Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurrican Sandy Update And Tidbits

 Hurricane Sandy blew in to Hershey around 11am on Monday morning. The temperature dropped to into the 40s but with the high winds and the buckets of rain, it felt like it was much colder. We filled up our bathtub with water, froze 2 liter bottles and made the house a little warmer than usual just in case we lost electric. There were times were we felt like our house was going to blow off the hill but by morning, we knew we had weathered the worst of it. We made it through the storm without losing power and without any damage to the house. We had a little bit of flooding in the area and some downed trees and powerlines but overall, Sandy was nice to Hershey!
Now on to other updates...we've been busy!
  • Jason's MeMe and Uncle Ted came to visit last Wednesday (right after I got back from Missouri) and they were suppose to fly home on Monday morning. Hurricane Sandy put a damper on any airline travel so their flight was rescheduled. Well the Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning and Wednesday afternoon flights were all cancelled. As of right now, they are scheduled to go home Thursday at 2:00pm. I'm hoping that their flight doesn't get's been an interesting week!
  • We had trick-or-treating at our house on Thursday. I had to work late so I wasn't sure if Jason would get Amelia dressed up to pass out candy. I pulled into the driveway about 40 minutes into the trick-or-treating festivities to see Jason sitting on the front stairs passing out candy with our little doctor. She was clapping her hands and loving every second of it! My hubby definitely won some major brownie points! He even dug out his surgical cap to tie on her sweet!
  • Friday evening after we got home from work, we carved our pumpkins. I thought Amelia would love touching the gooey insides but she was more interested with the carving tools and the book of carving stencils. I think that the pumpkins turned out pretty good.

  • Saturday we had our family pictures done at the local orchard. We combined Amelia's 8th month pictures with family pictures this month. The pictures turned out so cute!!  We were able to squeeze in the pictures in the middle of all the rain storms.
  • Sunday we ran from store to store trying to get stocked up before the hurricane...water, milk, canned goods, formula, batteries, candles and anything else we thought was necessary just in case the hurricane hit us hard.
  • Monday and Tuesday I didn't have work because of the weather. We enjoyed some cuddle time in the house. It was so cold outside so we enjoyed staying in our pjs and lounging around the house. We made homemade playdough and read a lot of books!
  • I went to take Amelia to school today and found Ms. B sick. She has kidney stones and today she was in quite a bit of pain. Unfortunately she wasn't feeling well enough to keep Amelia so she had to go to work with me today. We actually only made it for 2 hours at the office and then we had to pack a bag so I could work from home.
  • We are 16 days away from our trip to Jamaica. We can't wait for the sun, the sand and our first family vacation!
  • I have a trip to visit Megan, Bert and Benton this weekend. They are about 3 hours away in Connecticut...Amelia needs to meet her future husband! 
  • I've been buying and wrapping Christmas gifts. I'm almost done buying presents...I just have to get them wrapped. I have a few homemade gifts that I need to get finished up, wrapped and mailed out.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Water and food have been purchased, candles are out and ready to be lit, laundry is clean and we are ready for Sandy's arrival.
I'm hoping she's kind to the East coast....stay tuned!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Monthly Milestones--Month 8

Where is the time going?!  You're growing so much that it's hard to remember back to when you were a baby. This month has been another month full of growth and learning experiences. You make each day so much better...seriously, so much better!!

You are still such a great eater. This month we've really expanded in the eating department. You pretty much eat off of our plates and you've even started to show us which foods you prefer over others. You nurse first thing in the morning and then you have 3-6oz. bottles throughout the day (9a, 12p, 3p) and a 7oz. bottle before bed at 7:00p. You eat 4oz of fruits and veggies through the day and then you get a little bit of the food that Ms. B cooks for the other kids or some food that Mommy and Daddy make for dinner. You can hold your bottle but you usually like to explore around with your hands and let someone else hold the bottle. You are pretty good at throwing your bottle out of your mouth when you are full. You've also bit Mommy a few times during our morning feed so I'm not sure how much longer you'll be allowed to nurse.

You're still in Pampers Swaddlers size 2 diapers during the day. We've started putting you in Pampers size 3 diapers during bedtime and you seem to do much better in them. We had a few leaks during bedtime so we decided that we needed to put you in a bigger size. Diaper changes are going a little bit better. We've started giving you a stern look and saying 'no' when you try to kick or flip over. You usually lay still and give us a sweet little definitely know how to use your cuteness!

Clothing is so much fun!  Right now, you're in 9 month clothes with a few 12 month outfits sprinkled in the mix. Some outfits are huge on you and others are tight. Mommy has learned to not judge the outfit by the size on the tag, but instead by holding it up to your body. Your onesies are sill 6 months but Mommy won't buy anything right now that isn't 9 months or bigger since you're growing so fast. You HATE socks and shoes and it usually takes you about 2 seconds to rip them off and throw them as far away from you as you can. You've even started to help Mommy get you dressed. Once your arm gets in the arm hole, you'll extend out your arm and push your arm through the sleeve. You still aren't a big fan of winter hats but with winter rapidly approaching, you'll have to learn to like them.

You're such a sleeping champ!  Right now you are trying to change around your bedtime routine and we might have to add an extra step in to accomodate the fact that you are getting better. Around 6:40p, you eat some dinner and then you get in the bath. You're no longer taking a bath in the baby bath're in the big tub with fun toys! After your bath, you get dressed and you eat your bedtime bottle. You usually go right down to bed around 7:15-7:30p and you sleep until 4:30-5:00a.
Here recently you'll eat your bedtime bottle and want down to play for a little bit before going to bed. This is where we try to read to you and say your prayers before putting you to bed. You've also had a few mornings where you've slept in until 6:00a or you'll get up at 4:30a to eat and then you're back in bed for another couple of hours. Mommy and Daddy have heard you a few mornings babbling to yourself and're too cute!

Here are a few more things that you've been doing this month:

*Laying on your belly and doing a 360 degree turn to get something
*Pushing off with your feet while sitting up to move around
*Blowing spit bubbles during dinner
*Rubbing your tongue over your bottom teeth...constantly
*Brushing your teeth (alone and with help)
*Opening the TV stand
*Dancing (bouncing) when their is music playing
*Getting pruny in the bath...I have to pull you out of the water
*Rubbing your hair patch on the top of your head when you get sleepy
*Clapping your hands
*Waving bye-bye
*Crawling/Pushing yourself backwards
*Sucking out of a straw
*Feeding yourself (small bites of chicken, cheese)
*Finding the tags on EVERYTHING and chewing on them
*Squealing/screaming in between your babble talk
*Playing shy when a stranger talks to you
*Crying for Mommy when she leaves you at school
*Getting excited when you

I almost couldn't believe it when I reached into the bag for your 8 month sticker. There are only 4 more stickers left until your first birthday sticker. You're the most loveable, personable,'go-with-the-flow' kid that I know. You're always up for an adventure and you're always trying to see everything. I can tell when you're focusing in on something that you're taking it all in. I'm so thankful that you're our little gift from've definitely made our lives so much better.
We love you to the moon and back
Mommy and Daddy

Unexpected Trip To Missouri

Thursday on a trip back from Philadelphia I got a text from my siblings regarding my dad.
Dad had open heart surgery the first week of October and he suffered quite a few complications. I kept putting off going home because of Amelia, the travel and work. After some not so good updates, I talked with Jason and decided that I needed to go home to check in on dad. Dad's right side is paralyzed (hopefully with therapy will get mobility back) and he's struggling with his memory. He had two strokes located on the side and front of his brain so I got home from work, picked up Amelia, ordered our tickets, packed our bags and headed to bed. Our flight was scheduled for 6:30am on Friday about a rushed afternoon. We have some busy weeks planned ahead so a spur of the moment trip seemed like the best option. At 5:00am, I was wondering why I decided to fly out so early!
We got into St. Louis around 9:30am and our first stop was Steak-n-Shake. Don't ask me why but everytime we fly home, Steak-n-Shake is first on the list. We enjoyed a yummy burger and milkshake for breakfast.
After we had full bellies, we headed to the hospital to see dad. After texting for weeks, I was unsure of how I would feel to see him in his situation. It was tough at first but after realizing how far he has come, I was thankful. From life support to sitting up...I'll take it!
Amelia was the main attraction on that hospital floor...she was the best medicine my dad could have asked for! Everyone had been telling Dad that morning that Amelia was on her way. Dad's memory hasn't been the best after his strokes so they kept repeating "Amelia's coming" all morning. When we walked in, he opened his eyes, smiled and said "Hi, Amelia" . He knew exactly who Amelia was so sweet!
We stayed at the hospital for as long as Amelia would tolerate and then we headed to my sister's house to spend the night. We had a fun welcome sign on the chalkboard painted wall. We finished up the night with a game of Monopoly...electronic Monopoloy is definitely the way to go!
Saturday morning we stopped at a cute pumpkin farm on the way to the hospital. Amelia loved playing outside...she is definitely a country girl at heart!
We headed back to the hospital and were shocked to see a totally different side of dad laying on the hospital bed. Dad had been transferred to another hospital and the move really made him exhausted and disoriented. We didn't stay long at the really needed his rest. The St. Louis zoo is right beside the hospital so we decided to go and see some animals.

The carousel and the raspberry slurpie were the cherry on top of our zoo sundae. It was such a fun and relaxing way to spend a stressful day.

Sunday morning we headed to the hospital and we were detoured due to the Rock 'N Roll Marathon/Half Marathon. Since we aren't familiar with the area, we weren't able to get to the hospital. We postponed the visit with dad and headed to my cousin's house where we met up with my aunt, uncle and cousins. Amelia got to meet Reid, her cousin, who is 18 months and full of energy.
Reid was showing Amelia all of his fun toys. The trike was the most fun...Reid was giving Amelia rides through the house. She loved sitting on the big does she look?!
We decided to spend the beautiful day at the zoo. The zoo is free so what better way to spend a Sunday. Amelia loved watching all the animals through the glass.
The stroller became an issue with her early on so we sat her in the wagon. Reid wanted to walk behind the wagon and Amelia loved the space that the wagon offered. Two happy kiddos is always a good thing.
Monday morning we headed back to the hospital. My grandparents came up to see him so we got to introduce them to Amelia. Amelia was going through 'stranger danger' that day so she was a little unsure of being in anyones arms but her mamas. Grandpa and Grandma thought she was pretty special!
Dad seemed to be having a great day and Amelia loved giving him extra love and attention. Today was a great day for us to visit!
We made sure we gave extra lovin' to Dad because we were scheduled to fly home on Tuesday. I'm so glad that he had a great day for our last day in Missouri! 
Tuesday morning we were packing bags and getting ready for our flight home. We got to the airport around 11:00 for our 1:00 flight. Traveling alone with Amelia has taught me to always get there early...expect the unexpected!!
After we boarded, spent 1.5 hours on the plane, the flight crew decided that a tail sensor needed repairing so we had to unboard and reschedule our trip. Instead of waiting in the line at the ticket counter, we called Delta and the next time to fly out was 5:00pm. We made ourselves comfy on the floor for our 4 hour delay and then we said our prayers before jumping on the plane to Cincinnati.
We missed Jason and wanted to get home to see him! 
We arrived safe and sound in Cincinnati but once we were there, that plane was having issues. We waited around for 1.5 hours and we were eventually given a totally new plane. Once we boarded the new plane, then we were smooth sailing to Harrisburg.
Amelia was exhausted when we finally arrived to Harrisburg at 11pm...screaming, sleepy kids and airports don't mix!

We headed to baggage to meet Jason, who looked better than ever, only to find out that our baggage was left in Cincinnati. What a rough day!! 
I didn't care that we were home late, that our luggage was left in Cincinnati or that Amelia was completely worn out...we were home! 
The trip to Missouri was great!  We were so glad to see Dad and give a little support to the family.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I'm so thankful for this sleepy-eyed little girl.
She makes each day so amazing!

The onesie was too cute to pass up. It says, "I love to HAUNT with my daddy". Yes, I found it in the little boy section but since Jason is a hunter, I couldn't resist. I paired it with some black leggings that have ruffles on the bottom so hopefully that helps show her girlie side a little.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Accidental Pajama Day

This morning after breakfast, we went to Amelia's closet to pick out the cutest little outfit for her Wednesday at school. I came across this super cute shirt and was going to put it with some jeans. I grabbed the hanger and realized that it had some pants with it...score!
I changed her out of her pajamas and put her in the sweetest little outfit. Who doesn't love an outfit with colorful cheerios and striped pants?! 
I packed up for work (pump, purse, lunch) and grabbed Amelia's things and headed for the door. On the walk down the stairs I realized that her outfit looked a little too comfy. As soon as her carseat hooked into the car, it hit me. She's wearing pajamas. I literally changed her out of her pajamas and put a new set of pajamas on her. Talk about embarassing...I can't believe I didn't realize it until we were already in the car.

Instead of running back upstairs to start the morning process again, I just drove to work. Our town is in the middle of homecoming week and they had PJ day on Monday so who says that Amelia can't participate too?!  She's participating just a few days late...better late than never..HA!

I apologized and apologized to Ms. B this morning for dropping off Amelia in her pajamas but her outfit was overlooked when Amelia started talking and smiling. I know that my little ladybug will be so comfy today at school and that's all that matters!

As I sit here typing out this blog, I realize how blind I was to her outfit. Her shirt has a bowl of cereal, breakfast cereal, on it!  How did I not realize that she was wearing a pair of pajamas. I need more sleep...UGH!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

48th Annual National Apple Festival

We decided that we would spend a day at the National Apple Festival....Jason finally had a weekend off and we were determined to make the best of it. The festival was on National Geographic's Top 10 Festivals in the Country for 2012.
We left in the morning...Amelia is also a little more patient in the morning and we wanted a calm hour plus drive. We got to the field, parked the car and took a bus ride to the festival. Amelia was pretty much in awe during the loading/unloading process. She's a definite people person and the more people that walked by her, the happier she was.

How freaking cute is she...I could almost squeal!  Matching hat and mittens...too much for this mama to handle!
The festival was filled with a lot of fun crafts, games, expos and food vendors. We walked up and down the different aisles and saw all that there was to offer. Probably one of the most fascinating sections was the wood carving section. There were men (and a woman) with chainsaws cutting huge logs into sculptures...pretty amazing.
Jason and Amelia were watching tractor line dancing. It was pretty awesome watching the tractors make such tight turns and not run into each other. Amelia loved the loud noise!

Jason is so proud of his little lady. I've never seen a grown man more excited to put on the Baby Bjorn and walk around with his baby on his chest. He insisted that he carry her throughout the festival so she could see more than sitting down low in her stroller. I think he wanted to carry her to get all the attention for the older women..HA! 
We had such a great day exploring the festival and eating all the yummy food. Amelia tried apple cider (fresh, organic and squeezed out of an apple in front of our eyes), an apple fritter and some apple butter on homemade bread. We couldn't get enough apple goodies to Amelia fast bite and she was hooked!
We left the festival, made it down the road 3-4 miles and we had to pull over to tend to a dirty diaper. Notice the change of clothes, no pants and one sock pulled was one heck of a dirty diaper.
The Apple Festival was a great way to spend our Sunday together. Amelia loved it and we loved starting a new tradition with her. Next year she will love running around, looking at all the animals and eating more apple goodies.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Books, Books And More Books

Yesterday when we got home we had an Amazon box waiting on our door step. We didn't get to open it last night in between our evening walk, dinner, bath and bedtime. As soon as we woke up (4:45am) this morning, Amelia got to open her package.

She got some fun books from Grandpa and Grandma Conway. At first she was all about the plastic wrapping and the paper but eventually figured out the books were a lot cooler! 
Right now Amelia is all about touching everything and the different textures so the touch and feel book was the one that she was drawn to.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the books...we love having variety during story time!
Sorry for the dark daughter thinks she needs to beat the sun up most mornings. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Amelia Loves Mail

Yesterday we got a package from Grandma and Amelia loved opening the card. The orange envelope and the bright owl Halloween card were a highlight of our evening. She managed to pull the card out of the envelope by biting on the card...pretty impressive.
She eventually figured out that the owl had a soft patch of hair so she became fascinated with the soft hair.
Last week her cousins, Brock and Ana, sent Amelia some fun Halloween books. She is all about her books right now so those books are part of our daily playtime. I think last weekend I read and re-read those books about 5 times.

Amelia loves getting mail, especially when it is fun Halloween cards and books!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5K Fun Run

A few weeks ago, I signed up for a 5K. The 5K was to support our church's daycare and our spouse's group, Partners in Medicine, was going to participate. I knew that if I didn't pay the $25 then I would back out and not think twice about it. Jason was on call so he couldn't run it with me so it was so much harder to keep the race date in mind...the fact that I paid the money was pretty much the only force pushing me!
Saturday morning we loaded up the stroller, put on our running clothes and go to the race with 10 minutes to spare. I don't know what it is about kids but regardless of what time I start getting ready, we're almost late to everything!
We signed in and was told that the race was about the start. I barely had time to hook the timing chip on my shoelace and put on my number before the race began. I don't know what it is about a race but I love the adrenaline rush that I get at the beginning of a race.
It didn't take long for the adrenaline to fade and heavy breathing to kick in. The course was through a beautiful back road...quiet, canopied with trees and hilly. I'm not sure there was more than 1 mile that was flat and straight, which made for an interesting run.
I made it to the turn around point without feeling completely exhausted but the second I had to turn around at a dead end, it hit me. I haven't ran further an 1.5 miles since we lived in California...two years ago! I tried to get my mind off of the running and focus on everything around me. At one point, I made a point to run right through a big pile of leaves. I loved the crunching sound under my feet and the wheels of the stroller.
We made the final turn to the finish line and I got a huge breath of life. We pushed ourselves to the very end and we finished strong. Everyone was cheering for the only stroller pushing mama and her adorable little girl. Amelia loved all the cheers and so did her mama! We finished in 38:43...not great but not horrible for not training.
We finished the race and made our self comfortable on a blanket with some water and fruit. Amelia could barely focus on her breakfast with all the fun activities that were going on.
For the kids, they had face painting, people make fun balloon hats and swords, a playground and fun carnival games. Next year Amelia will love this fun run...she'll be the one running 
We played on the playground for a little bit before heading home to snuggle up, get warm and take a nap.
I would say that our first 5K was a success. Can't wait for our next run...hopefully we can run it as a family!

Friday, October 5, 2012

7 Month Photo Shoot

This month we decided to do pictures in her Halloween costumes before the weather decided to take a turn for the cold and rainy. 

I'm not sure which costume I love more on her...she didn't seem to mind any of them. She wasn't a huge fan of the lion headpiece but she didn't make too much of a fuss. It's going to be difficult picking out my favorite for the few Halloween frames that we have around the house.
What do you think...which one is your favorite?