Monday, December 31, 2012

Photo Shoot--10 Months

Amelia's 10 month photo shoot went so much better than the last one. Props to play with are a must for this age. We captured her sweetness so perfectly!  She looks so delicate and precious...I could pinch those sweet little cheeks!  

Amelia, The Snow Bunny

Pennsylvania got a few more inches added to the Christmas snow a few days later and we were determined to get Amelia out in it! 
There is nothing more exhausting than getting a little one all dressed and bundled for a fun moring out in the snow. Layer and layer of clothes under the biggest, bulkiest coat does not make for a easy time. Once we bundled up and headed outside, Amelia was in heaven. She loves the texture of snow and she was completely amazed and excited to be outside in it.
I took this picture of our footprints...I love it!  My big girl was walking outside in big girls shoes and in the sweet!
She isn't a fan of shoes and she definitely isn't a fan of walking in them, so in seconds she wanted to sit down. She had the biggest smile on her face the whole time.

She even decided that she liked how snow tasted. Her gloves were covered with so much snow from scooting around and I guess it was too tempting to not give the stuff a try. Once she got one taste, she was constantly eating snow off of her gloves.
Here is my monkey girl scooting down the sidewalk. She was on a mission and she was determined to get there as fast as she could!
After about 30 minutes of snow fun, we decided that she needed to go inside to warm up a little bit. She didn't care that her cheeks were red, her hands and feet were freezing, she wanted to stay outside. We literally had a major meltdown when we picked her up and headed for the garage. She loves being outside, regardless of temperature.
Once we got in and got warm, I couldn't help but smile when I saw part of our snow clothes drying out. The other things were tossed in the dryer but seeing the pile brought back so many memories. I can remember playing out in the snow for hours, coming in to hot cocoa and warm soup and warming up by the fireplace. I love that we are having so many fun memories with Amelia. Amelia, the snow bunny. I love our little snow bunny!

It's Growing...

With each passing day she gets a little bit more. It still isn't coming in very much in the front but we are making progress and that's all that matters.

Without further can see first hand what all the fuss is about!

That, my friends, is hair!  It's thin and it's light but it's hair and it's perfect!  

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Quick Solution

Amelia usually wakes up around 5-5:30 every morning and this morning was no different....weekends do not equal sleeping in for our little girl.
Jason couldn't sleep for some odd reason so it didn't take this math loving mama to figure out a solution.
One awake little girl + one awake daddy = an extra few hours of sleep for mommy.

I rolled over as Jason went to go get Amelia from her crib. I think I lasted in bed an extra twenty minutes before I was up and in the living room with the family. I didn't want to miss out on any of the fun morning playtime...who needs sleep anyway?!
Now I know where Amelia gets her "I don't want to go to sleep in fear that I might miss something" attitude from.

I love our family time together. Maybe I'll get a nap in today..HA!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Alive And Well!

So it's been a really, really long time since I have blogged and for that I'm sorry. Well, sort of. I'm off work until January 2nd and I'm soaking up as much family time as possible, which means blogging has taken a back seat for the moment. I have so many pictures of our first Christmas and Amelia's 10 month update but for now those will have to little girl is needing someone to help her load her baby in the stroller so she can push it through the house, the pups are needing their ears scratched and my hubby is needing a dancing partner during the dinner making process.

For now, I'll leave you with this picture. 58 days until this little beauty turns ONE!!

Daddy's Girl

Jason got to spend so many days home with us over Christmas break and Amelia has really gotten attached. She has always loved her daddy but the past week, she is always with him. If he is home, then she is right beside him.
I snapped these pictures throughout our Christmas break. There were a lot of honey-do items and Amelia wanted in on the action.
Installing the cable cover for the TV
Touching the ceiling fan (Mommy is too short to get her that high)
Replace the faucet in the kitchen
Dinner Time...rice, chicken and green beans
Shampooing the carpets
Shoveling the snow off of the driveway
Taking the base off of the TV so it can be mounted in the basement (notice the small tool in her hand)
Installing new batteries in your read-along book from Grandpa and Grandma (I was right beside her with those sharp tools...don't worry)
Taking the boys out to go potty
Wishing she could go outside and help shovel the sidewalk

These pictures make me so proud when I look through them. Jason is totally wrapped around Amelia's little finger and she thinks that he hung the moon. She lights up when he comes home and she is constantly looking to him for approval and satisfaction.
There is nothing greater than seeing a healthy Daddy-Daughter relationship!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas morning I was up and waiting on Amelia to make the slightest little was pretty painful waiting for her 5:30am wake up!  I paced, turned on Christmas music, started the kettle for hot cocoa and made sure every present was in the exact place that I wanted it in so when she woke up she would be in awe.
The first thing that she saw was her Princess rocking horse and she just had to climb on. She loved that Daddy was rocking her and making crazy noises. We literally had to pry her off so she could open the rest of her presents!

Amelia was quite the little present opener. We had to get most of the presents 'started' so she could grab ahold of the paper and rip. She loved opening each of her presents. I don't think we stopped smiling all morning. Watching a child open presents and seeing the excitement is something that is so much better than opening presents yourself.

After we opened all the presents, we had to open every single one of them so she could decide which one she wanted to play with. MammaMia...this was so time consuming. I think at one point Amelia was not happy about waiting to play, Jason had the screwdriver and I had the scissors and we were literally sweating.
Once she got some presents to play with, she was fine.
Jason decided to play in her tunnel with her. He got in the tunnel and his head was literally sticking out of one end and his feet were sticking out the other. Amelia didn't know what to think of Daddy in her tunnel....HA!

After an intense morning of opening presents and a yummy breakfast, we went outside to play in the snow. That's right...snow!  Amelia's first Christmas was a white one and it was so much fun. She wasn't a fan of the snowsuit but once we got outside, she enjoyed herself.

Jason wanted to take her sledding but Santa somehow managed to forget a sled when he dropped off all her goodies so we had to improvise. A tupperware lid to a storage box was our sled for the day and Amelia couldn't have been more happy! 
We warmed up with some soup, hot cocoa and a change of clothes and then we all took the best nap. We really enjoyed the day...very low-key but so very special. Our family of three really spent the day soaking in each other and making the best memories.
We enjoyed a yummy Christmas dinner and after I put Amelia to bed, I looked around the living room and thought "this is the house of a very blessed and happy family."
We really wish that we could have spent Christmas with our family, our whole family, but that just wasn't possible.
I think that God gave the Conway just what they needed this Christmas...a Christmas with just the three (plus two pups) of us!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Days Leading Up To Christmas

As soon as I got off on December 21st at 2:00pm, I was in full vacation mode. Christmas was so close and I could taste it. We tried to wear Christmas themed clothes all week to school. She got this book as a Christmas present and we opened it a little early. She couldn't wait to rip it open on Christmas morning so got to enjoy a little morning read a few days before. It's the cutest little book that rhymes and counts animals...she loves it.
Notice the couch she's sitting on--she got this as an early Christmas present too. Jason was on call the prior weekend and she was such a grump so I gave her the couch so she could give mom a little space and enjoy her comfy couch. Daddy wasn't happy when he came home and saw TWO Christmas present opened early...OPPS!

Saturday, December 22nd, we went over to a friend's house and decorated sugar cookies. Amelia was a little hesitant at first but then decided that the icing tasted pretty good. She was all about
decoratingsmearing icing all over everything.
We really enjoyed making cookies for Santa and a night out of the house. Amelia was such a little trooper.
Amelia and Ms. B also made another adorable ornament for the tree.  These homemade ornaments are so special and I can't wait to have a whole tree of such meaningful and personable ornaments!
Snowman pajamas on a little lady that is trying so hard to stinkin' cute!
Here is a picture of Amelia on Christmas Eve before going to bed. She loved the tree and all the presents...she couldn't wait to get to bed so she could wake up and tear into her presents.

We had most of our presents bought and wrapped before Christmas break so when it came time to be home, we could just relax and hang out as a family.
The days and hours leading up to Christmas morning were so suspenseful. I was so excited to see how Amelia would act with all the presents, toys and traditions!

Monthly Milestones--Month 10

Every monthly post seems to be a repeat of the previous are growing too fast and you never seem to stop amazing us. You've recently decided that you no longer want to be a baby because you are doing things that only big girls sad, yet so exciting!  

You are still eating like a champ. There isn't a food that you dislike, or at last a food that you won't give a second or third try. You stopped nursing shortly after we got back from Jamaica and Mommy didn't handle it as easy as she thought she would. It was hard to come to terms that you didn't want it anymore...sad!  You are drinking 6-8oz , formula, bottles about four times a day and eating finger foods during snacks, lunch and dinner. This month you've shown us how much you dislike puréed foods. You have become a pro at spitting out food if it doesn't seem to be something that is to your liking. I would say green beans and Cheerios are on the top of the food list.  You've also started asking for your "baba" when you are hungry. It's so sweet. New foods you tried this month are: pumpkin, bacon, tangerines, zucchini, egg nog, candy canes( after visiting Santa) and some sushi. All were yummy in your book, although the candy cane was your favorite.

You are wearing Pampers Cruisers size 3 diapers. We switched from Huggies because they seem to fit a little better now that you are so active. Diaper changes are much easier because we can talk to you and you are actually trying to listen and figure out what we are saying. You've started grabbing "down there" during diaper changes and this makes things interesting. You usually only grab when your diaper is filled with crazy amounts of poop and Mommy can't seem to get the wipes out in, fun!

Clothes are pretty much all 12 months now, with a few shirts that are 9 months. You are not a fan of socks and shoes but you've started walking around in your shoes so hopefully that means you'll be more likely to leave them on throughout the day. You got to wear all you Christmas clothes and pajamas and you were so stinkin cute!  You are currently wearing size 3 shoes because size 2s fit perfect but you curl your foot when we try to put them on you and it becomes an impossible task.

Sleep has gotten better this month. You've always been a great sleeper but last month when you were cutting teeth and you had a cold, sleep was a little rough. You go to bed around 6:45-7:00pm and you are up around 5:00-5:30am.  You're always standing and reaching when we go in to get you. Your bed is dropped to the lowest setting but sometimes I feel like you could jump right out. You've been sleeping with a purple bear lovie and that seems to really help soothe and calm you if you we're to wake in the night.

Here are a few new things you are doing:

Brushing your teeth, which you love
Sleeping with a lovie (first night was 11/28/2012)
Giving open-mouthed, slobbery WONDERFUL kisses
Making indian sounds by hitting her hand over her mouth as she's making a loud noise (daddy taught her)
Playing Fisher Price-Animal Sounds on any of our iPhones or iPad
Taking steps with the help of the push toy
Putting your hand down Mommy's shirt when you get sleepy
Love light switches and outlets (have outlet covers of course)
Standing with no support (longest was 5 seconds)
Mimicking everything. You try to "cut" your fingernails and toenails after mommy is done cutting yours.
You just started dancing-more like bobbing and bouncing but it's adorable
Walk around the table, couch and anything else you pull up on.
Walking the wall (December 22,2012)
Opening drawers and cabinets like a pro
Obsessed over the puppies
Babbling like crazy. You say dada mama baba and you say baba when you want to eat.
Like FaceTime and Skype with the family (we do a lot of this since family is spread all over the country)
Still a water baby. Bath time is your favorite time of day.  You hear the water running and you are in the bathroom in a split second.
Played in the snow for the first time (Christmas morning) and you loved it
Understanding commands and instructions. When we say "NO" she knows what she is doing is wrong.

You've got so much personality and you make each day so much better. We can't thank God enough for you and for the joy that you bring to our family.
Happy 10 Month Birthday!
Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our Little Picasso

Our table has been home to craft paint, paintbrushes and canvases since Thanksgiving. I've seen so many cute things on Pinterest and I knew if I put everything away, none of the fun projects would get done. All of the projects got completed and I still had an extra canvas sitting around so I got a grand idea. My office walls are a little bare so I decided that Amelia should paint a picture for my office.
I ran a bath, cleared the halls, got her undressed, put down the paint and the canvas and grabbed my camera.
At first she didn't know what to think...
Then she realized that she could put her hands AND her feet in the paint and Mommy wouldn't have a panic attack....
 And she painted the sweetest picture with the perfect shades of purple, yellow, orange and pink. She used her hands and her feet, in addition to her paintbrush, to paint her masterpiece.
She loved every second of her painting experience and I loved that I was able to let her enjoy the experience without trying to keep her clean or out of the paint.
We both had to jump in the bath after the painting project. I guess I didn't think out the process too well. How did I plan on Amelia getting into the bathtub without getting paint all over me?! 
I think this art work will go perfectly in my office. Daddy has already requested one for his 'future' office and Auntie E has sent over her request, as well.
Looks like our little Picasso is going to have some work to do this winter!!