Friday, November 30, 2012

Taking A Road Ride

Amelia went to school late this morning because we had a visit with the research nurse --only 3 more visits in the study. When we got to Ms. Bs they were getting on their coats and about to head outside. They try to get outside a little bit each day depending on the weather and this morning was pretty nice for late November so the kids were excited to get out and play. We threw on Amelia's coat and headed out. We decided to see how she would do in a little car instead of on the ground. There is still some snow on the ground and I know that if she was on the ground that she would scoot as fast as her little legs would take her to explore the cold snow. Amelia was in heaven the second that her booty sat in that cold seat...her smile from ear to ear proves that!
We tried out both of the pink with a white front and one with a yellow front. The pink car with the yellow front had a honkable horn so that was definitely Amelia's choice!  She was spinning the steering wheel and kicking her feet as fast as her hands and feet would allow. Her feet would barely reach the ground but once she figured out she could push off, Amelia had her little car moving throughout the playground.
The picture below is Amelia smiling at Ms B. She was so excited that she could barely contain herself. It's almost as if she's saying, "See Ms. B...I told you I could handle this pink beauty!"
I wonder how many times she has been outside and wished to be riding in one of the cars along with the big kids. Today was her day and she was loving every second of it.

I could hardly force myself to leave for work. I loved watching her smile, get excited and push that pink little car all over that playground. Safety first little one, safety first!

40 Weeks + 1 Day

This little angel has official been in her Daddy and Mommy's arms for 40 weeks and 1 day, which is exactly how long she was inside her Mommy's tummy.
We are completely and utterly in love with our little girl. We are so blessed!

I'm Thankful...

Day 29: November 29, 2012
I'm thankful for my mom, her giving spirit, her constant support and uplifting words and her ability to make the best cheeseburgers!
Day 30: November 30, 2012
I'm thankful for everything that God has given to our family. We are blessed beyond measure and I couldn't come close to listing out all the things that I'm thankful for.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sweet Happenings

  • Jason was on call Tuesday and he didn't get off until Wednesday morning. The last time he saw Amelia was Monday evening before she went to bed because he went in to work Tuesday morning when she was still asleep. He met us at Ms. B's when he got off so he could give his little lady some love. She was so excited to see him! She's now in a phase where she wants down but she doesn't want to crawl. She wants to walk everywhere holding on to your hands...such a cutie!
  • This adorable handprint Christmas tree is hanging on the wall at Ms. Bs. The top layer is Amelia's handprints. I love how she is included in all of the fun activities that the older kids do. I think her handprints are just about the sweetest little row on the tree.
  • Amelia is getting where she wants to give mouth, slobber and a lot of tongue!  Her little hands reaching into my hair and yanking pulling me in for a kiss, melt my heart.
  • We are in stage 2 of babyproofing. For some reason our house has no overhead lighting in the rooms. We didn't think anything about it when we bought the house because we were able to find some cute stand up lights. Stand up lights work great for a house without a toddler but not so great for houses where a little one is trying to pull up on everything. Four ceiling fans were bought yesterday and an electrician is installing them on Wednesday.
  • We bought a Powerball ticket last night (spur of the moment idea)...can't go wrong winning $387.2 million dollars!  Jason decided to pick our birthdays instead of a random drawing. Look closely...a few numbers match!  I think we ended up winning $12..HA! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What A Morning!?

My Wednesday started at 3:00am this morning with Amelia screaming from her crib. She's been sleeping like a champ since we have been back from Jamaica so this early morning fussing was totally unexpected. I turned the volume down and decided to give her 5-10 minutes to see if she would calm herself down and go back to sleep. After 10 minutes she had enough...she was hysterical. I turn on the video to see that she had pulled herself up in her crib and she couldn't figure out how to get back down.
I felt horrible. I rushed into her room to find a toddler, not a baby, begging to be picked up. Since she had cried for awhile there was no way that she was going to go back to sleep. She was wide-awake and ready for the day.
We sat in the dark (the Christmas tree was our only light), on the floor, read books and played a little while before I got the grand idea to get a few chores done around the house. I left all the lights off, minus the tree, because I was secretly hoping Amelia would get tired and go back to sleep. Doing chores in a dark house isn't as easy as I thought but I was able to get some laundry done and the bathrooms cleaned.
Our refrigerator was running low on drinks so I decided to fill it up with Snapples, water, soda and Muscle Milk. I pulled out all the extra drinks out of the hall closet, sat the Muscle Milks to the side and began filling the fridge. As I was walking back to the fridge with an arm full of drinks, I crushed a Muscle Milk. The chocolate milk shot everywhere. It was literally like something you would see on MythBusters or something. Total Mess. Everywhere.
Amelia heard the explosion and she was right in the middle of the mess. I had to snap a picture even though I was having a major freak out moment because the chocolate protein shake was everywhere. Shortly after I took this picture, Amelia grabbed the Muscle Milk package that was beside her and decided to crawl down the hallway with it. I cleaned up the mess the best I could with soap and a rag and then opted to get out the carpet cleaner to make sure that all of the chocolate stain was pulled out of the carpet. Thankfully between the soapy rag and the carpet cleaner, the muscle milk stain came out but Amelia was WIDE awake and Mommy was REALLY tired.
Probably around 5:30am, Amelia decided that she tired and she wanted to go back to bed.
Yes...all of the commotion happened before most people's alarm clocks go off.

I know God is giving me mornings like this to cuddle with Amelia because in a few months, she'll be too big to cuddle and snuggle with Mommy in the early morning. There is nothing like snuggling with a warm baby that smells like baby lotion with the Christmas tree twinkling in a dark house. Nothing.

I'm looking forward to ending the day with a nice warm, relaxing bath and an early bedtime.

Happy Wednesday!

I'm Thankful...

Day 27: November 27, 2012
I'm thankful for the opportunity to apply for an Assistant Director position with my organization. The first interview was a success. The second interview with the Dean is in the near future.
Day 28: November 28, 2012
I'm thankful Christmas traditions. I love that we have started traditions with Amelia and for our future children. I love making memories for us and our family.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monthly Milestones--Month 9

*Please excuse the picture. This is about the best I could get from this active little girl. The snotty nose wasn't planned but overlooked. Like I was the best I could get!


You are still the best little eater. You are still nursing in the morning, right when you wake up, and then you have some yogurt/fruit for breakfast. You take 8 oz. bottles three times throughout the day and then you have finger foods for lunch and snack. You eat just about anything that we put in front of you. The new things you tried this month were mango, papaya, avocado, mushrooms, tomatos, seafood, guacamole, beans and rice, plaintain, pineapple and the list goes on and on. You love to drink out of your sippy cup. We tried Pedialyte with you this month because you've been a little under the weather. You also just started to want to hold your bottle by yourself. It's so cute to watch you crawl through the house with your bottle.

You are wearing Huggies size 3 diapers. You still have a few size 2 diapers that we are trying to get through but I have a feeling that we are pushing the limits! Diaper changes still aren't some of your best moments. You are on the go 24/7 so when we make you stop for a second, you aren't happy about it.

You are wearing 9-12 month clothes. Since it is getting cold outside, you are usually layered with a 9 month outfit on the bottom and topped off with a 12 month sweater, vest or jacket. Pants are 12 months because of your long legs. Mommy put you in a pair of 6-9 month pants the other day and they looked like capris on you. You are finally getting where you'll leave your socks on throughout the day. Shoes are another issue. You still throw them off just as fast as I can put them on.

Sleep has gotten much better now that your two teeth have decided to pop through. We start your bedtime routine around 6:30p and you are in bed around 7-7:15p. Most days you sleep until 4:30-5:00a and then you want to be nursed and you'll fall back asleep until 6-6:30a. Since we got back from vacation, you've been going to sleep at 6:00p and waking up around 6:00a. We must have worn you out!  Naps are still great. At school you take one big nap (12:00-3:00) but when you are home, we take two naps (10am and 2pm). You are always so happy and pleasant when you wake up from a nap.

Here are a few more things that you've been up to this month:

*Got your final flu shot
*First international travel...finally got to use the passport
*Signed 'more' for the first time on November 3rd and you've done it about 100 times since.
*Scooting on your booty across the floor.. and scotting fast!
*Reaching, pulling, yanking, licking, eating, grabbing EVERYTHING
*Third tooth popped through on Friday, November 2nd, 2012
*Clapping (you actually started doing this last month, I just forgot to add it)
*Sleeping in a crib that is dropped down to the lowest setting
*Getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth (and moving a few crawls forward)
*The boys' water bowl is your all-time favorite toy
*Saying "baba", "dada" and "mama"
*Pulling up on things (first time was November 20th)
*Sitting up in her crib
*Fourth tooth pooped through on Sunday, November 18th, 2012
*Taking baths in the big more baby tub
*Giving High 5s
*Making a squishy face when you smile
*Trying to drink the bath water
*Throwing yourself back on pillows and rolling around like a crazy girl on them

Here are your stats from your 9 month checkup.

Head: 17 5/8 inches (75%)
Weight: 18.8 pounds (41%)
Length: 29 inches (88%)

After taking our first family vacation this month, we've realized how great of a little traveler you are. You rarely fuss and you are the most friendly and content little girl. We love to watch you explore and learn about your surroundings.
Keep learning, baby girl.
Mommy and Daddy

Here are a few outtakes that we managed to take of you. The monthly pictures are becoming more and more difficult. Looking at the camera isn't as exciting as the Christmas tree. (How sweet are those leg rolls?!)

Monday, November 26, 2012

I'm Thankful...

Day 26: November 26, 2012
I'm thankful for a curious and adventurous little girl. Amelia is so eager to learn new things and I love that about her.
Learning new things means more barriers throughout the house. Baby gate at the top of the stairs is installed and working perfectly!

We're Back!

We're back in the good 'ole USA!

It's safe to say that our first family vacation was a huge success. Amelia was an angel the entire time (give the girl some water and a few toys and she is set!)
Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to upload right now. After making a list and checking it twice for the trip, I forgot our camera. Our first family vacation and this mama forgot the camera. Thank goodness for Chris because he took a lot of pictures on the trip. As soon as I get the disk of pictures, I'll make a recap of our super fun week in the sun.
Until then, here are a few pictures that we took with our cellphone.


Stay tuned for an update with a ton of pictures!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'm Thankful....

Day 13: November 13, 2012
I'm thankful for birthdays!  God has allowed us to celebrate each year of life with a super special birthday! Happy 29th Birthday, Jason!
Day 14: November 14, 2012
I'm thankful for kindness. Some days when life gets you down, you witness an act of kindess and it makes you realize the bigger picture. There is a rainbow(or unicorn as Kelle would say) in every just have to find it.
Day 15: November 15, 2012
I'm thankful for my family's and my own personal health. We've been relatively healthy, with a few sickness bouts here and there. Overall, my family is healthy and for that I'm thankful.
Day 16-Day 25: November 16-25, 2012
I'm thankful for family time even when our family is spread out across the country. Family is so important to us and I'm glad that we make an effort for family time.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Out Of The Office...

We're flying to Jamaica right now.
I'll be back the last week of November with tons of stories and pictures from our trip!

So excited for this family time!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


This week has been a week...a rough week. Amelia has been great but I feel like the week was so rushed and we didn't get to spend much quality time with her. Insert a little bit of working mommy guilt. Jason as been on call a few days this week and I've been running to two and three meetings a day with work. Dropping Amelia off earlier than normal and picking her up later that we want just made for a crappy week!

I was feeling pretty down on the drive to work this morning because all Amelia wanted to do was cuddle and we just didn't have time for it. I was running from room to room in the house trying to get bags packed for school, get ready for work and eat breakfast. She would scoot into each room to follow and then the second she would get to the room I was in, I would run to another room to get something else done. She would let out a big fuss and just scoot into the next room to follow. I didn't want to leave her but I just had to get everything together so I could make it to my meeting on time. I tried to sing "If You're Happy and You Know It" and do the movements but it didn't seem to make up for the fact that she wanted to be held.

I got to my meeting (about an hour drive) and I got the sweetest text. Texts that include pictures are awesome but texts that include pictures of my little lady are the best!!  Elijah was being a big helper and feeding 'Mia'. He isn't great at saying Amelia so she instantly become 'Mia' at school and she doesn't mind one bit.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I typed back "Sweet little girl. Mommy loves her". Vacation couldn't have come at a better time. We need to reconnect as a family and reconnecting as a family on the beach sounds like perfection!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Face Time

Jason was on call yesterday and into this morning so he didn't get to come home and be a part of our nightly bedtime routine. He wanted to Face Time us before bed but he didn't call until Amelia was already in bed. He had a busy OR schedule so the fact that he even called was surprising.
He was set on seeing Amelia so I agreed to walk in with a flashlight so he could see her. He told her good night and that he loved her--I told him to whisper because I didn't want her waking up (HA)

I had to get a was too sweet of a moment to not capture.
We hate it when Jason isn't home with us but we realize that this is part of the experience. Thank goodness for modern technology!  What did we do before flashlights and Face Time?!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Cutest Mess Maker In Pennsylvania!

I wanted to be sure I documented Amelia's fascination right now with clothes and shoes. 
If there is a pair of shoes across the room, she'll scoot on her booty until she reaches the shoes. I think it has something to do with the laces.
Not only does she like shoes, but she LOVES clothes. She's constantly going through her diaper bag, throwing out all the clothes and trying to put them on. I was able to snap some pictures of her trying to wear the changing pad. Silly girl!
Her favorite spot is behind the chair in the living room. We always throw our dirty clothes behind the chair and then we carry them downstairs to the washroom when we leave in the morning. We have a hamper but we never use it...I'm not a fan of dirty clothes sitting in a hamper for days. I like it to be in my laundry room so I can keep track of it. Amelia takes advantage of her OCD mama and loves to go behind the chair and drag out all the clothes. She drags them out and tries to put them on...when nothing fits she moves on to the next piece of clothing.
She is so cute exploring everything. Sometimes I feel like I can see the wheels in her brain just a spinning. This mama is not one to discourage a learning baby (unless it would harm her) so I spend a lot of my free time cleaning up messes.

Just A "To-Do-List" Kind Of Weekend

The most important thing about this weekend....DADDY WAS HOME!
The number one thing on the list was to spend time with Daddy and we made sure that we made an effort to get this accomplished.Saturday we stayed in for the morning because we had a lot on our to-do-list. The fall decorations needed taken down (yes, I'm already moving forward to Christmas), the cars needed to be washed, we needed to buy groceries, our suitcase needed to be packed, laundry needed to be done and the outside of the house needed to be winterized (grill cleaned and put away, hose put away, etc).
Even though the to-do-list was big, we made sure to play with Amelia and have her be included in the chores. She loved helping me hang up laundry...or maybe I should say she loved helping me drag out everything from her closet. After a busy morning of chores, we made an appointment for some Mommy-Daughter pedicures. We can't have plain toes for the beach so I added a pedicure to the to-do-list. Amelia crashed for a nap at noon and our appointment was at 2:00pm. I thought that it would be perfect because she would be well rested. Well at 1:40pm, she was still asleep and Jason told me to just let her sleep. I don't know how I lucked out and got a free pedicure pass...yay for me! Jason later told me that he really enjoyed staying home with Amelia. It gave them some great Daddy-Daughter time. Right now, Amelia is all about her Mommy so if I'm around, Daddy gets forgotten. I loved looking through this phone at the pictures that he took of their time together. He did a good job of documenting! Since Amelia missed the pedicure, I decided to give Amelia a pedicure with the perfect shade of pink. She did so good with me painting her toenails. She wasn't so concerned with her toes...she was all about the polish and the brush!
Hot pink toes for Mommy and Amelia!  We're officially ready for the beach!
Saturday evening we went out to dinner with some friends for Jason's weekend birthday celebration. Technically his birthday isn't until tomorrow but since everyone has crazy work schedules, the weekend seemed like the best option.
We decided to rest up on Sunday since our Saturday was so busy. We finished up a few things on our list that we didn't get to and tried to enjoy the day. We ran a few errands to Babies 'R Us (for a baby gate and some sippy cups), Kohls (for an interview outfit) and to AT&T (for Jason's a new cellphone). Yes, I'm applying for a new job. The position is still with the same organization but it would be for an Assistant-Director position. I'm pretty excited about the possibility but trying to leave it in God's hands.
Our weekend was so productive. We would have liked to go and do some touristy things but we had so much that needed to get done before our trip.

I'm Thankful...

Day 10: November 10, 2012
I'm thankful for early morning cuddles from the sweetest little girl!
Look how long she looks...she reaches all the way across the rocking chair.
Day 11: November 11, 2012
I'm thankful for my two boys (pups) and how they love me no matter what. They have been with us from the very beginning and I'm so glad that they've been part of each of our life chapters.
Day 12: November 12, 2012
I'm thankful for a great, relaxing weekend with the family, our WHOLE family!  Daddy wasn't on call and it was so great to have him home with us!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Five little hotpink toenails means five more days until we will be on the beach for our first family vacation! Getting super excited!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Puffie Practice

Yesterday I bought a cute little container for Amelia's puffies. I wanted her to get used to it before we flew out on vacation next week so I thought we could start practicing this morning. The lid is soft and split so she can get her hand in to get the puffies but she can't dump them all out. 
It didn't take too long and she figured out how to hold the side in, hold the container upside down and dump puffies all over the floor. I think we might need just a little bit more practice..HA!
Bazzle didn't mind Amelia learning with her new puffie container. He kept walking in front of her, batting his sweet eyes and snagging a puffie or two.

I'm Thankful...

Day 9: November 9, 2012
I'm thankful for phone calls from Jason when he is on call to tell us Good Night. He calls and this little lady lights up. He called the other evening while we were in the bath. I snapped this picture of her while he was talking to her on speakerphone. Such a sweet moment.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I'm Thankful...

Day 5: November 5, 2012
I'm thankful that I have a an awesome group of friends that I can call anytime and get a free therapy session.
Day 6: November 6, 2012
I'm thankful that I live in a country where I can vote, use my voice and have values and ideas that exercise my freedom of speech and religion.
Day 7: November 7, 2012
I'm thankful that I have a warm house, plenty of food in the refrigerator and a reliable car.
Day 8: November 8, 2012
I'm thankful for laughter. Laughter is the best medicine, laughter is contagious and laughter is good for the soul.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mommy's Big Helper

Amelia has been doing things lately that just surprise me. She's been acting like such a big girl and it seems like she is learning and exploring so much right now.

She helps Mommy unload the dishwasher...
Notice she is still wearing her skeleton pajamas, which are one of the few pairs that still fit her long legs. I can't make myself put her in 12 month for now, we are still in the Halloween spirit.
She helps Mommy feed Muzzy his morning breakfast...
When the food pebbles hit his bowl, she comes scooting into the kitchen as fast as she can.
She reads Time magazine during her free time so she can stay up-to-date and educated...
Notice one sock is kicked off and the other one is barely hanging on.
She reaches in for a handful of puffies (10 for the pups and 1 for her)...
Notice how she has two best friends when she has her puffies.
She helps Mommy do a little online shopping for the Jamaician vacation next week...
Notice how she is biting her top lip. One of the two top teeth has popped through!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

8 Month Photo Shoot

Our 8 month photo shoot was done at an apple orchard and I LOVE how they turned out. The weekend of the photo shoot was the same weekend that MeMe was in town so we made sure to get some pictures with Jason, her and Amelia.
Enjoy these sweet pictures...I'm in love with my little family and I'm so thankful that I have these sweet pictures!



Sorry for the picture overload...I couldn't pick out my favorite!