Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rough Morning

I hate it when the title of the blog post has to include the word "rough" and it happened before 8:00am. Most days I feel like I'm pretty good at multi-tasking, staying positive and upbeat and being a great encourager for Amelia. Well today was not like most days. I'm embarrassed to even say that it was one of the roughest mornings we've had in awhile.
I'm not feeling the greatest right now and Amelia is getting bigger, getting more adventurous and making bigger messes. She is also learning to grunt and point at what she wants. Super cute on a good day but super annoying on a bad day. It seemed like one thing happened after another. I got frustrated, raised my voice, said a few things along the lines of "use big girls words. stop whining.  and then saw Amelia's face. Heartbroken, upset and it crushed me.
Why do I have to lose my cool over something so silly?!  Really, Ashley. A grunt and some finger pointing combined with some whines is enough for you to act a fool to the sweetest little girl. Mommy fail! I made sure to give her extra hugs and kisses before loading her up in the car and heading to school. Once I got to Ms. B's, I couldn't leave. I kept trying to love on her and apologize for my crazy behavior but she wasn't having any of it. Everytime she would come by my way to go for a toy, I would give her a kiss. She would push away and give me the look. The look that says, "please mom, go to work. I'm at school now"
I stayed a little while longer, stalked her around the classroom and decided to leave when she headed to her favorite spot. Ms. B said the book corner is Amelia's favorite spot and she sits there reading a couple times throughout the day.
I love how she points at the looks like she is trying to read.
I got another face and decided to give her one more kiss, apologize one more time and head out to work.
I'm determined to make the rest of the day better than how it started...rough mornings are no fun!
I can't wait to go and pick her up after work!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Be Still My Heart...

Amelia wore the cutest little outfit this morning and I couldn't take enough pictures of her.
My mom sent us a package and inside the package was pictures from LOOONG ago up to our latest Christmas card. Amelia loved looking through all the pictures...
"Mom, your hair was so short and so blonde and Dad had so much hair back then!"
"I was in your belly?! This picture is so sweet!"
Amelia was being so sweet with her little lamb this morning. She was holding him and rocking and back and forth. Her motherly instinct has definitely been coming out this week....her little lamb gets rocked when he is fussy. It's seriously the cutest thing I've seen!
I love this sweet little girl...her smile is seriously the way to this mama's heart!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Big Girl Actions!

Amelia is crazy about anything that screams "adult" or "big girl" and refuses to do anything that has a hint of "baby" associated with it.
Today I was putting on makeup at the table, multi-tasking at its finest, when Amelia was reaching and grunting for the makeup bag. She usually plays in my bag but she was on a mission today. She reached right in for the brush and the powder and she applied her makeup for school.
She was taking the brush and dabbing it on the lid of the powder and then rubbing the brush on her face and in her hair.
She had her makeup successfully applied before we walked out the door for school.
Here's another example of my big girl. Her head looks like I cut it out of another picture and pasted it on her body but the picture was too cute not to share. She wanted to scoot to the edge of the bed so she could dangle her feet off the edge while she flipped through the TV stations with the remote.
Notice Bazzle is right beside his sister and Muzzy is resting as far away as possible...HA!
Amelia is showing us everyday that she is turning into a little girl...the baby stage is so last month!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Bump Updates: 6 weeks

Notice big sister wanting to be in the picture...

How far along: 6 weeks on Sunday, January 27, 2013
How big is baby: The size of a sweet pea
Weight gain/loss: Nothing yet. I'm still carrying some baby weight from my pregnancy with Amelia so hopefully I don't gain as much this time! 
Sleep: I'm exhausted all the time so I feel like I could fall asleep standing up most days. The second that Amelia is in bed, I'm not too far behind her. Right now, I'm usually in bed by 8pm and I'm awake with Amelia at 5/5:30am.  
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Salty foods sound so good right now because the majority of my day I feel carsick. I don't feel like I could puke, even though I have a few times, but I just feel uneasy and queasy throughout the day.  
Movement: Nothing yet. Somedays I swear I can feel some 'bubbles' but it's still early so I'm sure it's just my head or stomach gas. I can't wait until I can feel constant movement!
What I'm loving: That we've shared the good news with family and friends. We're praying for a healthy pregnancy and so are our friends and family. We have a great support team...we're so blessed!
Symptoms: Queasiness, sore boobs, exhaustion from the second I wake up, emotional and giddy.
What I'm looking forward to: Going to the first nurse's visit on February 8th and then going to  my first doctor's visit to see the baby on February 12th.
Best moment of the week: Hearing the joy in our family's voices as we told them that we were adding on to the Conway crew! 
How I'm feeling: I'm feeling different than how I was during my pregnancy with Amelia. I'm feeling queasy throughout the day and it has started earlier (6 weeks versus 9 weeks). There are a lot of emotions and feelings but overall, I'm feeling blessed and excited.

Whitaker Center

Saturday morning was the perfect day for some family time. The Whitaker Center is a science center in downtown Harrisburg and they have different levels of fun for different age groups. The top floor is designed with 0-5 year olds in mind, while the bottom two levels are for older kids and adults.
The first section of Kid's Corner was all about balls. Amelia loved climbing the stool and wanted to stand all by herself. She didn't want us to hold her...she could do it all by herself! 
There was also a section that had a little grocery store, an ambulance, an area where you could build a brick house but those didn't get much attention when Amelia saw the water section in the back. She scooted back there...squealing and cheering the whole way.

The water section had different levels that had different learning activities. One section she could pull up to and play with the water toys in slow moving water and a small fountain. She loved that she was tall enough to stand and play in the water.
The next section up had faster paced water and it had chairs built into the water so she could sit right in the water without getting wet. Jason would put a tug boat in the fast water and she loved trying to catch it as it went floating by her.  Since when did my little girl get so big?! and so independent?!
After we spent some time on the top floor, we decided to go and visit the bottom levels. The second level was all about your health. They had it set up like a big carnival with fun games that taught you about nutrition and your health. Jason was in heaven!
The bottom level was all about weather. We didn't get to spend too much time here because Amelia was getting bored with the hurricane tunnel and the earthquake simulation.

I crack up when I see the picture of Jason in the hurrican tunnel. He was standing in 98 MPH winds trying to look cool and smile for the camera.  HA...I love my husband!

We really enjoyed ourselves.  I think a membership is definitely something in our future!  Once Amelia starts walking, she will love exploring all three levels of the Whitaker Center!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun Friday

  • Breakfast this morning was cucumbers and some fat-free poppy seed dressing. It was so refreshing! I also had a cheese stick and a granola bar but they didn't photograph as nice as fresh cucumbers.
  • Amelia loves Ritz crackers. She was begging for them this morning when she saw me open the cabinet to get out stuff for dinner. She enjoyed a few bites and then shared with Bazzle...such a good sissy! Bazzle is never far from Amelia when she is pup!

  • I was pulling out a calendar that I wanted to start using with the pregnancy (I got it when I was pregnant with Amelia and I never used it) and Amelia went crazy. She loved the stickers that came with it...stickers were everywhere. Looks like, the calendar can't be used until after week 12.

  • Last night in the bath, Amelia was hamming it up for the camera. I think she likes to show off her big girl teeth. Her smile makes me heart dance...she's so precious. 
  • Check out this small curl on the back of her head. She might not have much hair but it looks like when it gets wet, it likes to curl up. She might have inherited some of her daddy's curls, well some of her daddy's curls when he had a little more hair.  

  • This weekend we are planning on taking a family trip to a kid-friendly place downtown. Amelia has been with Ms. B and she has loved it so this weekend we are going to take her. I hope the weather cooperates so we can get's suppose to get yucky.

Monthly Milestones--Month 11

This month has gone by so fast and we are approaching the big 12 month mark (I refuse to say "one year" because year sounds so big and month still sounds little).
We found out that you are going to be a big sister this month and I had a flood of emotions going through my head. More on this later...
Amelia, you are the best thing that has happened to our crazy family and the past 11 months have been unbelievably awesome.

We're still introducing new foods to you and we've yet to find a food that you don't like. You love spaghetti, Ritz crackers, rice and mandarin oranges. You've recently started wanting bigger slices/pieces of food so you can take bites out of it. You like to use your 5 teeth!  You love to use your sippy cup but you also love to drink out of cup. You usually end up wearing most of the liquid but you love that you control the cup. You feel so big and proud when you are successfully able to get a drink. You've also started sitting at a booster seat at table and you love it. No more fussing when it comes time for dinner. You are excited to join us at the table. You've even started eating out of a hard plastic, kid-friendly plate. You want each section to have food in it so we've had to get creative and fill up your sections.

Still wearing Pampers size 3 but we recently went and purchased size 4's for bedtime. You like to drink a lot of water during dinner so your diapers can get pretty full at night. Diaper changes are still not hate to sit still.

You're wearing 12 month clothes. You still have a few 9 month shirts and onesies but all of your pants are 12 months. You have really started to get involved picking out clothes to wear each day. We go into your room and you reach up for the clothes while making a grunting noise. You usually end up grabbing the same yellow sweater. You're such a hot-natured baby so we do a lot of layering so we can take layers off if you get too hot. You've even started wearing soft booties, which is what we are using to transition you from socks to shoes. Shoes are still not something you like.

Sleep is still about the same. You really enjoy your sleep and Mommy and Daddy appreciate that. We start your bedtime routine around 6:15pm and by 7:00pm, you're in bed. You usually sleep in until 5/5:30am. Some mornings you eat a bottle and fall back asleep but here lately you drink your bottle and you're up and ready for the day. You are such a mover when you sleep. You are always flipping or situating your legs. You still nap during the day. Most days at Ms. Bs you nap from 12:30-3:00 but on the weekends we take two naps...about an hour to hour and a half each.

Here are some more new things that you are doing:

Blowing kisses
Birthmark on right hip bone and a small one on right elbow.
Raising her hands above your head when we ask "how big is Amelia". So big!!
Went through bedtime routine without Mommy and Daddy (January 5, 2013)
First antibiotic was started (January 6, 2013)
Says, "hey-wo" when you puts the cellphone up to your ear
"Maw" is what you say when you hear Grandma on the phone so we now call Grandma Reta "Nana" because it sounds a little less Missourian. Grandma Sue needs to pick out a name unless she wants to be called "Maw"
5th tooth (on top right-beside middle tooth) popped through on January 14, 2013
Letting go of your surroundings to stand
Reaching and grunting for things that you want
Helping Mommy craft and paint (Painting is one of your favorite things)
Love being tickled and chased by Daddy on the couch
Hiding behind the curtains
Sharing your bites of food

Amelia Jean,  are the most loveable, huggable and precious little girl in all the land. Happy 11 Months, sweet girl!


Mommy and Daddy

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Adding One More...

On January 22, 2013 we found out that we are expecting another Conway baby. Shocked and surprised but definitely excited and happy that we have been blessed with another opportunity to be parents. Parents of two...crazy!
I thought this text from Jason was too sweet. He needs a little help with his texting skills but I'm happy to see that he's "Glad we are having a baby"
My first doctor's appointment is Friday, February 8th so we'll be able to get a better idea of a due date but after my calculations, I think it's September 23rd.

I know it's early and some people don't like to announce until the 2nd trimester but we need prayers for a healthy baby and support from friends and family. How are we suppose to get either of those without making the announcement?!

Photo Shoot--11 Months

This month we did Amelia's cupcake smash pictures. Her birthday isn't until next month but we wanted some cake pictures so we could display them at her birthday. 

Amelia wasn't into the cake as much as I thought she would be. She didn't like her hands dirty and when she was done...she was done.  Our big girl growing too fast! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Zeus, The Betta Fish

Since I work for a University, I had a three-day weekend (thanks to MLK day). I got a betta fish for my office a couple of weeks ago...he adds so much color and life to my office. My office gets so cold when I'm not blasting my space heater and I knew that my office would be cold after a few days of very little heat, so I brought him home. Sounds silly, doesn't it?!  He swims in cold water so why would a few degrees matter but sometimes he buries himself by the green plant and under the rocks because he's so cold. When the water warms up (when the bowl gets blasted with the heater), he is much more active. I was worried that he wouldn't be alive when I got back to the office on Tuesday so he made the trip home with me on Friday.
Zeua went right in the middle of our kitchen table and he seems to really like his new home. He's so much more active!
Amelia is so obsessed with him. She loves sitting at the table so she can see him swimming around. She can get completely mesmerized when he is still...
and the second he takes off swimming, she gets excited. I'm pretty sure she is cheering for her little fish, using her inside voice...NOT!  She has recently found her voice and she likes to use it to express all her emotions. YIKES!
How sweet is her little pointy finger?? 
She reaches and reaches and she can't seem to get close enough to him. Water within an arms reach is just too tempting for our water baby! 
Zeus, the betta fish, welcome to our crazy family!