is this possible?! You have been such an amazing little girl. It's been so much fun to watch you explore and learn new things. With each passing day, you are finding your independence a little more. Loving you comes so couldn't get any more precious.

Meal times are starting to get really interesting and extremely fun these past couple of weeks. We've started exploring with different foods and textures. We bought a little mesh food holder so we can put food in it and just give it to you to gnaw and eat. You had watermelon in it and you loved that you could hold it yourself.  You now think that everytime Mommy and Daddy eat, you are suppose to get something. You've tried oatmeal (the brown sugar is your favorite), spaghetti, rolls, cupcakes and anything else that is soft enough for you to eat. You've even had a few sips of water out of Mommy and Daddy's water bottle. You love the cool water but I think you love drinking like a big kid just as much! You're eating every 4 hours and you're getting a 5 oz. bottle and 2 oz. of a fruit or veggie. We tried upgrading you to the size 2 nipples on your bottles because sometimes you act annoyed that it isn't coming out fast enough but the size 2 nipples come out too fast. You aren't quite ready for those yet. I'm not so sure you have a favorite fruit or veggie right now. I'm not even sure if you have a preference of fruits over veggies. You love to eat!!

Still wearing Huggies Little Swaddlers size 2 diapers. I'm not sure if you dislike having your diaper changed or if you dislike the fact that you have to stop playing and lay down. Either way...diaper changes have turned into a two minute song singing, toy distracting fiasco. You've started straightening your legs and arching your back when it comes time to get changed. I've tried telling you that you are only prolonging the action but you haven't seem to figure that out. We've also started laying our hand across your legs, looking you in the eye and saying 'No' in a serious voice. So far that hasn't done anything but make you more aggravated.

The clothing options are endless in your closet. Mommy still struggles each morning when she needs to pick out your outfit. You're wearing size 3-6 months with the occassional 6 month outfit. Pajamas are still 6-9 months but you could probably go up to 12 month pajamas without any issues. Your little legs are so chunky that a few of your bloomers that go under your dresses are getting too tight. It's a constant battle to keep the right sized clothes in your closet. Mommy is always putting up the small outfits and hanging up some of the bigger ones. You aren't a fan of getting dressed but you can usually get distracted with a game of peek-a-boo or a toy.

Sleeping has taken a few steps back this month. We had some visits to Western Pennsylvania and Missouri and you weren't a fan of sleeping in a different place. Mommy and Daddy did their best with you but didn't want to wake the whole house so you were picked up and nursed back to sleep. BIG MISTAKE. Two weeks of this and then a week of being sick really through off the sleep routine. You've now just started getting back into your routine where you sleep all night. You've figured out that you sleep better on your side so you almost instantly turn over on your side when we lay you down at night. Most mornings when Mommy goes to get you, your butt is pushed in the air and you are on your belly. The first night you slept on your belly was August 9th...Mommy and Daddy were basket cases that night. We were constantly checking the monitor and sneaking into your room to check on you.

Here are a few more things that you are doing:

Laughing when we play peek-a-boo
Grabbing everything in reach and then throwing it down
Sitting up like a big girl in her stroller during our morning and evening walks
Rubbing the hair on the back of your neck when you get sleepy
Sitting up without support
Propping her feet up on everything--Mommy's arm when your nursing, the front of the stroller during walks, the boys when she's laying on the ground and they come to lay by you, the side of your bathtub
Stranger danger
Banging your hands on everything...usually your left hand starts first followed by your right hand
Experienced your first cold--snotty nose, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes
Kicking the side of the crib until you can get your feet in between the bumper and the crib and then you rest your feet on the top of the bumper.
Recognizing your name
Smiling and possibly recognizing yourself in the mirror
Resting your head on Mommy and Daddy's shoulder when you are getting sleepy

Amelia, you are truly the greatest gift from God. We love you!

Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

6 Month Old Girls....

 Love independence and messy meals...bananas and corn are her favorite right now!

Love wearing cute hats on cool morning walks

Can be considered too big for their cradle swing when they can pull on the overhead mobile

Can stand with support from the couch

Tomorrow Amelia will be 6 months old...HALF A YEAR!  The past few days she's definitely showing me how big girls behave and how she is leaving the baby stage in the dust!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Attack Of The Almost 6 Month Old Girl!

Amelia has become obsessed with my phone lately, like super obsessed. I guess I really can't blame her since I put it in front of her face every morning for a picture....I've created a monster! 
Here are a few pictures that I snapped during our morning photo shoot.

"Maybe if I make myself look really big and scary Mommy will hand over her really cool phone that glows and flashes in my face all the time"

"Just. a. little. bit. further. Reach, Amelia, reach!

Shortly after these pictures, I gave in and handed over my phone. Well, Little Miss decided to drool all over the case and when I went to call my mom on the drive to work, my phone wouldn't work. My phone is in an Otterbox so I didn't think that she could do any damage but I was mistaken. Her drool must have flowed down into the top ear piece because my sound stopped working for about 4 hours.
The drool has since dried and my phone is now back in working order. Thank goodness!
I guess that is what happens when 6 month old girls attack!! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ms. B!

Today is Ms. B's birthday!  Ms. B is Amelia's favorite person (outside of family, of course) and she wanted me to let everyone know about her special day today!
Amelia wanted to do something special for her so we picked out some beautiful flowers, some yummy chocolates and a cake to be delivered to school today.
Wishing Ms. B a wonderful birthday with MANY, MANY more with Amelia!

*As I typed out this post, I got this message in my inbox.

I just received beautiful flowers - what a wonderful surprise!  Amelia helped me open them just before lunch and right now I am going to open a great box of chocolates - my favorite food group!  Thank you so much you are great to work with and I love your little girl. I will treasure her photos. We put them on the wall this morning.  When we wake up we will have cake for afternoon snack.  Thanks so much!  Love, B

Friday mornings

Friday mornings are great for relaxing in Daddy's chair...pajamas half on after Mommy was lazy after a diaper change.
Notice the boys....Bazzle is nice and relaxed in the chair, oblivious to the fact that his sister is about to grab his paw and try to put it in her mouth, which will result in him being pulled out of his comfy position. Muzzy is looking for the first sign of escape. His sister's hand resting on his back is almost too much for him to handle. 

Friday mornings are great for dumping out the whole basket of toys right before school. 
Notice the toys...Amelia has tons of 'big' girl toys, including the teething girafee, Sophie, a shaking bug with crazy legs, a super stimulating butterfly and a set of multi-colored keys. Amelia grabs for the baby rattle that came with a newborn onesie and a cheap teething ring from Wal-Mart.

Friday mornings are great for kisses, especially when they come from Brother Bear!
Notice Amelia...not ready for the big, wet, sloppy kiss that is about to cover her whole face. Amelia loved the kisses because she went in for kiss #2. 

Friday mornings are great because we are SO close to the weekend!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kick Your Feet Up

Amelia has found what it means to, "sit back and kick your feet up". Such a smart little lady!

Her feet have to be propped up on something wherever she is...the stroller, the bath tub, the highchair, the carseat, etc.
She even started propping her feet up at night. She goes around the crib kicking the side of it and working the bumper down until she can get her foot on top of the bumper. It isnt' the best picture but you get the idea. Please excuse the ugly bumpers...they are breathable and they are hideous but at least they are safe!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mind Rambling

*Amelia had her first big girl food yesterday. I blended up some of Jason's spaghetti and she loved it. She couldn't get enough--sauce was everywhere!

*We went to church Sunday as a family and it was so nice. Jason was on call but thankfully he didn't paged. It was good good to drop her off at the nursery and enjoy the service together. It's been a while since we've all three been able to go...and it was so nice! He's been working so many long hours that we needed a morning together.

*Landon, a little boy Amelia goes to school with, was sent home last Thursday with chicken pox and then this morning Elijah got sent home with chicken pox. Praying Amelia doesn't get them.

*Jason took Amelia on a walk one morning when he got home from his night shift. He said he needed some bonding time with the kids (the boys included). Love him!

*I'm a little bit sad that the Olympics are over!  I guess Shark Week will have to be a replacement for the next few weeks.

*I think that we are on the tail end of the little bug that was circulating through our house. First me, then Amelia and then Jason brought up the tail end. It was a fun few weeks...Kleenex, Nyquil and suctions bulbs were in just about every room in the house the last few weeks.

*Amelia loves to arch her back when she wants to be taken out of something or when she wants put down. Perfect picture of our little lady expressing her independence. Who needs a Bumbo when you can sit like a big girl??

*Ms. B's birthday is this week. Amelia is super excited to deliver her present and homemade card to school on Friday.

*I registered Amelia on Gerber's photo search. I was going back and forth with the idea but finally gave in and made her Entry #273056. If you are the voting kind of person, I would appreciate any votes in our direction.

*We had a HUGE mushroom that popped up over night...I couldn't believe how big it grew in 8 hours!

*Amelia is all about the boys...seriously all about the boys. Anytime they get close to her, she's reaching! Bazzle does so well with getting his ears, tails and feet pulled on when he gets within an arms reach of Amelia. Muzzy...umm...not so well. He doesn't come around too often.

*Jason has worked 31 days straight with no day off. He's off this weekend so we have booked a babysitter and we are going out! We aren't sure what we are going to do...I'm researching a few ideas.

*My mom will be here in 2 weeks! Counting down the days. God is so good to our family. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't see her every couple of months.

*Getting dressed and undressed has become a serious chore!  I've had to use the FORCE to make things fun. how I referred to Star Wars when Amelia looks like Princess Leia

*So glad that today is Tuesday...only a few more days until we get a family packed weekend!

Monday, August 13, 2012

What Do We Have Here Hair?

The purpose of this picture isn't to show you how good Amelia is getting with sitting, how much she loves books or how she knows to touch the fresh, green grass on the page. It isn't even to show you how great she looks in yellow.
The purpose of this picture is to show you her HAIR!  We've been noticing lately that it is starting to get a little thicker...still light but definitely a little bit thicker! 
I still don't need to get all crazy and buy her numerous clips and bows but we're getting a little bit more hair!!
Hair is a GOOD thing!!

Swing Set Sunday

We have a park in our subdivision that we walk in front of every morning and evening with our pups. It's super close and it has two for the littlest kids and then one for bigger kids. The weather yesterday was perfect so we decided to give the park a visit. Amelia loves being outside and now that she is sitting up pretty comfortably, we thought that she would love it.

At first she was a little unsure of swinging without Mommy and Daddy holding her but it didn't take too long for her to realize that swinging is fun!

She was grinning ear to ear the whole time with a squeal associated with each push. My little lady is getting so big and these pictures are evidence of this!

I think that the swing set will be our new hangout spot for the remainder of the summer and into fall. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Sick Bug!

We've caught the bug...a little sick bug! 
Amelia's 'teething' issues might not have been teething at all. For the past few days her poor nose is constantly running, she has the most pathetic cough and sneeze and her eyes are always watering.
The past few nights have been ROUGH, like newborn rough. Poor little thing can barely get any sleep between her coughing/sneezing fits and her plugged nose.

Last night she actually slept pretty decent. She slept 8 consecutive hours before she cried out, which is a huge improvement. I think when she woke up this morning for the day, she was feeling a little bit more rested. She actually let me put her down!  No joke...she's been attached to my hip the past few days.
Fridays are usually casual days at work so I always dress Amelia comfy too. This morning we were supporting Penn State...medicine syringe and all.
I'm hoping my little lady gets feeling better!  The sick bug is no fun, no fun at all.

**Oh and to make this story even better...I got a call last night from Ms. B that Landon, another student at Amelia's school, was sent home yesterday with chicken pox. Oh my!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Smiling Through The Rough Times

After a few nights of very little sleep, swollen gums, a low-grade fever and some doses of Motrin, this mommy was able to capture a smile this morning before work.

I know I always say, "Amelia is teething" but I think it's safe to say we are in full teething mode around here.
My heart just breaks for her because she isn't able to get comfortable during bedtime so she isn't able to get good rest. She usually gets a good 10 hours+ of sleep each night and I'm not sure she's gotten a combined 10 hours of sleep the past two nights. Very little sleep makes for a irritable little girl during the day, which is totally not normal for her!

Certain times when she wakes up, she just talks to herself, tosses and turns and then eventually puts herself back to sleep where other times she's screaming out of control and there is no way she's going to put herself back to sleep.

I try and listen for the cry, the serious cry, and I'll get up, console/nurse her and then put her back down. Some mornings it takes a good 45 minutes to get her relaxed and calmed down enough to lay her down and other mornings it's the comfort of being in my arms for 5 minutes that calms her down. I don't mind getting up with her because this is totally not part of her routine but I'm nervous that she's going to get used to me coming to get her. We worked so hard to have her soothe herself back to sleep when she wakes up and we don't want her to reverting back to old ways.
Sleep training is rough!
Part of me feels guilty for even thinking this! Obviously something is wrong or she wouldn't be waking up at different times throughout the night crying but trying to find out what is wrong is the hard part. How do I know she's needing something and when she's just missing mommy?
She is the most content and happy little girl and this past week has been filled with fussy mornings and tears. I hope that this is just a phase (teething or not) so she can feel better and get back to her happy self.

Man, I wish there was a manual for things like this. The guessing game is no fun!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Boiling And Blending

Saturday afternoon, I finally started making Amelia's baby food. At first I was nervous of the amount of time it would take, the huge mess afterwards and the possibility of Amelia not even liking it. I made sure I did my research before starting the project but after a few articles, I felt educated. I got out the blender, the ice cube trays and the fruit.
We tried pluots, half apricot/half plum, for Amelia's first taste of homemade food and they turned out great. I love that each ice cube is about an ounce and a half so it's a perfect serving size for her.
5 pluots made two trays of food, which is enough food for 24 days if she eats pluots everyday. A trip to the farmers market is being planned so I can go and get some locally grown, organic goodies. I've been reading up on different recipes so I can make some yummy mixtures.
I'm so proud of myself for starting this. Not only will it make Amelia a healthier little girl but it will also make us healthier. We'll be forced to eat good food if we're taking the time to make it for Amelia.
On the healthier note, ignore the real butter (for chocolate chip cookies) and the 2 pizzas surrounding the two trays of organic fruit. Busted!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Missouri Vacation

Two weeks ago, the Conway girls headed to Missouri! Ms. B, Amelis'a teacher at school, was on vacation so we decided to make the most of her time off by taking a trip to see some family.
I was pretty nervous before the flight because Amelia is so much alert than she was during her first flight when she was 4 weeks old and I wouldn't have Jason to help me out during the flight.
Amelia was amazing! She did end up sleeping for a little bit of the flight but when she wasn't sleeping, she was playing with her toys and shredding the Sky Mall magazine to bits.
We made it to St. Louis around 7:00pm and we were greeted by Grandma and Aunt Ange.
As soon as we got in the car, we decided that the first stop on the ride home would be Steak 'N Shake. It has become our tradition everytime we go home, we have to eat at Steak 'N Shake first thing. Amelia enjoyed some tasty oyster crackers while we enjoyed burgers, fries and a yummy shake.
Thursday we spent the day with Meme, Jason's grandma. She had been looking forward to our visit for weeks so we wanted to see her early in the trip.
Meme thinks that Amelia looks just like her daddy, with the exception of those beautiful brown eyes! Those eyes are definitely my contribution...he can't take all the credit for her sweet looks.
I know Meme misses Jason terribly but I think seeing Amelia helped. We're hoping that we can get to see Meme again before the end of the year!
Grandma bought Amelia some of the cutest little outfits and we had a fashion show. My favorite little outfit was the cupcake dress. Can she get any cuter?!
We got to spend a lot of time with family...most of our time was spent out at the pool. Amelia LOVES the pool!  She floated with Grandma until she got pruny. She loved kicking her feet in the water and I loved capturing every facial expression on camera.

Jason's brother will be moving to Alaska so the kids came over to swim and spend some time with Amelia before they move. With Jason's schedule we won't be able to see them very much so it was good to see them a little bit.
Amelia loved spending time with everyone!  She loves people watching and interacting with different faces so this week home was right up her alley. Ana wanted to feed Amelia before bed one evening. Amelia was following Ana's every move so she could barely remember to open her mouth.
My brother, Blake, was reading one of his magazines to her. She just sat by him and followed right sweet!

We tried to relax out by the pool as much as possible while visiting with as many friends and family as time would allow. Amelia loved seeing Grandma, Meme, her aunts and her cousins again and I know I loved every second of it too. If Jason could have been with us, it would have been the icing on the cake.
I love going back to Missouri and I love seeing our family and friends again. Can't wait till our next visit with our whole family!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Gold Medal Girl

Look at our bright eyed, 5 month old!!  She sat up today, all by herself, as we ate our morning breakfast and watched the Olympics.

She realized what she was doing after a few seconds and would give me the biggest grin, get excited and then lose her balance. She was able to keep her balance for about 40 seconds!
If she were in the Olympics, the gymnast judges would give her a 10 for her balance and posture...definitely Mommy and Daddy's little gold medal girl!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How, Where, When And Why??

  • Where has the summer gone? It's already August 1st, which means 4 more months until December!
  • How can Amelia be the happiest little girl and give me the biggest grin for our morning picture and then immediately have a mini meltdown?

  • Why doesn't residency take families into consideration when making monthly schedules? Three days off this month, 8 over night on-call rotations and a week of swing shift makes for a tired husband, a single/lonely wife and a baby that misses her daddy.
  • Why am I obsessed with the Olympics? Swimming, gymnastics, beach volleyball, diving, volleyball, basketball...I'm tuning in to as many games as possible.
  • When did I become such a sappy, emotional person? I look at Amelia getting so big and can't help but choke back tears. I love watching her grow into her personality but dang!  I also get emotional when I look at the boys and know that Pennsylvania could be their last home. They are both getting older and it stinks!
  • Where should I look into for a puppy sitter for Jamaica? I have googled a lot of places but don't feel like I would be happy with any of them. I think I might go over and ask my neighbor this week if she would be interested.
  • What did we do before technology? iPads, iPhones and MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE have become some of Amelia's favorite things!
  • How the heck am I suppose to lose all my weight from my pregnancy when I can't even go two days with eating right and exercising? Kinda depressing...ugh!
  • Why didn't I realize sooner that drinking 70 oz. of water and a few cups of Mothers Milk Tea each day would help my milk supply?
  • How did I get so fortunate? I have a pretty amazing life amongst all the chaos. God has definitely blessed our family!